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chapter 12

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Read and find out!

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Ashley's POV

I woke up with arms around my waist. I looked at the clock, it read 12:42. I tried to get up but Frankie just held me not letting me go.

"Just a little while longer.", I laughed and turned in his arms.

"Our wedding is only a few hours away I have to see if everything is ready."

"Just kiss me."

"Not until I brush my teeth.", he laughed and let me go.

"Only if you promise to come back and kiss me we need all the practice we can get.", I ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and my hair, I can't go back in there with my hair standing up. When I was done I walked back into my room to see Frankie already dressed.

"Excited much?"

"Hell yeah, the most beautiful woman in the world is going to have my last name, tonight, then...", he walked up to me and whispered. "There's the honeymoon.", he bit my earlobe and let go leaving the room and me just standing there. I layed back on the bed and got my cell out.

Dialing number!
Nikki: Hello I hear wedding bells in the air.

Me: Hey is everything going good?

Nikki: Yeah we have the place set up. The cake will be at the reception hall two hours before the wedding begins. The limo is ready for when you run out the church.

Me: Run?

Nikki: Yeah Frankie said you were going to run out.

Me: So he thinks.
(she laughs)

Nikki: That right you run this.

Me: Who's there with you?

Nikki: Me of course, William, Miranda, Amanda, Jerard, Gerard, Mikey, Aneesah, Bob, Audrea, Ray, Tiff-.

Me: Okay, okay I guess everyone's there except us.

Nikki: Yeah but all you have to do is show up and let us make you beautiful.

Me: Wow, Okay.
(Frankie walked in and layed on top of me and began to kiss my neck)

Me: Frankie save that for the honeymoon.

Nikki: Eww what is he doing?

Me: Kissing my neck.

Nikki: Oh.
(Frank: I don't know if I can wait that long.)

Nikki: I'll let you go

Me: Can you get the guys to come and get us.

Nikki: Yeah.

Me: Thanks talk to you soon.

Nikki: Okay bye.

End of conversation!

When I got off the phone I noticed that Frankie's head was under my shirt.

"Oh wow I'm pregnant wonder what it will be a boy? Or a girl?"

"Hopefully it's a boy.", I laughed at what Frank said.

"Frankie stop it, we can't do this now we're, getting married tonight."

"Tonight being the word, we have plenty of time."

"You win.", he smilled against my skin, and took my shirt off.

"But we have to be quick because the guys are coming to get us."

"Oh don't worry we will be done in record time."

Nikki's POV

"William baby, come here.", he walked over.


"I need you to go retrieve the bride so we can get her ready."

"Yeah sure.", he kissed me.


"No problems, Hey Mikey come with me to go get Ashley."

"No way dude, the last time I did that Quinn walked out naked."

"You like it and you know it.", Quinn yelled and I laughed.

"Ewwww dude that's so wrong."

"You've seen Frank naked before whats the big deal.", Aneesah said. My eyes went wide.

"That's because we all took a shower at a venue and there was not separate stalls or curtains just a shower with a bunch of showers heads."

"I remember, Mikey was holding himself the whole time.", Gerard said laughing.

"Wait up William I'm coming.", Mikey said running to catch up with William who was unlocking his car.

Amanda walked over to me. " What are we going to do about the roses?"

"We'll put them down before the wedding begins."

"Okay.", she walked over to where Bob and Aneesah was.

This has been one horrible week. First, Me and William is having problems. Second, I keep on seeing Ryan. Yes you know him, The Ryan Ross, From Panic at the Disco. I've been having an affair with him. I'm just afraid that William will find out. I already get beat he would probably kill me.

"Nikki.", someone whispered bringing me back to reality. See I'm even hearing him. I turn around to see him. OH FUCK! I ran out before anybody saw him. When I got out side his lips collided to mine, I pushed him away.

"What do you think your doing?"

"I can't stand not being around you, not touching you."

"William could be back any minute now, you need to leave."

"Don't do this, Everytime he gets mad at anything he comes home to beat you."

"We love each other Ryan!", God I hope that no one heard that.

"If he loved you he would love you, hold you, tell you how beautiful you are, if he loved you he would kiss away the tears not cause them. Nikki I love you.", I started to cry, I felt myself falling but instead of me feeling myself hit the ground I feel arms go around me. He was right everything he said was right. When the tears stopped. I got up.

"You have to go."

"Nikki-", I cut him off.

"William will be back any minute, we will finish this but not here not today. This is my best friend's wedding, let's not ruin this for her."

"Okay, Can we meet up somewhere later?"

"Yeah, I'll call you.", he kissed me, but this time I didn't pull away.

"Stay safe and call me if you need me."

"I will."

"See you tonight my love."

"Tonight.", When he was out of site I turned around to see Ashley starring wide at me. "Ashley I can ex-", she cut me off.

"Why?", she asked blankly.

"Can I explain later away from everyone else."

"How about now, why you help me get dressed, and don't worry the guys went to the store with Frankie to get some whip cream."

"Whip cream?", she smilled.


"Oh.", we walked into the room I'm dreading this conversation with Ashley.


Hey everyone....I didn't feel right not having this story written so I finished it so I would know where it was going.. I goes somewhere....Now I will update more....Love all my readers! Til next time!
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