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Calm before the storm. . .

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It's calm now but just wait a couple of hours before a hurricane. . . Drama to the extreme.

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'I missed you little man.' Brendon said late that night as Thomas was awake eating a bottle while Brendon laid in bed with him, 'Your mommy misses you too, she misses you so much. She'll be back soon, I promise.' Brendon whispered kissing his sons forehead. Thomas looked up at his father. Brendon was amazed at looking at Thomas, it never failed, anytime Thomas was there Brendon could spend hours just looking at him.

It baffled Brendon how he could create something like Thomas, something so pure and so gentle, with Chelsea and love it more then anything in the world.

'So you found what I was telling you about?' Chelsea asked as she and Rodney sat in her room later that night.

'I found everything you were talking about, you weren't lying to me Chelsea.'

I know. I just want to go home and see Brendon. I want to see my parents too and I want my son back but nothing compares to Brendon.'

'How did you two meet?' Rodney asked.

'Our parents knew each other through something with our dads so when we were ten our mothers set up our first play date. We played in the back yard on the swing set, Brendon pushed me. That day he told me he loved me and that we were going to get married. Seven years later we snuck out of our senior prom and got married on the strip.' Chelsea said.

'That's sweet.'

'He's amazing, everything good that has happened in my life, has been because of him.'

'Well we're going to get you back to him. I promise.'

Chelsea felt tears well up in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Rodney, 'Thank you.' She whispered, 'Thank you so much.'

'It's not a problem. I like seeing someone in true love for once, it's refreshing.'

'Well Brendon and I are in love.' She smiled looking at him before looking down as she swept a tear out of her eyes, 'We're so in love.'

Brendon woke up the next morning as Thomas crawled over his stomach trying to get off the bed.

'Where do you think you're going little man?' Brendon asked catching his waist and pulling him back down on the bed where Thomas tried it again. Thomas laid down on Brendon's stomach as Brendon ran his hand up and own Thomas' back, 'Your mom would be so excited to see you.'

Thomas looked up at his dad and smiled as a tear ran down Brendon's cheek, 'Brendon honey.' Mrs. Reeves said knocking on the door before coming in, 'I made you and Thomas some breakfast.'

'Alright we'll be down in a minute; I'm going to change him first.'

'Alright sweetie.' Mrs. Reeves smiled before shutting the door again.

'Let's get you changed so we can eat. Daddy is going on a mission today, to find your mommy.' Brendon said as he laid Thomas down on the bed after getting a diaper to change him into. Brendon took out a onzie from a bag he had packed. Brendon dressed his son into the black onzie and a pair of Joe's before picking him back up and carrying him down the stairs.

'Morning honey, there's my little grand baby.' Mrs. Reeves said as she took Thomas out of Brendon's hands only to have Brendon take him back a second later.

'Sorry, I'm still a little scared about it.' Brendon said handing his son back to his mother in law.

'Honey, that's understandable. Sit down, you look hungry.'

'Do you think Chelsea is going to be mad about her car?'

'Brendon, don't worry about it, her dad and I will take care of it.'

'I totaled both you car and hers. She's going to kill me, she loved that car.'

'That just means you can make it up to her by buying her a new one.'

'I guess you're right, one with anti-theft on her and the car.'

'Oh hang on sweetie.' Mrs. Reeves said as she picked up the phone, 'Hello.'

'Hi, is this Mrs. Marla Reeves?'

'Yes who is this speaking?'

'My name is Rodney, is there a man by the name of Brendon Urie there?'

'Yeah hang on just a minute.' Mrs. Reeves said looking at Brendon. She handed Brendon the phone as she gave him a weird look. Brendon took the phone matching her look.

'Hello?' he asked with a confused tone.

'Mr. Urie, Brendon Urie?'

'Yes, who is this?'

'My name is Rodney; I work at Sunny Brooke Mental Hospital.'


'I'm sitting with your wife, Chelsea.' He said. Brendon's heart dropped being replaced by a lump that was forming in this throat.

'You have Chelsea?'

'Well no not exactly. Chelsea was kidnapped a few weeks ago.'

'I know that, do you have her?'

'She was brought here by a Dr. Waters under the name Alexis Ryan and was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and anti social personality disorder, well needless to say she has nothing of the sort and she's being held here against her will.'

'How do you know it's her?'

'Would you like to talk to her?' he asked.

'God yes, Can I talk to her? Where is she?' Brendon begged.

'Brendon?' Chelsea cried into the phone.

'Baby, oh my god, baby where are you?'

'I'm at some mental hospital outside of Reno, baby come save me. I don't belong in here.'

'Oh baby, we'll be there soon. I'm going to call your dad; we'll come up with a plan.'

'No Brendon wait, Rodney has one; you have to listen to him. I'm not allowed visitors, if you ask for me; they'll know why you are here. Bob will find out.'

'Okay okay, put Rodney back on the phone.'

'Brendon I love you.'

'God, Chelsea, I love you too. I'll be there soon baby.'

'Brendon?' Rodney asked.


'Here is the plan, when you get here you need to look a little different then you do on regular bases. They know what you look like. Come in here and ask for me, Rodney Showers, make sure you bring someone else, I can distract them while you come get her and take her out.'

'Alright, how far is it from Summerlin?'

'About two hours.'

'Alright we'll be there in two hours, keep her safe for me please. I love her.'

'I know you do Brendon; I'll see you in two hours.' Rodney said before hanging up. Brendon set the phone on the table and looked at his mother in law as the biggest smile formed on his face, 'I'm going to get Chelsea back.'

'Go just go.' Mrs. Reeves said as she held Thomas while Brendon, Mr. Reeves and Jarrod got ready to go get Chelsea.

''I'll be home with mommy in a couple of hours BT don't you worry one little bit.' Brendon said as he hugged his son kissing the side of his head, 'I love you.' He said while handing him to his grandma. Thomas looked at Brendon with that look he gets right before he cries as tears welled up in his eyes, 'I'll be back I promise.'

'Come on Brendon, we're losing time.' Jarrod said. Brendon looked at his son one more time kissing his softly before following them out the door hearing the faint cries of his ten month old son with his grand mother.
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