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You Must Be Evil

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Van Helsing and Carl land themselves in year 2005. Meets Jesse and Lestat, who knocks them unconcious.

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Different Is More Likely
(QotD and VH Crossover)

A/N: Well this is my first movie crossover fanfic! I just love Queen of the Damned so I thought I'd write about it and stick it with another movie, since it doesn't have its own section and all. Hmm, well, I guess you better start reading now! R & R Please!

Disclaimer: I dont own any of these characters except the bad guy!


-You must be Evil-

In the year 2005...

Van Helsing and Carl walked through a dark alley away from the bright light that showered their backs.

Carl was grinning madly then ever. They had turned backs to a strange metallic machine where they had succeeded in traveling through time.

Van Helsing was smiling as well, eyes with shock. He had doubted Carl could do something as great as this.

"See, see! I told you we would be able to go through time! I'm a genius!" Carl shouted with pride. They had hidden away the time machine safely away from curious eyes with a black cover over it.

"Well, let's just say you were successful! Now Carl, what year are we in?" Van Helsing said with a grin. The dark alley they were walking through was lit with unknown metal lights that weren't lamps with fire in them.

"I think it was the year 2005..."

Van Helsing's face looked so shocked Carl was surprised. He had never seen Van Helsing that shocked before.

"2005? Do you think there's any creatures of the night that are destroying human's lives?" Van Helsing said as they curved through a street. Carl was looking at the ground, fascinated by what it was made out of.

"Well, I suppose there must be some evil creatures still roaming about."

"Let's just find out, shall we?" Van Helsing said and looked around.

They saw a couple of people walking through the night, carrying their belongings. Some were getting into cars and electricity flared to life everywhere they walked.

"Wow..." they both spoke in wonder as they saw the bright lights dazzling their eyes. People were shouting and cars drove back and forth. The noise made both their ears sting uncomfortably, because they weren't used to them. The streets were covered with little puddles of water in the corners and buildings and all they could see was a strange world they didn't think of as the same place they came from earlier.

"Van Helsing, maybe those are the creatures we're looking for," Carl said and pointed to the zooming cars. It does seem like it... Van Helsing thought.

"But that doesn't make sense. These people are riding inside those... beasts or whatever you call them."

Carl shrugged. "Well, at least we got to explore a little. Do you want to look more or do you want to go back to our time?"

"We should go, before anyone spots us and think we're a couple of strange visitors." Carl agreed and the two walked back towards the Time Machine and into the same dark alley.

They were about to pull the sheets off the time machine until Van Helsing sensed someone of something behind him. Carl looked at Van Helsing with confusion.

"What-?" he began but Van Helsing signaled him to be quiet. Before long, there was another sound close by the two. Carl's eyes widened with fear.

"What can it be?" Carl whispered as he slowly backed away from the place where the sound came from. Van Helsing backed away as well.

"I don't know..." he spoke and slowly pulled out his gun, ready to shoot. There was a flash as something pushed Carl to a building wall. Hands as hard as iron gripped him firmly. Carl looked at the man in front of him and looked quizzically. The man was looking at him with a evil looking grin, his eyes glinting hungrily.

There was a bang and the man let go and disappeared from Carl, releasing his grip on him.

There was another flash of movement as Van Helsing's gun went sailing away from his hand, leaving him with a scratch on his flesh. Van Helsing winced as the pain took over his hand. He ignored it but his hand wouldn't obey him.

"A little dangerous to be holding guns in the middle of the night, don't you think?" a voice hissed as the same man who pushed Carl to the wall closed in.

He disappeared again with a supernatural speed.

"What do you want?" Van Helsing said as he slowly backed away towards the fallen gun. There was another swift movement from his back as a woman stood behind him. She was holding his gun in her hands, looking at it with interest.

"Hmm that's unusual; these are not the usual guns in this age..." the woman said, curiosity showing in her twinkling eyes. Carl looked at the two strangers with fear in his heart.

"We want you," the man said with amusement and Van Helsing could see his teeth were not normal. The tips were pointed. It didn't grow longer or changed shape, it just stayed them same shape.

Van Helsing moved sideways away from the two people who he guessed were vampires.

"Lestat, wait," the woman said as she looked away from the weapon in her hands. Her eyes looked unbelievingly as Carl and Van Helsing. Carl thanked God that he was spared a few minutes to live.

"What is it?" the man said, looking irritated for being interrupted to eat his dinner. Before the man could do anything, Van Helsing pushed the man away from him using all his might. The man staggered but hissed, baring his fangs angrily.

"Carl!" he shouted for him to follow. Carl was about to but the woman blocked his way. The man snarled angrily and pushed Van Helsing with the strongest iron grip he had ever felt since his last mission.

"You push me again and you die!" he hissed into Van Helsing's face. Amazingly enough, he didn't bite him and finish him off.

"Hmpf..." Van Helsing muttered.

"Lestat, these two are from the past," the woman said.

Van Helsing heard Carl mumble something under his breath. Lestat's eyes widened with shock.

"Really? Well, I suppose you're from my age, maybe a bit older from the year I was blooded," Lestat said and then let go, grinning again. His anger had soon disappeared.

"You're a vampire; you're supposed to be evil."

Lestat's looked at him in interest, as if he was toying with Van Helsing.

"Hmm... Well, I suppose you're those people who believe the bible. You shouldn't believe all that's been told to you, Mr-?" Lestat said and looked at Van Helsing. "Van Helsing."

"Yes, Mr. Van Helsing. I think I've hear of that name before, but I suppose you killed on of our kin. Was it Dracula," Lestat said and chuckled.

The woman's eyes widened even more.

"WHAT? You're Van Helsing? THE Van Helsing?" she shouted and looked at Carl, who snorted. "Yes."

Van Helsing just looked at the vampire with interest. "You knew Dracula?"

"Oh yes, he was such a nuisance. Of course, he was 'special' to the devil, I suppose. He just had to get his children to life. They were disgusting creatures. He should have gone to a therapist, after all the plotting to take over the world," the man spoke with a sly grin.

"Well, you know me. But I don't know you. Who are you?" Van Helsing said. He was reaching out for some weapon, anything before he was going to be killed.

Carl seemed to think that way as well, because he was slowly fumbling his hands inside his pockets to find anything.

"I am the Vampire Lestat. This is my love, Vampire Jesse," the man called Lestat said with a grin.

"You're supposed to be dead, Mr. Van Helsing. It said so in the secret books of the Vatican," the woman called Jesse spoke still holding Van Helsing's gun.

Van Helsing's eyes widened. Carl's eyes widened with shock as well. The woman just smiled a bit at the surprised looks on their faces.

"How did he-?" Carl started but Jesse interrupted.

"He disappeared, with you. To some last mission you went together but I always never believed that."

"So you mean we never got back?" Carl spoke.

"Yes, you never got back, I suppose. Probably eaten by us or ran away. But yet again, this is a strange fate that we met."

"Well, I have no taste for eating you, since you helped me kill Dracula. I didn't really like him when he insulted me for something," Lestat said. With that, Jesse gave the gun back to Van Helsing. Van Helsing grasped his weapon in his hands and wondered how strange things were going.

"Does that mean, you're letting us go now?" Carl said, a bit terrified. He had been starring at Jesse's fangs for so long he regretted in doing so.

Lestat grinned.

"Actually, no. We'll let you live. But you can't go back, for now."

"What does that supposed to mean?"

"You'll see, ohh, you'll see," Lestat said and with that he knocked the two out before they even realized what they were in for.
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