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The Reason Why I Hate The Color Red (And The Point of No Return)

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Red is an evil color when it comes to Sam.

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(A/N: Sorry it's kinda short and I didn't update right away. I had to babysit after school till like 10. But here it is!)

My flight landed 2 and a half hours later. It took me awhile, but I finally calmed down. I had my cell phone while on the plane and decided to call my friend Rachel. It was after I landed, and it was raining. Sucky weather.




"In Chicago now, I'm going to get my baggage."

"Hehe, baggage. You said baggage."

"Rachel, shut up."

We continued talking for about 5 minutes as the slow crowd wound its way inside the airport. We hung up because her boyfriend was coming over, and I don't like being on the phone when they're together; it makes me feel all weird.

I finally found my suitcase and my roll bag that was buried beneath everyone else's.

Step One: Get into Chicago without dying. Check.

Step Two: Find Baggage. (Shut up Rachel-voice-in-my-head, shut up.) Check.

Step Three: Find Dirty and go pee.

Now that I was on step 3 I started looking around. Then I saw him, holding the biggest poster board ever; neon green, and it read "SAMANTHA MICHELLE".

I walked over to him.

"Hi Dirty."


" think?"

"Oh ho, sarcastic are we? Well, lets get going. Ladies first."

What, he isn't going to be normal? Oh wait, he won't be like this when we get to the bus.



"Do you have to go to the bathroom?"

"Now that you mention it yeah."

"Well, you might want to go, you might want to hurry, and you might want one of your bags."


"'Cause I'm seeing red."

Red. RED. RED?!?!? NO. IT DIDN'T!

(5 minutes later)

It did. I am slumped against the wall in the girls' bathroom while Dirty is banging on the door telling me that my pants are changed, and we have to get moving. Then he starts mumbling about PMS and tampons. Honestly, I don't know what goes on through his head. So this is the punishment I get for accidentally doing something that I can't remember right now? Ohh, this sucks. Sucky weather. Sucky day! I officially want to rip my uterus out and call it quits. But I don't. Life goes on. And right now, I have some sexy people to meet!

I open the door a little fast, and Dirty, who had apparently been leaning on it trying to listen in, almost falls inside, but he catches himself. He looks at me.

"Are you okay?"

"Yup. I'm ready to make a fool out of myself for the next month. Let's go." And with that he took my bags and we made our way to the front door where we turned a corner and walked a block away. Turning again, I came face to face with a tour bus. Well. Here it is. The point of no return.
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