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Chance of a Lifetime

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Sam has won a contest in a magazine to travel with FOB for a month on tour! Will she find love with Andy or Patrick? Will Pete ever consider being nice to her? WILL I EVER BE QUIET AND LET YOU READ...

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"Sam, sweetie, I know you're excited, but I'm just not so sure about this." Said my 40- year-old mother, Sarah. I had just been told that I was the winner of a contest - a contest that would change my life forever. My favorite magazine, Cosmo GIRL, recently chose me! as the winner of a month on tour with the greatest band ever...FALL OUT BOY! A whole month with the love of my life (he just doesn't know it yet) ANDY! Of course because I'm underage, my mom had to give her permission. She did, but now she was having second thoughts.

"Mom, I'm 16! I can do this. This is a chance to do something amazing and also to maybe get a start on an early career."

"Sam, photography isn't much of a career." I sighed. Here it was. The 'You-Can-Do-So-Much-Better-Than-Photography-As-A-Job' speech I hated. Why couldn't she understand that I just wanted to do what I did best? What made me feel good about everything. How I get my anger out? Snap a picture of myself with a funny face. How I stop crying? Take a picture of water or rain. I love the fact that I can capture a moment. One single moment that was here and will never be here again, all on a piece of film.

Now I was looking at my 2 tote bags and my suitcase. I had enough clothes to fill my closet back up (it was empty) and as much film as I could possible shove in every crook and nanny in my carriers. I was leaving for the airport in an hour or so. Nervous? No...not me...Okay, you caught me. I WAS FREAKING OUT! Dirty had called earlier to remind me of my flight from Pittsburgh to Chicago and then he asked how to spell my middle name for the sign he was going to be holding. Nope, nervousness doesn't even cover it.

"Sam! Lets go!" My dad yelled from somewhere outside, probably by my Jetta. I looked at my mom one last time, happy she decided to skip the speech and hugged her tight.

"I'll be gone only for a month." I said, my voice shaking as I tried to hold back tears.

"I know, baby, I know. Call me as soon as you get on the bus, okay?"

"Okay Mom. I will."

She let me go and I carried my stuff downstairs and put it in the trunk. I had the same goodbye with my dad as I had earlier with my mom. We were at the airport.

"I love you Sam. Have fun. Don't do anything illegal." He said with a smile. I felt a little better.

"I won't Daddy." I hugged him and kissed him again and went inside the building. There were so many people, I suddenly felt overwhelmed. I was 16! I was ON MY OWN! How could I possibly manage?

I walked to a nearby bench and sat down, waiting for the last 10 minutes before my flight was called.

9 minutes to stomach was in knots.

5 minutes to go...I was munching on a pretzel.

3 minutes to go...I was seen with my head in a nearby trashcan throwing up said pretzel.

1 minute to go... twiddling my thumbs...


I stood up. My palms were sweaty. My knees were knocking. My hair was moving...wait. My hair was moving? Oh. I was walking down the hallway to get on the plane. It was just a breeze.

After placing my bags on the weird thingy (hey, I've never done this...I know nothing of airports...SUE ME!) I had only one tote.

I boarded the plane. Found my seat. Sat down. Tried to relax.

"Attention passengers. Please put your seatbelt on."

The plane was moving. OH MY GOD! THE PLANE WAS MOVING! I think I forgot how to breathe. A woman next to me, about 25-ish, looked at me.

"Are you okay?" I could only nod no.

"You are turning a shade of blue. Start breathing. In. Out. Good. Just keep thinking that."

In. Out. In. Out. In...Out... Ahhh, I could breathe again! (Well obviously.) A strand of bright red hair fell in my face as I sank into my seat. It was a 2-hour flight, and we were in the air already. I ran my fingers through my hair (my hair is a normally light brown-dyed dark brown with bright red streaks) and felt my shoulders relax. I was doing it. I WAS ACTUALLY DOING IT! I silently cheered in my head and let a small smile escape onto the corners of my mouth. Chicago HERE I COME!!!!
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