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Chapter Two

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Dumbledore has a little visit to the Dursley's, only to find that Harry isn't there.

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Deathly Unlikely

A/N: Hullo again! This is the humble writer of Deathly Unlikely! Anyways, in this chapter Dumbledore pays a visit to the Dursley's, who abandoned Harry to his fate (which Dumbledore believes is death). By the way, if your wondering, Voldemort will simply be Harry's master! Well, I hope you like this chapter and please review!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. And the 'Dark Harry' idea, whoever thought of it first, that idea also belongs to you! The only thing I do own is some weird names for potions/spells and my own created characters!

Chapter Two

The lights flickered in the streets of Privet Drive as a rather old looking wizard started to walk through the night wearing a concerned look on his face. He was worried about Harry, the little boy he had put with the family, The Dursleys. He had felt something was wrong for a while, though he didn't understand why, and he thought it would make him feel a bit better if he visted them. Except, in his wizard's robes, he would be noticed soon enough, and anyhow, the old man would only be visiting for a short while. As long as Harry was alright, it was alright for him as well.

Ever since the horrible accident of the Potters, which had attracted many Muggles around the strange incident, Dumbledore had been very uneasy about Harry. He had lost his parents when he was a baby and Dumbledore had to transfer the little boy to his only living family, which were the Dursleys. Many had warned him, including Professor McGonagall, that the muggle family was horrible... but he had no choice. Harry was a wizard, but he was still a child. And he needed someone close to take care of him, someone who wouldn't spoil him.

Dumbledore sighed. Did he do the right thing, putting Harry in the roof of that house? He hoped that all was well and Harry was alright. The old wizard walked towards the door of the house and knocked softly on the door of the Dursleys. He must be rude coming up here at this hour... but he needed to know if Harry was safe. He heard a curse inside the house and the door in front of him swung open with a furious tug. Dumbledore backed a little but he wore his calm expression, though his concern mingled.

Harry's Uncle, Vernon Dursley's head poked out rather sleepily and he gave out a rather harsh grunt that sounded like, "What do you want?" Dumbledore gave a smile as Vernon's eyes seemed to focus. His face suddenly became pale as ever, even a bluish tint on his cheeks. Eyes wide as saucers and his mouth gaping wide as well, Dumbledore heard Harry's Aunt, Petunia Dursley, stao towards her husband. She looked up to see Dumbledore and gave a sharp gasp of suprise. Petunia quickly hugged her husband's arm frightfully. Both muggle eyes stared at the old wizard.

Dumbledore, still wearing his smile, opened his lips. The Dursley's immediately jumped back, as if Dumbledore was going to cough up frogs out of his mouth. Dumbledore shut his mouth and gave an annoyed sigh. This is what happens when he meets Muggles, and one who know about the Wizarding world. They all get extremely paranoid and eventually even get mad, although some embrace it as if they were waiting for such world to come up all along.

Then Dumbledore opened them again and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt your sleep in this time of night... but I really must see how Harry Potter is doing. May I-" Dumbledore began with a apologetic smile. Maybe he should have come in the day time, then the Muggles would have been a bit more open to him.

"T-The boy is not here anymore!" Petunia interrupted him with a shrill gasp, her hands still nervously grasping her husband's arm. "Some man took him away. We saw that wretched boy sitting in that garden, getting soaked. Good riddance! The boy was making such a mess-"

Dumbledore now regretted everything he had done to poor, little Harry Potter. Minerva was right. This family was a horrible, Wizard-hating Muggle family. And while he was gone, they had abused Harry to all sorts of troubles Meriln knew what. And what was Petunia talking about? A man, taking Harry away? They must be mistaken...

A terrible realization started to dawn on Dumbledore and his smile faltered, which must have frightened the two muggles even more because they backed away with a terrified squeal. Vernon struggled to keep himself together as he gave a stuttered answer, "I-It was not o-our fault! The b-boy was outside in t-t-the night! A-And it was raining!"

Fury started to build inside Dumbledore but he pushed it aside. It would not be best if he frightened these muggles and it would cause trouble. "What did the man look like?"

"H-He looked like one of your lot, with dark robes. That man was all pale! Ohhh..." Petunia gave a sob and put her face on her husband's shoulder. Vernon gave a troubled growl. Dumbledore heard enough. He knew exactly who this might 'pale man' was. It was definetely Voldemort. And poor Harry had been taken away. Dumbledore knew he wasn't going to be able to help Harry now. He had possibly condemned him to his death... Sadness swept him at the thought of Harry's cold pale body lying in some ugly dungeon, rotting in the corner. Dumbledore tried not to sob himself. It was his fault that Harry was dead, /his/.

"G-Get out! You have asked e-enough questions! We don't want your lot to come up here anymore! The boy is GONE! Gone! Now go!" Vernon shouted rather rudely and then with a swift motion, the door was slammed right in front of Dumbledore's face. Dumbledore gave a weakened sigh, and then before he could stop it, he covered his face with his hands, tears staining his face as the flickering light above started to weaken in the cold, dark street of Privet Drive.

A/N: Did you like it? I'm hoping you did! (sorry if the chapter was a bit short) So anyways, that's the second chapter! Next you'll get Harry, so don't go away! And review please!
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