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One down; one to go.

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Thomas is back. . .

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So second update for the night, I'm on a roll unfortunatly, this is the last for tonight, i have to get up early and drive home from Dallas so no more updates but enjoy this one. Chelsea will be coming back soon...I promise!!

'Rodney.' Chelsea called two weeks later as they sat in her room looking out the window.

'Yes?' Rodney started.

'I need you to believe me.'

'I don't know what to believe.'

'Please believe me.' Chelsea begged, 'My name is Chelsea Elizabeth Urie, I'm married to Brendon Urie, the front man for the band Panic! At the disco. I have a nine month old son named Brendon Thomas. I'm twenty year's old. My dad's name is Thomas Cole Reeves, he goes by Cole. He's the former police Chief of Las Vegas turned lawyer turned head state Supreme Court judge of Nevada. My mom's name is Marla Elizabeth Reeves; she's a homemaker who use to be an interior designer. I have three brothers, Bradley, William, and Andrew; they are older then me. Last year right before I found out I was pregnant; Bob Waters was Brendon's tour manager. Brendon and I were married when we were seniors in high school, we kept it a secret because we were seven teen and out parents would have killed us. We kept it a secret until a reporter found out and wrote a story on it. Bob got mad and threatened to kick Brendon out of the band before one of the CEO's from the record label fired bob. He blamed Brendon and I for ruining his career. From that moment on, he made out lives a living hell, he stole my doctor's papers for tour, he hired a hooker to seduce Brendon and a month ago he kidnapped out baby from us. Thomas, he hired a woman to kidnap our son. Rodney, you have to believe me. If you go into Dr. Raymond's office and get onto his computer use Google to search Chelsea Reeves-Urie or Brendon Urie and you'll find it. You'll find pictures of us together, you'll find the story from spin magazine, you'll find everything, and the missing persons report from our case. Please Rodney you're my only hope of ever seeing my husband and baby again.' Chelsea begged.

'Alright; I can do that. You stay right here and don't sneak out or I won't be able to help you.'

'Alright I promise I won't leave. Just hurry please.' Chelsea begged.

'Okay, you have therapy with Dr. Raymond in half an hour; I'll be back before then.' Rodney said getting up and starting out of the room. Chelsea watched him as he walked out and shut her door. She slowly lay back down against the bed and shut her eyes remembering when it was normal; When it was she, Brendon, and their baby.

Chelsea sat in the middle of the kitchen floor crying....crying because she was laughing so hard. Brendon sat at the table holding a spoon in front of a giggling baby. Brendon had his eyes closed even though his glasses covered his beautiful big brown eyes. You see the problem was, Thomas was learning to eat baby food, Chelsea was loving every minute of it, Brendon on the other hand was wearing every minute of it.

'This isn't funny.' Brendon said taking his classes off and sweeping the mushy bananas off his face.

''re wearing more then Th...Thomas has ea...eaten all day.' Chelsea laughed.

'This isn't funny.' He said handing her his glasses as he stood up running his hand through his hair just spreading it around further. His hair now stood up board straight into the air being held up by banana baby food, 'Thomas, I don't even know what to do with you son.' Thomas just grinned as his father as he took the spoon beating it against the kitchen table spreading more bananas onto his father.

'Will you clean my glasses please? I can't see anything.' Brendon whined sitting back down in the chair as Thomas spread his hands around the tray of his high chair.

'Come on baby; let's go get you cleaned up.' Chelsea said in a baby voice after handing Brendon his glasses back to him and picking Thomas up out of the chair. It had been a constant war between Thomas and Brendon to see who could get the most attention from Chelsea and so far, Thomas was winning.

'Can I come? I'm pretty gross too.' Brendon pouted.

'Of course you can daddy let's go.' Chelsea said as she took Brendon's slimey hand and led him back to the bathroom. Chelsea set Thomas down in his bath chair in the tub and stood in front of Brendon slowly taking his clothes off him.

Five minutes later, Chelsea and Brendon stood in their shower while Brendon held Thomas. Brendon held Thomas as Chelsea washed his hair. 'He looks so much like you.' She said softly as she kissed his nose.

'I know but he has his mother talent for making me a mess.' Brendon said looking at his wife.

'You love it though.' Chelsea smiled.

'I love you.' Brendon said grabbing Chelsea's side with his free hand. Chelsea laughed and screamed as Thomas giggled. Chelsea looked at his son as Brendon stuck his tongue out and crossed his eyes. Thomas roared with laughter as Chelsea wrapped her arms around Brendon's waist and laid her head on his chest watching as he and his son bonded and laughed together. Brendon looked down at his wife as they held their son together, 'It can't get much better then this.' Brendon thought to himself as Chelsea kissed him softly.

'Chelsea, it's time for Therapy.' Rodney said snapping Chelsea back into reality.

'You called me Chelsea.' She whispered.

'I found some information; we'll talk about it after therapy.' Rodney said as he helped her up.

'You read it? You believe me?'

'We'll talk about it later.' Rodney said as they walked into the door of Dr. Raymond's office.


Mrs. Reeves sat on the chair in the living room watching as Brendon slept in the same spot he had spent the past three weeks. Brendon didn't look like the usual Brendon he use to. He was scruffy looking. He hadn't shaved in weeks, he had only showered when he had to, he was wearing the same clothes and he had lost weight.

Mrs. Reeves was torn out of her trance when there was a soft knock on the door. Brendon looked towards the door as Mrs. Reeves got up and slowly walked over to it peering through the peep whole before opening the door. 'Oh my god.' She said softly as she sat a blonde woman standing with her grandson.

'Mrs. Reeves?' the woman said as tears rolled down her eyes.

'Yes?' she asked with a confused look as her grandson reached out for her. The woman slowly handed the baby over to her grandmother as Brendon appeared behind her.

'Thomas!' Brendon said quickly taking his son out of his mother in law's hands and pulling him into the strongest hug he could as he began to cry.

'I'm sorry; I never wanted to take him away from you.' The woman cried.

'Where is Chelsea?'

'I don't know.' The girl began, 'I didn't even know she was missing.'

'Melissa White you're under arrest for the kidnapping of Thomas Urie, anything you say can and will be used in court, you have the right to an attorney if you can not afford one; one will be appointed to you.' Jarrod said as he hand cuffed Melissa and put her into the back of a squad car.

Brendon stood outside with Thomas in his arms still hugging him and not letting go. Cole soon walked over to see his son in law and grandson. 'One down, one to go.' He said as he kissed Thomas's head as everyone now focused their attention onto Chelsea.
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