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The Marvelous Marriage, Legally

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This is a multi-chapter Violaf taking place in the Bad Beginning. I wrote this about a month short of a year ago.

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Title: What a World (Working title)
Chapter 1: The Marvelous Marriage, Legally.

In the smallest room in the home of Count Olaf three children slept, well two children slept. The male child, Klaus, read a book on Nuptial Law. He studied the book while his sister Violet slept in the only bed and his younger sister, Sunny, slept in a makeshift bed of curtains on the floor. Klaus couldn't allow that monster of a man to steal their inheritance through this guise of a play. He knew there was something suspicious about Olaf insisting upon Violet playing his wife in the play, The Marvelous Marriage. His eyes widened as he found out that if Olaf were to marry Violet, he could control her money, their money, the inheritance their parents left behind to the children that Count Olaf was after.

Klaus flipped through the pages, in the particular state in which they lived, a persons under the age of fifteen were not legally old enough to marry. People between the ages of fifteen and eighteen needed signed permission of their parent or legal guardian. Count Olaf being their legal guardian, could sign the papers if Violet were fifteen, however Violet is not yet fifteen, she is fourteen. However, Klaus thought, fifteen isn't far off, Olaf could possibly wait. No, no he couldn't, Klaus read, as Olaf is Violet's legal guardian, thus being considered to be Olaf's "daughter". Klaus smirked, "Olaf doesn't have a chance!" Klaus thought to himself.

"What don't I have a chance at?" Olaf said as he peered through the open door. "Oops," Klaus thought as he realized that he had in fact yelled his thought, thus Olaf who happened to be walking by had heard him. He heard Violet moving around, he turned as she sat up.

"Where did you get that book," Olaf asked after noticing the book on Klaus's lap.
"It's Justice Straus's," Violet mumbled, still half asleep. Violet wrinkled her forehead after looking around the room, "Where's Sunny?" she asked. Klaus looked at the curtains on the floor, then to Olaf. "What? A child goes missing and you automatically assume it was me?" Olaf said as he folded his arms. Violet and Klaus continued to stare at him. "What have you done with her?" Violet said with fear in her voice. "Something to do with The Marvelous Marriage I assume," Klaus said. Olaf's eyes were turning shiny, "Perhaps," Olaf said calmly.
"I know what you're up to Olaf and you won't get away with it. It's simply not legal." Klaus said as he closed the book to show Olaf the title on the cover of the book.

"So then you know Violet will become my wife in Friday nights performance and thus I will be in control of the Bauldelaire fortune, what are you going to do about it." He said, putting emphasis on the word "you". Violet's eyes widened in fear, she didn't want to marry Olaf.

Klaus grinned at Olaf, "Oh but you can't marry Violet, well, not legally. Violet isn't old enough; even if you, being the legal guardian, gave signed permission, in this state she'd still be too young. Not only that, if Violet was old enough you still wouldn't be able to marry her, because you are her legal guardian and no matter how much I don't like saying it, by law she is your daughter."

Olaf growled, he looked as if he were going to strike Klaus again, or flat out beat him black and blue. "Where's Sunny?" Violet asked, as to change the subject. Olaf turned his head to Violet, he grinned, "I've had an associate of mine take her, for the time being. That is, I had my associate take Sunny up to the tower." said Olaf. "And if you two don't start behaving, she just might take a fall down to the bottom of that thirty-foot tower."

Violet looked down, almost wishing there was a way Olaf could marry her, as to secure Sunny's life perhaps. "No," she thought, he'd still harm little Sunny, probably Klaus too, not too likely she'd be around either. She looked up at Olaf, she had never seen him so angry. He stormed out, then slammed the door behind him, cursing her and her siblings as he left.
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