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Kidnapping number two. . .

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The second kidnapping of the story. . .

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Long update. . .Enjoy! Reviews are always nice. . .

'Hey Brett, its Cole Reeves.' Mr. Reeves said as Chief Anderson answered the phone.

'Good afternoon Mr. Reeves, what can I do for you?' he asked.

'I was just wondering if you had run the names for my grandson's kidnapping yet. I know you probably have a lot going on right now.'

'I have, I've got nothing.' He said.

'Nothing? What about the baby they found yesterday, anything with that baby?'

'No, we aren't even sure if it was the same person.'

'Are you investigating her apartment?'

'We didn't feel it was necessary.'

'It's a crime scene.'

'Well, we have no reason to believe that.'

'That child was kidnapped and lived in that house, how can it not be a crime scene.'

'Mr. Reeves, I know that this is very dramatic for your daughter and son-in-law but will you please let me do my job?'

'Not if you aren't doing it right, good afternoon Chief Anderson.' Mr. Reeves hung up the phone and looked back at Brendon who still looked up set and his daughter who looked at him with an apprehensive look.

'What's the matter dad?'

'I'm going to make a few calls.' Mr. Reeves said before walking into his office and shutting the door.


'Don't worry about it honey, I'm sure your dad knows what he is doing. Brendon, honey, come get something to eat please? You're looking a little pale.'

'Jarrod, its Cole.'

'Hey Cole, I was just about to call you.'

'Hey can we meet up for coffee, I have a hunch and I don't want to talk about it around Brendon and Chelsea and scare them too much.'

'Sure, meet me on the corner of 6th and Fremont in twenty minutes.'

'Alright.' Mr. Reeves said and hung up.

'Who did you talk to?' Mrs. Reeves asked as Brendon and Chelsea sat in the kitchen.

'I'm going to meet Jarrod for coffee; we have some things to discuss.' He said kissing his wife's cheek and pulling on his jacket, 'Sweet pea?'

'What daddy?'

'I'm going to meet Jarrod for coffee, I don't' want you to worry about it, we're just going over some facts.'

'Alright.' Chelsea said giving him a weak smile.

'Love you sweetie.'

'Love you too daddy.' Chelsea said as he walked out. After Chelsea had heard the car leave the drive way she turned to her mother.

'What is going on?' she asked.

'Honey, there is nothing for you to worry about.'

'Mom, tell me what is going on.'

'Your dad has a hunch about the police chief; they aren't investigating the woman's apartment, or the kidnapping of the little girl you two found. Your dad is going to meet with the investigator so they can go over some stuff.'

'Why aren't they looking into it?' Brendon asked.

'I'm not sure sweetie; your dad is going to find out.'


'Cole.' Jarrod said shaking his hand as they sat outside a coffee shop.

'Hey Jarrod.' Cole said as he sat down across from his investigator.

'What's up? Why did you want to meet?'

'I wanted to talk about Brett Anderson.'

'The Chief of police?'


'About what?'

'He isn't investigating the child that was returned to her parents this morning nor is he looking into the apartment next door to Brendon and Chelsea.'

'It's a crime scene.'

'That's what I asked; he said there was no need to.'

'What are you thinking?'

'I'm thinking he may be in on it. When he came and talked to Brendon and Chelsea he wrote down nothing they said, he didn't write down names, addresses, anything Chelsea told him and he left the pictures of Thomas at their apartment. Nothing was written down or taken until you came and talked to them. I called him this morning to see if he had run the names and he said they hadn't found anything and I know for a fact the woman that could have been involved in my grandson's kidnapping has a record, I looked it up.' Cole said.

'Are you thinking corruption?'

'This is Vegas and he has a record for being paid off.'

'Do you want me to look into that as well?'

'I want our number one priority to be Thomas? Brendon and Chelsea are going crazy with out and after the ransom call this morning, it's just making everything worse.'


'Someone called Brendon this afternoon.'

'I'm going to need to talk to Brendon about what was said about it. Any more ransoms notes or anything I need to know about.'

'Brendon and Chelsea are at our house, if you want to come back to the house then we can go over it.'

'Sounds like a plan.' Jarrod said as he got up with Mr. Reeves as they made their way to their cars.

*** *** **** *****

'Chelsea, honey you have a letter in the mail.' Mrs. Reeves said handing Chelsea the unmarked envelope. There was no address on it the only thing it said was Chelsea Urie.

Chelsea gave it a weird look before looking at Brendon and opening the letter.

'Who is it from baby?' Brendon asked.

'It didn't say.' Chelsea said as she unfolded the letter and began reading.

