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Chapter One

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Harry meets Voldemort again, and also Nagini. Find out he can speak Parseltongue. Harry gets his mark... unwillingly. And is forced to forget his childhood.

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Deathly Unlikely

A/N: Hello hello, the writer yet again! I'm gonna give you more to read, I hope you like this chapter (hopefully I won't let anyone down)! Please review! (And if I made Nagini not as smart as she's supposed to be, I'm sorry!)

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. And the 'Dark Harry' idea, whoever thought of it first, that idea also belongs to you! The only thing I do own is some weird names for potions/spells and my own created characters!

Chapter One

Harry woke with an awful headache banging inside him. He gave out a loud groan and got up. He's legs felt stiff, and he was hungry. He felt weird and than he realized he was inside and he wasn't drenched anymore. His drowsy eyes looked around his surroundings and he gasped in shock at what he saw.

He saw the most magnificent carvings and statues, many carved beautifully into the shapes of huge snakes. Harry looked at it in awe and he walked closer to one particular snake sculpture. It was much more larger than Harry and it looked so alive. The snake sculpture looked down at Harry with it's long fangs bared, it's tongue shooting out dangerously. The sleek way it's back was smoothed was remarkable and it shined. Harry thought it looked a bit like marble, but it shined even more brighter that he knew it wasn't nothing like it.

"I see you like it here," the same familiar deep voice spoke and Harry yet again jumped. He quickly looked back, expecting to see the whoever it was still in their dark robes. Instead, Harry saw man in his place, looking more like Darth Vader, except without the mask.

Harry studied the man in front of him, who looked so tall Harry felt small. The man, who he guessed immediately was Voldemort, had a very sharp face which reminded him of the sculpture he had just seen. He had blood red eyes that matched the dark outfit he was wearing, and his skin was deathly pale, which Harry thought was illuminating in the shadowed large room he was in.

"Where am I?" Harry spoke and a frown spread on Voldemort's face.

"You will call me Sir or Lord, boy! I did not bring you here so you can question me. I brang you here because I wish for you to serve me," Voldemort hissed and Harry backed away. And to Voldemort's satisfaction, he saw a quick flicker of fear in the boy's. But then soon after it was replaced with anger.

"I'm not your servant!" little Harry shouted, and Voldemort glared at the boy. Was he wrong to bring the boy here, to his hiding place, after all?

"Are you going to try and escape then, boy? You are miles and miles from home!"

Harry hesitated and then he looked unhappily at Voldemort. "That was never my home."

Voldemort grinned. "You can serve me. You can be my servant."

Harry just stared at Voldemort and at his dark outfit and then spoke.

"If you give me a place to stay, will you teach me how you did that, light... trick... thing...?"

Voldemort thought for a while. If he trained the boy, he might be as strong as he was. He may even be a dark lord like himself if he did it right. But if he failed to bring the boy to the dark side...

"I will, boy, if you serve me. Everyone serves me. I do not give charity for free," he growled and his eyes narrowed as the boy smiled, though unsteadily.

"Cool, then I'll 'serve' you. And anyways, this place looks interesting. But you don't mean serve as in giving you drinks, feeding you, all that servant work, do you?" Harry said and he looked up at Voldemort, who snorted.

"I can take care of myself, boy, I am not a fat king who stays in his throne untill he rots into bones and ashe! And call me sir, boy!" Voldemort roared angrily and this made Harry want to think about his decision again. Harry's hands started to sweat nervously.

Seeing Harry looking nervous and frightened, Voldemort relaxed. "Good, boy. Now follow." And he turned his back at Harry, who just bit his lip and followed the stranger. Voldemort walked through a series of stairs as Harry tagged along, trying to keep up with him. After a few minutes of walking through the large house- or castle? Harry thought- Voldemort stopped in the entrance of a dungeon doorway. Harry looked around curiously. The place felt old and smelt old too. He could see spider webs clinging onto the walls above.

"Boy, here is your room. You are not to go anywhere until I say so. Nagini will be watching you," Voldemort growled and Harry saw to his fascination a real live snake, and a very huge one as well, slither towards him. The snake lifted its head at Voldemort, who hissed something to Harry. Harry gazed at Voldemort and at the snake with confusion but then realized they were /communicating/. He thought he only heard hisses at first but then he could hear fragments of what they were actually saying.

'I want you to keep an eye on this boy, Nagini...' Voldemort hissed and the snake called Nagini nodded. Then Nagini looked at Harry straight in the eye and flicked her tongue out, almost in warning.

"I will call for you," Voldemort spoke and he turned away, his dark cape, which blended in with the other dark clothes, whipped around his neck. Soon he had disappeared and he was nowhere to be seen, only the faint sound of footsteps ringing towards Harry.

"That's so cool, that guy can talk to snakes!" Harry spoke, his childlike gestures annoying the snake. Nagini hissed warningly and Harry looked back at the snake and at it's deadly fangs. He gulped and than pushed the heavy door hard.

He stepped into the room and he felt a waft of hot air coming at him. He felt dry and thirsty as he clambered into the room. He saw why the room was so hot. There was huge window that poured in bright, sunny rays down into the room. This room reminded him of the Glasshouse he saw in his Aunt's and Uncle's television.

