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Drunk car crashes. . .

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Brendon isn't taking the kidnappings very well. . .

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'CHELSEA!' Brendon yelled.

'Come on let's go.' Jarrod said as he and Mr. Reeves started towards the car.

'He took my wife.' Brendon said as tears rolled down his cheeks.

'Brendon let's go. Mr. Reeves said.

'Chelsea, she's gone.'

'BRENDON LET'S GO NOW!' Mr. Reeves said taking his arm and pulling her towards the car.

'Alec, Chelsea Urie, where is she?' Jarrod said as he ran into the station.


'Chelsea Urie, Cole Reeves daughter.'

'She's not here.'

'Is she on the way?'

'I haven't heard anything about her.' He said.

'She's not coming in.' Cole said, 'Anderson lied to us.'

'What do you mean he lied to us, where is Chelsea?'

'She's not here.' Cole said as he slammed his hand onto the desk, 'Where is the chief?'

'He took leave for the rest of the day on personal business.'

'They took Chelsea.' Jarrod said as he and Mr. Reeves started out of the station.

'Someone better tell me what is going on right now before I fly off the hinges.' Brendon said calmly.

'It was a ploy to get Chelsea away from us so he could take her too. She was kidnapped Brendon.' Mr. Reeves said.

'What?' Brendon asked as he stopped dead in his tracks.

'It's going to be okay; we'll get them both back.'

'She's gone. Chelsea is gone.'

'she'll be back Brendon.' Mr. Reeves said.

'No she won't, she's gone. First my baby boy now my wife.' Brendon said as he broke down.

'Brendon, pull yourself together, you have to be strong.' Mr. Reeves said shaking his shoulders, 'You have to be strong for her.'

'I need her.'

'I need her too.'

'She's my wife, the mother of my baby; I can't live with out her.' Brendon said as tears rolled down his cheeks. Mr. Reeves looked at his broken son-in-law before pulling him into a hug where Brendon broke down in his arms.


Chelsea woke up an hour later, something was off, she wasn't sure what was going on, she didn't remember much.

'I see you're awake.' She heard a man say. She tried to move, to sit up but she couldn't. She felt trapped like something was holding her back, 'I told you to come alone, I told you if you didn't you're poor son was going to suffer.'

'Leave him alone.' Chelsea whispered as loud as she could.

'Oh don't worry; torturing your precious husband is much more fun. You know, when I first met you two I didn't think he loved you as much as he does but let me tell you, he's broken.'

'Leave him alone, don't hurt Brendon.'

'Oh don't worry; you're hurting him right now more then I ever could.' Bob said as Chelsea felt the van pull to a stop and the engine shut off.

'Bob we're here.' Anderson said from the front seat.

'Where are we?' Chelsea whispered.

'Sunny Brooke Mental Hospital.' Bob said.

'What? Why are we here?' Chelsea asked.

'Because my dear, you have a new home. Brendon and your precious dad will never find you here.'

'What?' Chelsea asked as Bob pulled her out of the car and tied a tie around her mouth.

'We've changed your name and told them specifically not to allow you visitors, say goodbye to the real world Chelsea.'

Chelsea began to cry as Bob and the chief of police wheeled her into the mental hospital. All she wanted was her son and her husband. Chelsea's life was crumbling from around her but it was nothing compared to what was going on in Brendon's life after a week of not being with Chelsea.

'Brendon sweetheart get up.' Mrs. Reeves said as she walked into Chelsea's child hood bedroom to find Brendon lying against the same pillow he had been on for the past week.

'I don't want to.' Brendon mumbled as he had a blanket of Thomas' wrapped around his shoulders.

'Brendon, I know you miss Chelsea. I miss her too but you have to be strong.'

'I'M TIRED OF BEING STRONG! I want Chelsea back.'

'I know you do sweetie, we all do.' Mrs. Reeves said sitting down with Brendon, 'Cole hasn't slept in three days, I'm not even sure if he's been home.'

'He won't sleep until he finds her.'

'I know, he's almost as big of a mess as you are.' Mrs. Reeves said soothing his dark hair back.

'Yeah.' Brendon whispered.

'Honey, get up and come downstairs and eat something please, I haven't seen you eat in almost a week. Take a shower, have some food let me change the sheets on the bed and then you can come back up here.'

'I don't want to eat, I don't want to take a shower, I just want to lay here and sleep and wake up and have it all be a dream.' Brendon said with more tears.


'You don't understand Mrs. Reeves, with all do respect, you don't know how much I miss her. Ever since I was ten, I've had her by my side and now she's gone, I don't know where she is and I don't know how has her. I just want her back.'

'Brendon, I know you do, trust me but the only thing you can do right now if be strong for her.'

''You're right.' Brendon began, 'I think I'm going to go home, take a shower and change my clothes.'

'You can do that here honey; you can wear some of Cole's clothes.'

'No, it's okay. I think I need to go home for a little while.' Brendon said as he got up and started out of the room with his keys, wallet and his cell phone but with the blanket still draped over his shoulders.

'Brendon, come back over here when you're done please, I don't think I feel comfortable with you being alone right now.'