I have your son, if you ever want to see him alive again, meet me at the old chocolate factory at five pm sharp, don't be late or you can say good bye to your precious little super star. P.S. Come alone Chelsea.

'Who is it from?' Brendon asked with his jaw and fists clinched.

'I don't know baby.' Chelsea said as she started to cry, 'If I don't go they are going to hurt Thomas.'

'You're not going.'

'Brendon what about Thomas?'

'FUCK!' Brendon yelled slamming his hand onto the table as Mr. Reeves and Jarrod walked back into the house.

'So here is the plan.' Jarrod began an hour later at 4:15, 'Chelsea you're going to go down there, seemingly alone, don't worry Brendon we won't let her get hurt, you're going to find out what he wants, at that point we're going to have back up and we can catch who ever it is that has your son.' Jarrod said.

'I don't want her to go.' Brendon said.

'Baby, I'll be fine, As long as Thomas is okay I'm okay.'

'What if something happens to you?'

'Nothing is going to happen to her Brendon, We will both be there and we're going to have some officer's with us.' Jarrod said.

'Are you one hundred percent positive nothing is going to happen to her?'

'Brendon, you know dealing with this kind of stuff nothing is ever one hundred percent but we're going to keep her as safe as we can.'

'Fine, but I'm coming with you.'

'Alright but you have to stay in the car and down the entire time, if the suspect sees you it could blow our cover.' Mr. Reeves said.

'Alright fine.' Brendon said as he pulled Chelsea down onto his lap.

'Chelsea it's time to go.' Jarrod said twenty minutes later as Chelsea sat with Brendon in the kitchen.

'Okay.' She whispered feeling nervous with a feeling she had never had before, it was fear.

'Remember if anything goes wrong; just go along with what is going on and we'll get you out of there.'

'I love you.' Brendon said standing in the drive way as he held her hands and laid his forehead on hers before kissing her softly.

'I love you more baby.'

'Be careful; be strong for both you and Thomas.'

'I will, when Thomas gets out, get him back into the car as soon as you can. Don't worry about me I'll be fine.'

'I have to worry about you, it's what I do.'

'God I love you baby.' Chelsea said jumping into his arms and pressing her lips against his.

'I love you, you'll be fine.' He said kissing her one more time before her father ushered her into the car. Chelsea looked at Brendon kissing his hand one more time before puling out of the drive way with her husband, father, and investigator behind her.

Chelsea walked down the quiet alley way slowly looking around. She looked back towards her car seeing nothing and hearing the low roar of traffic behind her. She took in a deep shaky breath before turning back around and starting down the alley way.

'I told you to come alone.' She heard a man say.

'I did come alone.' She mumbled.

'I'm not stupid Chelsea.' Bob Waters said as he came out from behind a dumpster followed by Brett Anders, the chief of police.

'Chief Anderson?' Chelsea asked.

'Go take care of her followers.' Bob ordered. Anderson gave her a look before walking past her towards the opening of the alley way.

'Where is my baby?' Chelsea asked.

'You didn't think you were coming here to get him back did you? I'm surprised you actually came but I knew you were always stupid enough to fall for some lame excuse, you're just stupid enough to do that.' He said.

'Where is Thomas? What have you done with him?'

'I haven't done anything with him. Your baby is safe.' Bob laughed stepping closer to her.

'Leave me alone, I just want my baby back. Why are you doing this to us?'

'You are the reason my career is over, you are the reason I can't work anymore, you are the reason I lost my band.' Bob said as he got closer.

'It's not your band, its Brendon's and Ryan's and Spencer's not yours.'

'That's where you're wrong.' Bob said grabbing Chelsea and turning her around with a knife to her throat, 'You're going to come with me and not make a sound or you and your baby are both dead, how do you think lover boy will deal with that?'

'BRENDON!' Chelsea yelled.

'I told you to keep quiet.' Bob said through gritted teeth as he threw Chelsea into the back seat of a van.

'Something is wrong.' Brendon said getting out of the car, 'I just heard Chelsea yell.'

'Cole. Jarrod. Brendon.' Chief Anderson said as he walked out from behind a car.

'What are you doing here?' Mr. Reeves asked.

'Your back up. Listen, we've got it taken care of. Chelsea is on her way back to the station with one of my guys.'

'Why is she going back to the station?'

'Just a precaution.'

'I want to see her.' Brendon demanded.

'I'm sorry Brendon; you can speak with her at the station.' He said before walking back down the alley way.

'Something is wrong.' Mr. Reeves said as the three men started down the alley way only to see the fan carrying Chelsea pull out into traffic on the other side.
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