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Woes of Life

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Chapter two!

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Title: What a World
Chapter 2:/ Woes of Life/

The next morning, Klaus and Violet leave their bedroom, looking both ways before exiting the room. They were hoping that Count Olaf had left at his usual time, perhaps they could get Sunny down from the tower if he wasn't home. They had spent the entire day before in their room and they assumed Sunny had spent all that time in the tower as well. However worried they were about Sunny, they were afraid to leave, afraid it would enrage Olaf if he had seen them go to the tower to retrieve Sunny. They had heard him walking around, cursing, all of the day and night before. Klaus thought, perhaps, he had finally left when they heard a door slam shut.

The two walked down the hall and as Klaus opened the door to the tower's staircase they heard a yell, "ORPHANS!" It was Count Olaf, "Come here now!" he screeched. Violet tried to follow the noise, "What's taking you brats so long?!" Olaf roared. Klaus followed his sister, inches behind her, to a door in the hallway. Violet knocked quietly on the door, "Don't stand there knocking, get in here all ready!" Violet glanced at Klaus and then at the floor as she opened the door. Count Olaf was sitting upright in his bed, his eyes shining more then the children have ever seen before. His eye covered bed surrounded by empty whine bottles.

"You," he said as he glared at Klaus, "do the list of chores I have listed for you in the kitchen and you, Violet, go get me breakfast!" Klaus scowled at Olaf and left for the kitchen. Violet, remembering the dinner fiasco, decided it be best to ask Olaf what he wanted, she soon learned that Olaf rarely ate or drank anything other then wine and eggs for breakfast. She hurried to the kitchen to put together his breakfast. Eggs are terribly easy to make, however, she did have to ask Klaus what to do before he went off to do the daily chores which were many in number. Violet quickly made two sunny side up eggs, the name alone reminding her of her sister Sunny who Olaf had apparently locked away in the tower. She grabbed a bottle of wine from the cupboard, thinking Olaf must have an endless supply with the way he drinks it so often. She slid the eggs off the pan onto a plate, grabbed a fork and walked up the stairs.

Violet was certainly not egger to enter Olaf's bedroom, however she knew not to wait in front of his door too long, Olaf wasn't all that patient. Both of her hands being full, she struggled to turn the knob to open the door. She shifted the wine bottle, using her pinky and ring finger managed to turn the knob and pushed to open the door. Olaf sat with his arms crossed, watching Violet as she moved closer to him. He unfolded his arms when she was at his side. "Put it on the table, right there." He said, nodding towards the bedside table. Violet did as she was told, moving an empty bottle to put a full one in it's place. Olaf watched her, he smirked to himself. Violet turned toward the door to leave, though Olaf seized her by the arm before she was able to go anywhere.

"Not so fast," he said as he pulled her down, onto his lap. Suddenly his face seemed very close to Violets, his lips brushed against her cheek then pursed into a kiss. He then whispered to her, "You and your fortune will be mine, you just wait and see my dear." He then pushed her off and told her to help her brother with the chores.
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