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Give Away to Take

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Title: What A World
Chapter 3: Give Away to Take

"Klaus, I think Olaf means to do something awful to me," murmured Violet to her brother. Klaus turned towards his sister, "Well, he can't marry you-"

"Don't be so sure of that!" Olaf shouted as he strutted into the room with his head held high. Violet's eyes widened in fear.

"For the time being I'm sending Violet to another state to live with one of my associates," he said laughingly. Violet starred into Olaf's shiny eyes, it clicked in her brain that not all states had the same marriage laws and that Olaf's associate would most likely become her legal guardian if she was correct. Then there would be nothing stopping him and what would he do to her siblings, Sunny was still unaccounted for, what had he done to her? She quivered and chewed at her lip. She noticed Olaf licking his lips as if he were the Big Bad Wolf, sending Little Red Ridding Hood of to Grandma's house only to snack on her later.

He grabbed at her arm and began to drag her off, he yelled something to her brother, she was to preoccupied with her thoughts to hear it. He stopped at the door, and pushed her body against it, her hands became clammy and cold, he was licking his lips again. Then he moved in for the kill, directly on her lips. He wrapped his fingers around her jaw, pressing down around the sides of her mouth to force it open and sliding his tongue through. Violet's froze, she felt as she were about to cry as he slid his tongue around her mouth, his saliva dripping off it. Finally, he pulled back, "Something for you to remember me by," he said with a wink.

He pulled her out the door and to an awaiting car, where the two White-faced women sat, waiting for her, to take her away from Olaf only for him to take her back, as his wife. This was certain, with Olaf's actions, it seemed to be his motive. Olaf pushed her, somewhat gently, into the backseat, slamming the door behind him. As the White-faced women drove off with her, she noticed the rapid pounding of her heart, she looked up, spotting herself in the mirror, her cheeks were rosy, the rest of her face being paler then the women in the front. She leaned back into the seat and stared forward, her mind swimming, telling her so many things at once that she heard nothing at all, her eyes wide and blank.
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