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Harry gets kidnapped by Voldemort. Voldemort is not dead.

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Deathly Unlikely

A/N: Since I enjoy reading a lot of 'Dark Harry' stories, I thought I'd write one as well! (In this story Harry's parents were killed in a car accident, as the Dursleys had said and The Dark Lord was not killed. But the Dark Lord does try to kill Harry, though Harry doesn't die. And the Dark Lord is unharmed, since Harry's mother can't be there to help his son!) So please have a read and if you like it, thank you, if not, please don't kill me! Also review!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. And the 'Dark Harry' idea, whoever thought of it first, that idea also belongs to you! The only thing I do own is some weird names for potions/spells and my own created characters!


As usual in thes past few weeks, rain was pelting down on the streets of Privet Drive. The grass and dirt on the small gardens the residents of Privet Drive had grew were now soaked wet, which may have been a good thing, considering it would grow well. Thunder was rolling near and the sky was covered with black clouds, that suited the melancholy feeling. The rain splashed down and made puddles, making people slip, if anyone was ever really outside in this weather.

But there was one small little boy who was outside, enjoying the cool shower. The boy's hands were shivering, but he didn't seem to care. Although soaked he was, he didn't get up to go inside. The boy liked being wet, it seemed to wash all the curses and filth off of him. Always dirtwas sprayed onto him, both inside the house and from theoutside.

"Harry..." spoke a voice and little Harry looked around in a quick, frightened gesture. He saw no one, nothing but the splashing rain and the unhappy looking black clouds. Harry lookedback at the streets now flickering with a fading illuminant light. He was probably getting sleepy again. And maybe even sick from the cold. He was shivering a bit after all.

"Potter..." spoke the voice again and this time Harry jumped, panicking. He now knew he wasn't making that up. He wasn't tired or sick. He was going mental. Or maybe there was someone really calling him?

As quickly as he thought of it, he felt a loud crackle and he smelt ash. It quickly seemed to grow fainter but what Harry saw in front of him was going nowhere.

There stood a dark figure, cloaked in black, with glinting eyes that scared Harry. The figure stood high and Harry saw a grin curl on the figure's pale face. Harry quickly got to his feet and backed away, his head screaming for him to run. He wanted to run, but he couldn't. He was frozen in fear.

"You will die, boy. Just like in the prophecy..." the figure in a very deep voice and raised something from the black robes. Harry gazed at it and it looked like some sort of wood. He looked back at the figure, who had the most craziest smile he had ever seen.

Then a jet of green light zoom out of the figure's black robes and Harry was hit hard on the chest. He gave out a frightened scream, which was drowned by the sound of thunder and hard rain. Harry felt himself fall and a searing pain burn on his forehead, as if something was trying to tear Harry's head apart. He closed his eyes painfully and he felt like he was about to die. Strangely enough, the pain suddenly subsided and he weakly got to his knees. He heard a shocked curse come out of the figure as Harry, though unsteadily, got to his feet. He felt faint and suddenly sick to his stomach but the feeling quickly subsided as well.

"-What! T-This... cannot be! It cannot! No one has survived! NO ONE!" shouted the black figure as Harry looked at the stranger angrily, though he secretly wanted to know what exactly that was. He could see the dark figure inch back a little.

"Who are you!" Harry demanded and the dark figure stopped. His curses slowly seemed to be engulfed by the crackling of thunder up above the clouds.

"Who are you? You don't know who I am, boy?"

Harry looked at the figure strangely. His anger was now being replaced by curiousity.


"I am the Dark Lord Voldemort!"

Harry blinked in the rain.


The black figure who called himself the Dark Lord Voldemort looked offended.

"Boy, I am a the dark wizard! Surely you would have heard of me before!"

Harry only blinked harder in the rain.

"No, I haven't." Harry looked at the figure's horrible glare and he added, "...Sorry."

"Do you even know what a wizard is, boy?"

"Wizards don't exist!"

Voldemort seemed to give a curse of frustration.

"Muggle brain, a pea sized one you are! And still you can counter a killing curse! You may prove useful, boy," Voldemort hissed and his dangerous eyes flicked towards Harry's soaked appearance.

"Muggle? Wizards? Killing Curse? What are you talking about!" Harry questioned loudly but before he knew it, he saw a blinding light that knocked him into the dark oblivion of dreams.

A/N: Ahh well, I know, it's short and all but I'll update soon enough, don't worry! If you liked the prologue, that's great! If not, don't sue me!
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