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chapter 11

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Read and find out!

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5 days later!

Ashley's POV

"Why are yall blindfolding me?", if you don't know this is my Bachelorette party, Why in the hell are they blindfolding me it's just a bachelorette party. Oh gosh I'm scared. I laugh to my self.

"You have to wait, this is going to get very interesting for all of us."

"What did you guys do?"

"It's for us to know and you to find out.", I sighed very loudly making sure that they heard it.

They led me to what I can assume is a chair, I sat down and they took off the blindfold. There in front of me was Gerard and Mikey IN THONGS!

"Yall are sooooooo cheap, yall couldn't even afford REAL strippers."

"I told you that this was going to get interesting.", I laughed as Gerard tried to flex his muscles and turning around and squeezing his butt cheeks together.

Miranda came down and whispered, "I trust you.", I have no idea what that meant.

Gerard walked over very sexy and seductive, well for me it was too funny. I see these men as my brothers.

Mikey just stood there, holding himself. Aneesah came over and talked to him I couldn't really hear because by then Gerard was giving me a lap dance. It was soooo wrong, again I see him like a brother not a sex partner!

Frankie's POV

The guys and I were watching Ashley's bachelorette party, I know, wrong right? To us right now wrong was just tooo funny and I wasn't up for the strippers, when Ray told us his idea I said ," yeah why not." We had someone put a laptop with a web cam in there to watch. Gerard was giving Ashley a lap dance. Nikki was chasing Mikey around, when Aneesah just sat there and laughed, this was just tooo comical.

"Gerard could do this for a living.", Bob said as he put more popcorn in his mouth.

A few hours passed Gerard was being chased by a drunken Amanda and the funniest part was that she popping his thong every time she would get close enough.

I was beginning to dose off when Bob said. "Dude Ashley's striping!", my head popped up, Ashley was dancing to 'Boom boom'.

Ashley was right infront of the cam and she was too drunk to notice. Some man started to walk towards her. She was dancing, when he got there he put his arms around her waits! I will and am proud to admit that I am pissed off right now! He whispered into her ear.

"Not here Frankie!", I shot up out of my chair.


I pushed them away and walked out. Thank GOD that I know where this place is! I got in a cab because I've drank a few beers. When I got there I paid the man and ran in the building.

"Frankie what are you doing here?", Nikki asked I could tell she was drunk, every one here was drunk. I looked around and Spotted Ashley Making out with that man, but the bad thing about it she thinks it's ME! I walked over and pulled the man off of her and started punch him. I was soon dissappointed by being pulled off.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?", Gerard said pulling me out of the building.

"Did you not see that man taking advantage of ASHLEY!?", he looked down like his shoes were the most interesting things in the world. "Didn't think so.", I walked past him back into the building, Ashley was crying crawled up in ball. I picked her up.

"Come on let's go home.", she nodded. I went and put her in the cab coming and sitting next her.

When we got home I opened up and brought her and layed her down on the bed. I ran and locked the door, It's Jersey people not so safe. When I got back to the room Ashley wasn't there. I walked into the bathroom to see emptying the contents of her stomach. I held her hair back and rubbed her back in at comforting way. When she was done I picked her up and layed her under the covers, she was already in her underwear. I got her some aspirin and water.


"No problem.", I was silent. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah it's just.", she paused. "I kissed that guy and-", I cut her off.

"You thought it was me it's not your fault."

"How did you know I thought it was you?"

"We had a web cam watching Gerards performance.", she laughed then moaned in pain. "Baby let's get some rest we have a big day tomorrow.", she smilled.

"Mrs. Iero it has a ring to it don't you think?", I smiled and kissed her.

"Yeah it does."

Hey everybody sorry if this chapter sucks....I'm tired. But I noticed that I haven't updated in a while. Tell me what you think! Oh and the next few chapters are going to be the wedding so I will update more soon!
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