'Stay put, boy,' Nagini commanded from behind Harry but this time he wasn't going to be bossed around by a snake. Harry looked at Nagini and growled, 'I'm not going to listen to a snake!' without knowing that he had actually spoken their language.

The snake looked up at Harry suprisedly. She had never known another human who could speak the serpent tongue before. Maybe that was why her master was so interested in the boy.

'How can you speak our language, boy?' she hissed and Harry looked suprised. A snake had actually answered him back, thought not quite the answer he was expecting.

'I-I don't know! Wow, this is strange... I've never spoken to a snake before...' Harry spoke and Nagini only stared in disbelief, her marvelous snake eyes looking up at Harry with interest.

'Is it why you are here, boy? Because you can speak our language?'

Harry looked confusedly at Nagini. No, surely that was not why he was here. He didn't even know himself. He was brought here because, he was now going to serve this... Voldemort.

'I don't think so... at least, that's what I think.'

The snake hissed irritably. 'I do not care what you think, human boy.' Then the snake edged towards the little shade left. Harry followed.

'That man, your master, he said a words that don't exist!' Harry spoke and this made the snake's eyes flare with anger.

'What my master says always makes sense. Be grateful he even spoke to you boy,' Nagini hissed furiously. This child was getting irritable every second she stayed with him. She hoped her master will call for her soon.

'What's a muggle?'

The snake groaned- or rather hissed loudly- and then turned towards Harry, who was now sitting near her, waiting for an answer to his question.

'Muggles, boy, are none-magic folk. Master calls them mudbloods... they don't deserve to live, he used to say. But a boy,' -in that moment the snake flicked it's tongue-/'a half-blood like you won't understand, would you?'/ Nagini spoke and Harry winced, though he didn't really understand why. Maybe because of the tone the snake was using to communicate with him.

'Why did he say he was a wizard? Wizards have long beards and have long sticks with wands and, and a wizards' hat and stuff!' Harry asked and and this time Nagini glared at the boy.

'He is the most powerful wizard in the whole wide world, boy! Insult him again and I shall kill you, no matter what my master has said!' Nagini roared and Harry winced even harder. He wasn't trying to insult anyone. He just thought that wizards were like that, foolish looking old men with wooden sticks.

'Don't talk to me, boy. Disturb my sleep and you die,' Nagini warned and then she curled up into a spiral, her head resting on her own scaly body, ignoring Harry completely. Harry groaned. Even snakes disliked him. He too rested his head on his own palm and rested on the ground and let sleep envelop him.


'Wake him up, Nagini. The night is here and I would be needing to put the Dark Mark on him if he's going to serve me.'
Harry heard the familiar voice again as he opened his eyes again. The room was cool and he felt a shiver run through him. The bright rays that were coming from the window that morning was now gone, replaced by the beautiful dark night. Moonlight spread through from the large window, spreading shadows down.

'He is awake now, Master,' Harry heard Nagini hiss and he felt a rough nudge come from the snake. Harry groaned and then he got up, still sitting on the ground.

"Boy, get up. I don't have all day," Voldemort hissed and Harry irritably got up. Harry stared at the stranger with a perplexed expression as he rubbed his eyes and yawned.

'Nagini, what does he want?' Harry asked the snake and Voldemort looked suprised. But he didn't show it as much as he had showed his shock when he blasted Harry with the killing curse.

"Interesting..." Voldemort said but he quickly went back to his task. He looked at little Harry, who looked so confused. Excellent, he could use the boy.

"Boy, take out your hand, your wand hand- No not /hands/, boy, the hand you usually use to write, yes, at last," Voldemort spoke irritably and then he took out his wand and pointed it to Harry's wrist. Harry looked at Voldemort uncertainly.

"Move a little closer to the moonlight, yes," Voldemort commanded and Harry did as he said. He watched as bright light erupted from the wooden stick pointed at Harry's right wrist. Black, almost purple, colored light blasted into Harry's wrist.

Immediately when the dark light touched his wrist, Harry screamed in pain. He felt like his hand was on fire and he could never get out of the flames. He felt the smell of flesh that made him sick to his stomach. Slowly, though unbearably, he saw his wrist burn a blazing black mark that looked like a black skull, with a serpent tongue. Harry started to cry as he saw this horrible tatoo looking mark on his right wrist.Tears slipped down on his cheeks.

Voldemort only looked at Harry coldly. The boy... he needed to forget absolutely everything about himself in order for the child of light to come to the dark side and obey his orders.

"What did you do! What did you do! Let go of me!" Harry screamed and he heard some things break in his anger. He didn't care but he just wanted the ugly, pale hand off of his right wrist, anything to take it off. Harry struggled and Voldemort enjoyed seeing the boy anguish over such little thing.

"Boy, Harry Potter, you're going to forget everything about yourself except that you serve me," Voldemort hissed and with a wicked grin, he pointed his wand at Harry's forehead.


A/N: Ok so it was kinda cruel what I did to poor, little Harry but if you get captured by a Dark Lord, what do you expect? Chocolate cookies? I think not! So anyways, this is not gonna be a Dark Harry, the Heir of Slytherin or Voldemort's Heir, but instead it's gonna be Dark Harry, Youngest Death Eater and Servant of the Dark Lord!
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