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Title: What a World
Chapter 4: Wedding

Violet awoke from her horrible nightmare to another, only this time she wasn't asleep. She was laying on a hideous pale pink sofa, in a strange apartment, strange because she had never been their before, a nightmare because in front of her were two pale women who were sitting on either side of a thin man who had long dirty fingernails, one eye brow, and a tattoo of an eye on his ankle. They were sitting on a equally unattractive off-white sofa.

"What did I do to deserve this," Violet thought to herself. Olaf looked at her, his eyes half open and small smile on his face. She moved up into the sitting position, looking to Olaf, who sat motionless. He just gazed at her as though unaware that she had awaken. Perhaps he was asleep, the two women looked to be so, she looked away from him. She caught sight of what she was wearing, it was long and white with lace, a wedding dress. She bit her lip and shifted her eyes toward Olaf, she was correct in her assumption, Olaf had her taken somewhere else so he could marry her or he just put it on her to get off on it; probably both Violet thought as she grimaced at these thoughts.

"You look beautiful," he whispered, "Heaven is missing an angel." Olaf smiled a little more. It was a warm, friendly smile, something Violet had never seen him do before. She thought, perhaps, he's asleep or at least he's half asleep. He moved the two women off him and got up. As he moved towards Violet, her muscles tensed up and she clenched the fabric of the couch in her hands. He sat down at her side, turned towards her, he stroked her cheek with the back of one finger, sending his other hand towards hers. Holding her wrist and moving his face to hers, slowly.

"What time is it?" One of the women asked in a sort of mumble that people use when they wake up. Olaf turned his head sharply towards them and let go of Violet before he could plant a kiss on the girl.
"Didn't mean to interrupt anything," the woman said as she rolled her eyes at Olaf. She stood up, and began to walk away, turning her head when the other woman started to speak. "You really should have kept you're mouth shut, he was going to kiss her, it was cute," the other woman said, Violet noticing that the second woman's eyes were open and probably were the entire time. Olaf got up and walking over to a mirror near by, straitening his tie and licking his lips. He shifted his eyes to Violet, who had been watching these actions. He glanced at a near by clock, "We should be off to the chapel."

Olaf walked over to Violet, holding out his hand which Violet reluctantly accepted with her own. He pulled her up and they all left, one of the women applying white powder to her face as she walked.
From there they drove away to a small white chapel, where there were people waiting for them. She saw Olaf's odd array of associates and both of her siblings. She also saw a very confused looking Mr. Poe, talking to Klaus.

Violet was quickly ushered out of the car and over to the guests, who in turn were ushered into the building, Olaf also entered the building, the two women stayed behind and so did the bald man with they told her what she was to do. She heard music start and she did as she was told. Both of the women left, walking down the aisle. Then the bald man sent her down the aisle, she walked slowly, her knees weak and her heart pounding. She stared at Olaf's shiny head, where he was losing his hair. She smiled to herself, which confused almost everyone there. Although she was not smiling out of happiness, she was trying to hold back a laugh, she didn't know why she wanted to laugh, but none the less she held it back.

It was all a blur really, even when spoke she didn't notice what was going on, it wasn't until Olaf grabbed her and slopped a kiss on her did she snap back into reality. She was pulled up the aisle by Olaf, some people cheering on the groom's side, people staring on the bride side. There were other things to think about for Violet, for instance, where the destination of the car her new husband had shoved her into would be. She had read in a book once, that after a wedding there was bedding.
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