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Frank's candy...

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He strikes again...

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So, no, they didn't do anything...yet.

Oh! Is that a spoiler? I dunno. Take it how you want it.

Hi..H-hi, uh...Mom." Gerard stammered, because even at seventeen, he was still intimidated by his mother.

"Hi sweetie. Who's your new friend?" Donna smiled at her son, and then at the young girl in his bed.

"This is Prin..uh, Kristian. And uh...Nothing happened Ma, I swear it."

Donna laughed, while Kristian noted that the first time she'd ever heard her name, her real name, come out of his mouth, it sounded beautiful.

"Ok. I trust you. Or at least you, Kristian, is it?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Kris said, licking her lips nervously.

"Call me Donna, dear. Everyone else does. Glad to meet you. And by the way, Gerard, honey, have you seen the cream cheese? I just bought a big tub, and when I went to spread some on my bagel a few minutes ago, it was gone." Kristian and Gerard looked at each other and laughed. "Oh...Kay. Nevermind. Sorry I asked. Um...I'm off to work. Be good kids." Donna said, backing away slowly.

"Remember, prophylactics are your friends."

This only made them laugh harder. "Aw! Mom! Gross! It wasn't like /that/! See, Mikey..."

"Oh, son, please don't explain. See you later! Bye Kristian! Nice to meet you!" Donna joked, and went back where she came from.

(Damn His mom is AWESOME. I would've been KILLED. lol.)

"Bye Donna!" Kristian called, giggling before getting up to stretch. "Your Mom is so cool. Too damn cool."

"Yeahhhh." Gerard answered slowly. His body ached. Not only was he uncomfortable in that...special way all night long, but his arms were terribly sore from being wrapped around Kristian the whole time.
They slept that way the whole night, but he'd yet to press his lips to hers. Or even attempt to. He knew she would allow him, if he did, but he knew she needed a friend more than anything at this time.

"God, can you imagine the taunting we'll have to endure from Mikes and Frankie today?" Kris laughed,
picking up her mobile and checking her missed call count.

7 from Parents
4 from Simone
2 from Dana.

Knowing full well she should have called home, she sighed as she dialed her familiar number.

"My Parents." She mouthed to Gerard.

"Hi Mom...Yes, I'm fine...I'm a friend's house. Her name?...'Gerry'." Gerard frowned, then stifled a laugh. "Yes. Yes, I', her mother just left for work. Ok. Ok. Yes. Yes, Mom. See you tonight then. Ok. Bye." She hung up with her mother and glanced at Gerard.

"Gerry?" He smirked. Kristian giggled.

"Yeah, sorry. But I'm ok. My Parents are pretty cool too. Not as cool as your Mom, but..."

"Yeah, she's amazing."

"I can't believe Dane had the nerve to call me. Twice." She mumbled, getting down again as she remembered the events of last night.

"She did?" Kris nodded. "So, what's know, the story?"

"What do you mean? About Keith and me?" He nodded.
"Well, we were together for about two years. I mean, I really thought I loved him, Gerard. The relationship was new, mind-blowing, and I was blinded. There were other girls. A bunch of them that would just fawn all over him, all of the time. So I convinced myself the only way I could keep him was know."

Gerard nodded again, in understanding.

So, I did. And then that very first time I..."

"Holy fuck! He got you pregnant Princess?" She almost smiled at the anger on his face. She was beginning to like the little nickname he gave her also. Even if when he thought of it, it was meant to be unflattering.

"No! But I didn't know that. Not for awhile. It was a pretty huge scare. Even my Mom thought I was. My guidance counselor helped me get the courage to tell him. And I did. The night after graduation. That's when he dumped me. Told me I was trying to ruin his life, we'd only had sex once and I couldn't possibly get pregnant the first time. That he didn't understand why I would play such a cruel joke on him." Kristian scoffed, she was being so open, but Gerard was easy to talk to.

"In the end, when he told me that we'd make better friends, I kicked him in the balls. Man, it felt good." She said, mimicking the words Gerard had used the night before. He smiled.

"So you're a kicker huh? I'll have to look out for you." They laughed, sat in silence.

"If you ever need me, you know I'm here, right?" Gerard whispered, taking her hand in his own.

Kristian nodded. "Yeah." She breathed, their faces only mere inches apart.

'Yes! yes! It's going to happen! Please! God! Kiss me now!' She thought as their lips were painfully close. As they brushed lightly,

"GOOOODMORRRRNNNNIIIINNNNGGGG LOVEBIRDS!!!!" Frank screamed, sliding down the banister.

'Fuck!' Kris exclaimed inside her head.

"How can anyone possibly be that hyper this early in the morning?" Gerard said through gritted teeth.

"Oh my God. Oh my damn. You two were...MIKEY!" Frank called.

Mikey stormed down to join them.

"Frankie...Shut it." Kristian chuckled. Frank gave her a devilish look.

"I just caught these two...kissing!!"

"What? No we weren't! No,no he didn't!"

Frank nodded like a first grader tattling. "Yes, yes, I did." He grinned as his eyes took in his surroundings. Looking for clues, I guess. Kristian and Gerard both looked at Mikey, who smiled back slyly.

"You little devils." He snickered.

"Hey fuckface! Is that an empty pack of twizzlers over there?" Frank pointed, making everyone turn into the direction of the couch. Kris smiled, her and Gerard had shared those, while watching TV the previous night.

"Oh man, I'm sorry. Hey, I'll get you another...."

Before they knew it, Frank was tackling Gerard back onto the bed. "You little fucking wanker! Those were mine! You know how much I love twizzlers!" Gerard and Frank wrestled around, while Mikey and Kris laughed and watched.

Soon enough, Frank had Gerard pinned to the bed, by straddling him, pressing his legs tight to Gerard's sides. "Oh yeah! Who's your daddy beeotch?!"

"Mama!" Mikey doubled over in a fit of giggles.

"Wrong answer! Stop fantasizing it's Kris up here! WHO'S YOUR TWIZZLER EATIN', POPCICLE LOVING DADDY NOW, BEEEOOTCH?"

Gerard giggled, as Frank attacked his ribs in tickles. "God! You are! You are, you asshole!"

"Who's you Daddy? Say it!"

Kristian was now lauging so hard she could barely breathe. Anyone who walked in on them now would surely think they were all crazy. Mikey was next to her, holding onto his stomach.

"Ah! You're my Daddy! You're my Daddy Frank!" Gerard surrendered.

"That's what I thought." Frank slapped Gerard on the side of the head for good measure. "Ok. You can go now." He dropped off of his friend, smiling broadly.

Gerard sat up. Hair mussed, and red-faced, but still laughing. Everyone laughed along with him.

"And the moral of the story is...Frank loves his twizzlers. Bitch." Frank giggled.

Lighthearted little informative chapter. sigh You dudes (I know you're girls! lol) don't even know how much your kind and motivating words have meant to me over the past week or so. i just want to thank you all so much, from the bottom of my little pink, Gerard Way, Pete Wentz loving heart. I am freaking honored that you think so highly of me, and another update is coming soon!

Love ya!


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