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chapter 13

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Read and find out

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Ashley's POV

"Girls Nikki and I need to talk can you give us a minute."

"Only if I can do her hair.", Audrea said.

"Of course.", They all nodded and left.

"Now that we're alone, answer my question.", she looked down biting her lip.

"Long or short version."

"Short because I'm kind of getting married in about two hours."

"It all started three months after we moved in together he went out with the boys I didn't go because I wasn't feeling well. He came home drunk, he assumed that I have been cheating and he started to beat me. I couldn't believe that he did that, it wasn't like him. It started to be on a daily basses. That's why I never came over to see you anymore. I didn't want you seeing the bruises and asking questions. Later on I met Ryan he told me his room number and said if I needed to talk that he was always there. That night William beat me and I went to Ryan and things lead to another. I started to go to Ryan a lot more, I was thinking if I'm being beating for cheating that I might as well do it. I didn't know I was going to fall in love with him.", she was crying hard when she finished. I could tell that Nikki was telling the truth, I knew when she lied to me, I've known her for what feels like forever. I just had to ask.

"William beat you? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because, I thought you wouldn't believe me, you and William got really close."

"We we're best friends way before me and William did.", I walked over to her. "Nikki your one of my best friends we we're raised together your practically my sister. I just want you to know that you can come and tell me anything."

She was quite for awhile before looking up at me and saying, "Thank you."

"Now let's get ready, I'm getting married. HOLY SHIT I'M GETTING MARRIED!", I just kicked in I'm getting married. I'm actually getting married. It's not a dream.

"Come back in girls we have to get ready, I'M GETTING MARRIED!!"

Frankie's POV

I put on my tux when Gerard walked in dressed.

"Hey man I'm sorry about last night."

"It's okay, I got there before anything bad could happen."

"What made you come instead of just being mad and leaving like you usually do?

"The man walked up put his hands on her, I'll tell you the truth I was about to walk out until I heard her call him Frankie and him going along with it made want to kick his ass, he was trying to take advantage of her."

"I'm sorry I didn't notice."

"It's okay Amanda was a really good distraction.", we laughed.

"Hey man about an hour of running around I started to slow down, that's when she popped my thong!", I rolled over laughing.

Gerard stopped laughing and asked. "So you forgive me?"

"Of course dude.", we hugged.

"Hey guys it's time.", IT'S TIME! I've been waiting for those words for a really long time, what felt like forever. I took a deep breath.

"Go to go dude, your bride awaits.", he said as he began to walk off. "Or shall I say wife.", I smilled. I'm Getting Married to Ashley, The woman of my dreams.


Sorry for the shortness. But it's just a filler....LOL! That's what everyone else calls it so why not....LOL... MORE VERY SOON...If I get a lot of reviews it might be tomorrow..wink wink. Hope you like it. The next chapter will be the actual wedding. Til next time...
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