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Never looked this good

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CHAPTER 20-yay!

When Kristian got to the library during free period the next day, Simone was already there, waiting, not at their usual spot at the computers, but at a table on the other side of the room.

"Hey Kris! Over here! Now!" She called.

Kristian grinned, and made her way over, dropping her bag to the floor. After she did this, she glanced around, then sat in the seat directly across from Simone. She had been avoiding Dana. She'd managed to do it all morning, and hoped her good luck would continue for the rest of the day.

"Kristian Colbert, where in God's name did you disappear to last night? I called, and called you, like a million times! And no, I'm not typing today because I want you to tell me everything! In detail!" Simone said in a harsh whisper. Kristian smiled, and proceeded to explain, in detail, all the events of the previous day, and the night before last. Including Dana and Keith, spending the night with Gerard, waking up to meet his mother, and Frank's twizzler fit. Simone was livid with Dana, but giggled hysterically over Frank and Gerard's little 'battle'.

"I can't believe that whore! I can't believe she did that to you! I really have the overwhelming urge to kick her ass." Kristian laughed.

"Yeah? Well, thanks Sugar Plum."

"Uh-huh. But what exactly happened down in Mrs. Way's basement? C'mon, you can tell me..." Simone wriggled her eyebrows.

"Ugh! Don't do that!" Kris giggled, "And nothing happened. We didn't even kiss. It's like...Everytime we're about to, someone interrupts."

"You have to just...Go fot it Kris. I mean,..."

"Is that what you did with widdle Fwankie?" Kristian teased. Simone blushed. "Gosh! I'm kidding! So, I'm assuming, there's a future for the two of you?"

"God, yes. Frank's amazing."

"Yeah, he is. Amazingly crazy."

"I heard that." The girls giggled.

"No, really, I'm glad. At least one of us gets her wish."

"Don't worry. Things with Gerard will work out fine." Simone nodded reassuringly.

When the bell rang signaling lunch, Simone and Kris packed up their bags to leave.

"I am so ditching the caf today. If I run into Dana, it could get ugly. And I refuse to lose my starting spot on the team all because of her."

"Ok," Simone laughed. "I've gotta meet Frank at my locker."

"Ooh, have fun. And tell the boys I'll be at Gerard's smoking spot ok?" Simone agreed, and sauntered away. Kristian headed in the opposite direction, bookbag and all. She was sure Dana and Rocki would be lingering around her locker, waiting for her. She took every empty hall she could and was overjoyed as she reached the corridor that led into the courtyard came into view.

'Homefree.' She thought, then someone reached out and grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

"Oh, Kristian. Where are you off to?"

She looked back to see Jason, sneering at her, the lights in the hallway illuminating his swollen face. Now if Gerard's face was bruised, Jason's was damn near mangled. His left eye was swollen shut tightly, purple around the lid, the right one had a blue and purple ring around it, and he had a split down the center of his bottom lip. Various lacerations and scratches adorned the rest of his face. He was a spooky sight.

'DAMN.' Kristian tried to hide her smile. Jason saw.

"Oh, you're laughing? You're laughing at what that...that freak, that, degenerate did to me?" Kristian seemed to forget Jason still held her wrist, which he gripped harder as he spoke.

"Ow! Jason! What the fuck?"

"You aren't laughing anymore are you?" Kristian glanced around, for someone, anyone. No one else was near enough to hear her.

"ARE you?" She glared into his (LOL).

"No, I'm not laughing Jason, now what do you want from me? And fucking...LET. ME. GO!"
She tried to yank her arm away. Jason laughed, throwing his head back like a madman.

"No way, sweetheart! You can't get away from me that easily! Not this time! You see, M'dear, we're all alone. You and me..." He pressed his body against hers and grinned an insane grin with his battered face. Kristian shuttered. Jason moved in to kiss her, and she was powerless against him. The way his body was on hers, she couldn't even use her strong legs to kick him.

"J-Jason...Jase..." Their lips connected, much to her dismay and she squealed, tried to push him away.

"STOP!" She cried.

The boy's restroom door swung open down the hall from them. Jason tried to kiss her again. The fucker even had the audacity to have his eyes closed, like he was enjoying it!

"Jason! Don't!" He only squeezed her harder in response. Little did he know, she'd already gotten the attention of whomever came from the washroom.

"Hey!" They called, but Jason didn't move. The guy closed in.

"Hey! She said stop asshole!" The boy rounded the corner and swung Jason around to face him. Kristian looked up and into Bob Bryar's piercing, blue eyes.

"Let her go." Bob threatened.

Jason did as he was told.

Kristian rubbed her wrists. "You ok?" Bob asked. She nodded. Bob then turned his attention back to Jason.

"Now get the hell outta here Jase, and don't let me catch you even breathing the same air as her again. Ever. Got that?" Bob poked Jason's chest and the smaller boy nodded feebly under Bob's deathly stare.

"Beat it, before I have to cause even more damage to your ugly...ass....face!" Bob burst into laughter. Jason scrambled down the hall in a hurry (Because BOB don't take any SHIT! ask Ray and Mikey!LOL). Now. You. Are you really ok?" Kristian bit her lip.

"Yeah, it just...happened so fast..." She stopped as Bob took her small hands in his and inspected her wrists.

"Aw, you'll be ok, 'tough guy'." He smiled. She smiled back.

Funny,...Bob Bryar had never looked so good......

Don't hate me...I love you...I'll update later.

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