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Title: What a World
Chapter 5: Bedding

Violet sat in the front seat of the car, next to Olaf. The car ride was so long, Violet was thankful for that. Anything to delay what might happen when the reached their destination. Whatever it was, Olaf seemed happy about it, which was apparent by the large smile on his face and the occasional bouts of laughter. Violet decided to ignore him and stare out the window, there wasn't much to look at, however every once in awhile there was a tree or something to look at.

The silence was starting to anger Olaf, he wanted her to ask why he was laughing, wanted to gloat to her that he had won, that she had lost and that she would never see her siblings again. He wanted her attention, for Violet to look at him, to talk to him. His technique wasn't working; he'd try something else.
"Ow!" Cried Violet after Olaf pinched her arm with his long dirty fingernails.

"What was that for?" She yelled at Olaf.

"What was what for?" He responded. "I didn't do a thing."

Violet glared at him, then turned back to the window. Olaf was disappointed, he thought she might fight with him more. He then decided to switch to words rather then actions, as the actions had failed to get the reactions he desired.

"You know," he started, "you'll never see them again." He was sure to get a proper response from that remark, he was sure of it. Violet looked up, she looked as if she were thinking.
"Who, exactly?" She responded in a calm clear voice. Olaf laughed, she didn't even know who he was talking about, how pathetic.

"Your siblings, of course, you stupid girl." Olaf said, in a cheerful tone. Violet frowned a bit, Olaf had-to use a terribly cliche term-added insult to injury.

"You aren't going to hurt them, are you?" Violet asked. "They've done nothing to you."

"They are of no use to me, I will be able to get the fortune now, what use is there keeping them around. I've won; all three of you have lost." Olaf boasted, finally getting to brag to her. Violet pouted; there was nothing to bargain with to save her siblings and herself from the uncertain future. What would become of her siblings without her, breaking her promise of looking after them, her parents would be so very disappointed. What would Olaf do to her? Torture her by keeping her around or perhaps death was his plan for her. If he were going to force her to consummate the marriage, it would happen soon, although there would still be the question of life or death.

Violet returned to the window, spotting a dead animal on the side of the road that some careless person had hit with their car. She looked up from the side of the road, to see buildings, more then she had seen the entire trip. They must be getting closer to a city, as the buildings became more familiar to her she realized that they must be on their way to Olaf's home. She loathed every street that brought them closer; she hated his eyesore of a house.

Olaf struggled to get Violet out of the car to go into the house, she resisted so. She held on to the frame of the door, Olaf tried to pull her out of the car. Olaf overpowered her, grabbing her by her hair. He scolded her as he slammed the door behind her. Violet cried a bit as he dragged her up to the doorstep by her hair. He threw open the door and pushed her inside. Olaf forced her up the stairs, he spun her around towards him and yelled at Violet for her resistance, back handing her and carrying her to the his bedroom where he threw her at the bed. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Even through the pain in her face she smiled as Olaf had left her alone and remained gone for awhile. She didn't know where he had gone or what he was doing, nor did she care to know. He wasn't near her and that was all that mattered. She stayed where he put her, she didn't want to run into him if he had gone somewhere else in the house.

A few hours later the door flew open, Olaf standing in the door way. He had taken off his coat and pants, standing before her in his shirt and underclothes. Violet watched as he walked over to the bed, moving himself closer to her. He grabbed her by the neck with one hand, the other he used to unzip the wedding dress. Violet was thrown back onto the bed on to her back, Olaf pulled the dress and tossed it to the floor. He looked her over before climbing on to the bed next to her.

Violet laid whimpering, not wanting to look at Olaf, her eyes wandering, looking for something else to watch. She felt naked, which she was by now, she looked back to Olaf who was looking at her. When he realized she was looking back, he quickly touched her with his cold dirty hands. Violet looked from his hands then back to his face, which was suddenly next to hers. Soon he had kissed her, it was awhile before he pulled away. He smiled at her, it was the warm smile she had seen earlier.

He removed what little remained of his clothing and moved towards her. He began to kiss her again and again, not only on the lips, his kisses covered her. She was terrified and didn't move, she tried to open her mouth to say no, nothing came out. She felt her legs move apart and something hard rub against her. Violet wondered how people found pleasure in it, she guessed if it was somebody you wanted it to have sex with it was better.
Violet made few movements on her own accord, she didn't want to encourage Olaf, he lowered his warm chest closer to hers occasionally to ask her silly questions like if she liked it, to which she didn't respond. She became so hot and sweaty, she was also very wet. She didn't want it, she wondered why it was happening to her, but she let him finish.

Eventually he pulled out, got up, put his boxers back on, laid down, pulled Violet next to him, and went to sleep.

"No." Violet finally said as she laid naked next to what was unfortunately her sleeping husband. "Damn it all."

(A/N: On I have another chapter, however it was only written because someone really wanted me to continue. I don't think it was all that good so I don't plan on posting that last chapter on ficWad. I'm not so sure about this fic anymore. )
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