'Okay.' Brendon said as he walked out the door to get into Chelsea's car.

Mrs. Reeves watched as Brendon pulled out of the drive way and watched him drive down the road before the phone rang.

'Hello.' She said quietly into the phone.

'Hi dear.' Mr. Reeves said.

'Any word?'

'Not yet, we've tracked the van but so far we haven't been able to locate it. Marla, I'm scared, I'm worried about this.'

'I know you are honey but everything is going to be okay.'

'Has Brendon gotten out of that bed yet?'

'Yes, he just went home to shower and eat but he said he would come back when he was done.'

'Are you sure that was a good idea, his son and wife were just kidnapped.'

'I tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn't have it, I'm worried about him Cole, I've never seen Brendon like this. He's depressed.'

'I know. I'm working as hard as I can.'

'I know you are honey just bring our baby back to us.'

'I'll call you when I know more okay?'

'Okay be careful Cole.'

'I will. I love you.'

'I love you too.' Mrs. Reeves said before hanging up the phone and collapsing into a chair in the kitchen as she began to cry.


'Dr. Raymond, this is Alexis Ryan, the new patient.' Bob Waters said as he wheeled Chelsea into her room.

'The one with the private room and guard?' the doctor asked.

'Yes, the one with no visitors.' Bob said with a smirk towards Chelsea.

'Alright you can leave her hear, I'll call her guard.' The doctor said looking at Chelsea as she prayed for a guard that would be easy to get around. Chelsea sat looking around as she couldn't more or talk. She soon saw a large black man walking down the hall towards her along with the doctor. She gulped as he walked up and stood next to her.

'This is Rodney Showers, he'll be Alexis' guard while she is here, he'll spend everyday with her except for Sunday and Thursday when he is off.'

'Sounds like a plan.' Bob said, 'Now if you will excuse me I have a client at four back in the city.'

'Good day Mr. Waters.' The doctor said as Bob walked out, 'Rodney can you please take Miss. Ryan to her room.'

'Yes sir.' Rodney said helping Chelsea out of her chair and leading her back to her room. Once inside the room Chelsea found a bed, a desk, and a barred window. Rodney gently took the tie off her mouth and the straight jacket out from around her body.

'How are you feeling Ms. Ryan?' he asked.

'My name is not Alexis Ryan, its Chelsea Urie.' Chelsea mumbled in fear of being hit, 'I'm not supposed to be here.' She said as she began crying.

'It's okay Ms. Ryan, don't cry.' Rodney began. Chelsea looked at him knowing she would never make sense to him. He was brainwashed to believe that Chelsea was Alexis Urie.

****Meanwhile back in Vegas with Brendon*******

Brendon sat on the couch with a picture of Chelsea in front of him as he finished off his second bottle of vodka. Brendon was a big drinker; he wasn't even old enough to buy the shit. Chelsea didn't like alcohol; she said it made her do stupid things so Brendon didn't drink either but desperate times call for desperate measures. Brendon fell to his knees by the bed he shared with his wife and began to cry as he prayed to God.

'God, I know it's been a while since we've talked and I know I've done some pretty stupid things in my life but please bring her back to me. She's the only thing that has gone right in my life; everything has fallen into place since she came along. I don't know if you know how I feel but I'm so in love that it makes me crazy. It makes everything good in my life seem like nothing when I'm around her. God please don't let anything happen to her, I'm begging you. I need my Chelsea.' Brendon said as he began to cry more.

Brendon picked his keys up off the table and started out to Chelsea's maxima. Brendon's judgment was clearly impaired as he weaved in and out of the Vegas afternoon traffic blasting Chelsea's favorite cd as he drove back to her parent's house.

Brendon made his way towards his in law's house as he found the drive way and pulled quickly into it slamming into Chelsea's mother Mercedes causing the alarm to go off and the car to crash into the garage causing Mrs. Reeves to run out the front door.

'Brendon? Honey are you alright?' she asked as she looked at the smoke coming form Chelsea's engine.

'What? Yeeeeeah, I'm great.' Brendon said as he got out of the car with his third bottle of vodka in his hand.

'Have you been drinking?'

'I might as well if Chelsea is gone. You know she's always hated alcohol. I think we've only been shit faced together once and do you know what we did that night? Well I'm gonna tell ya, we fucked like rabbits, all night long.'

'Brendon, this is not like you.'

'My wife was just kidnapped, who cares what I'm like, she's gone.'

'Brendon come inside.'

'I don't want to come inside, it's Chelsea's house, everything in there reminds me of her, I'm just going to go drive for a little while.' Brendon said as he got back into Chelsea's now wrecked car.

'Brendon, get out of the car.' Mrs. Reeves scolded.

'It's okay; I can't go anywhere it won't start. Chelsea is going to kill me; I wrecked her car, if she ever comes back.' Brendon said as he cried harder then he had cried ever. Mrs. Reeves rushed over and opened the door catching Brendon in her arms as he fell out of the car. She hugged him as tight as she could. Brendon was broken, she had never seen her son in law like this but despite everything; it made her love him even more. She knew that he truly loved her daughter and that made everything better again.
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