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-Careful Mortal, Your Life Is At Stake-

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Jesse and Lestat carry them to their home, for something planned out. Van Helsing and Carl wake up and need to disguise themselves so they could go back to their time.

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Different Is More Likely
(QotD and VH Crossover)

I am SO sorry I haven't written for so long now! I couldn't think of what to write. I still don't have a plot in mind but I thought it wouldn't be fair if I just left the story... I mean, I love it!

/Italics are thoughts/flashbacks/

-Careful Mortal, Your Life Is At Stake-

"Lestat, what are you doing?" Jesse shouted, horrified.

Van Helsing and his companion lay unconscious on the ground. Lestat was smiling to himself. Dracula's Slayer/, he thought, amused. He could hear the soft heartbeat of the two unconscious mortals and he longed to bite into their flesh. /Fight it, fight it for now! He thought rather irritably to himself and looked up at Jesse. Jesse was still looking horrified, but angrier than scared.

"Why did you do that for, Lestat? If you were going to kill them, you didn't have to knock them out!" she shouted.

"Because if they had a chance, they would have fled into that time machine. And second of all, we need them. They may know how to kill him... /it/," Lestat hissed, annoyed by Jesse's anger.

Instantly Jesse understood, and she felt guilty for being angry at Lestat.

"We can't leave them like this. Let's bring them to the mansion," Jesse replied and kneeled down to carry Van Helsing. The smell of perfume slithered towards Jesse's nose, and her eyes showed curiosity. She was about to carry the heavy man up when Lestat stopped her.

"I'll bring him up there, he's too heavy for you," Lestat said and Jesse let go of Van Helsing, who groaned softly. Jesse's throat watered as she saw the two mortals' necks but she resisted the urge to bite. She wondered if Lestat was feeling the same.

She grabbed hold of the unconscious man -who she guessed was called Carl- gently in her arms and flew up into the air and landed inside the mansion (A/N: I wasn't quite sure if vampires could fly but in the movie they seemed that they can so I just wrote it this way! Hope I'm not wrong!) where they had stayed. Lestat came next, actually heaving the heavy man onto the nearby sofa. Jesse laid the other man on a soft furniture, anything, and panted.

"Do you know where the time machine is?" Jesse asked Lestat, who nodded. "We'll leave them here for now. If they wake, they'll have to wait until we wake up. It's almost dawn," spoke Lestat and moved towards the coffin he slept in. Jesse felt uneasy about leaving them there. "What if they try to escape?"

"We'll be able to find them. Won't we always, love?" Lestat answered with a grin.


Van Helsing groaned and opened his eyes slowly. He could feel something warm on his face and realized that it was the sunlight. He winced at the sunlight beaming into he's eyes and closed them. He slowly got up and opened his eyes again, only to find himself lying on strange furniture, soft and bouncy. He wasn't accustomed to such thing. The room was filled with strange things Van Helsing had never seen.

His eyes widened with wonder and suddenly he felt a pain on his head where Lestat had knocked him unconscious. He queasily got up and looked behind him to find Carl still fast asleep, a slight blue bruise on his head.

It's a miracle we're alive... Van Helsing thought and felt for he's weapons. It was gone along with he's hat, which sat on the side of the sofa. Snarling under he's breath, he grabbed he's wide-brimmed hat and shook Carl roughly.

The friar moaned irritably and pushed Van Helsing's hand. Van Helsing cursed angrily and pushed the Friar roughly. "CARL!" Van Helsing shouted and Carl opened he's eyes, fear flickering as soon as Van Helsing woke him. He shot up quickly and then realized there was no danger; he sleepily looked at Van Helsing.

"Why am I in the same room as you?" he mumbled sleepily, rubbing he's eyes and trying to straighten his hair at the same time. Van Helsing turned Carl roughly around his shoulder and Carl soon understood, he's eyes widening with surprise and interest. "OH."

"Yes that's why!" Van Helsing growled. Carl touched his own neck uncomfortably, looking around quirkily. "But where are the vampires?"

"Their gone, the sun's up. We can escape from this... place. Let's go," Van Helsing growled and started to walk but Carl seemed to hesitate, looking at he's clothes. Van Helsing turned with an annoyed look on he's face. Now what? Van Helsing thought.

"You have noticed that we look really different"-points at the clothes-"from all the modern people's clothes today, don't you?" spoke Carl. Van Helsing looked at he's clothes and noticed it then. They did look different. Van Helsing remembered the clothes the vampires were wearing. If they went out like this, they would stick out and the vampires would be able to find them pretty quickly. Sighing, Van Helsing's eyes searched for a wardrobe. He found one which was made out of shining wood. He opened one of the drawers and looked through them, eyeing them with both curiosity and suspicion. He then threw one at Carl, who was shouting, "What are you doing!"

"Wear that," Van Helsing barked and grabbed something for himself. It looked a bit small for him so he threw it back in again. He grabbed another clothing, which was a black shirt with the white words 'Punk Rock' written on them.

"This will do," he murmured and slipped out of his black trench coat and his sweater. After the two of them at last finished wearing the strange clothes, they were staring at each other, feeling like dorks.

"Come on, we have to go!" Van Helsing shouted as Carl finished wearing Van Helsing's hat, which Van Helsing let Carl borrow. Van Helsing quickly wore on his trench coat on top of the t-shirt.

"But Van Helsing-!" he started as Van Helsing dragged his hand out of the room. "What?"

"We don't have any weapons! And we need to know why the vampires didn't kill us!" Carl replied, stumbling. Van Helsing stopped. He looked around at Carl. "You're right. Carl, do you have any idea why they would want to take us alive?" Van Helsing said but Carl didn't have an answer. Van Helsing sighed.

"We'll have to find out," Van Helsing spoke and Carl nodded in agreement.

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