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Chapter Three

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Five Years Later, Harry is named as Sertis and one of the youngest of Death Eaters. He is now given a task....

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Deathly Unlikely

Ok, here' s another chapter! As you know from chapter one, Harry now forgets everything about himself and Voldemort pours all sorts of lies into little Harry's head. Except Harry's not little anymore. So see for yourself how much Harry had grown darker! Hope you enjoy and I'd love more reviews if possible!

Oh and just so you know, Harry Potter is Sertis Nathan Verto.

I do not own Harry Potter, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. And the 'Dark Harry' idea, whoever thought of it first, that idea also belongs to you! The only thing I do own is some weird names for potions/spells and my own created characters!

Chapter Three

Five years later...

Sertis N. Verto kneeled down on his knees, his dark robes hiding his pale, darkened face. His black hair blended with the color of his robes and only his marvelous green eyes seemed to illuminate his face. But even his eyes looked fogged and it showed how cold and cruel he had become inside. Although he looked a bit like Voldemort himself, with the dark look and the black robes, he was still considered handsome in the Wizarding World.

Sertis was now 11 years old, quite a grown boy but the Dark Lord did not celebrate anyone's birthdays. He was the youngest to have ever joined the Dark Lord's service and he was proved useful because of his youth. He had not actually mastered the spells and knowledge of the dark arts on his own. It just seemed as if he had known the first time he was born, which was a great advantage as well because he was very skilled at absolutely every spell.

His head hung low, he waited for his master to command him. Whatever the Dark Lord spoke was law to Sertis's mind and he would give up his life for the greatest Dark Wizard of all. In front of Sertis was a large, but very old and grand looking throne and Voldemort sat on it, his wand in his hand and his dark dementor looking robes covering most of his face. Red eyes glowed darkly towards Sertis's direction.

"Rise, Verto," ordered the Dark Lord's deep voice and Sertis obeyed, standing up. He looked up at his master, his mind set for more to kill. He had murdered loads of wizards and witches of the light and he, like his fellow Death Eaters, enjoyed it. Especially Mudbloods, who were so weak they couldn't defend themselves very well.

"Your youth will be used as an advantage, Verto. You will be attending Hogwarts and you will spy on all the teachers, especially Dumbledore. You will be known as the son of Javier Verto. Your application form had already been sent to the school."

Sertis looked up at his master and shock appeared on his face, though only once. This was an important task to do and he was privileged enough to be the one to spy on the Dark Lord's enemy, Albus Dumbledore.

"The fool (Sertis did not question who; he knew the Dark Lord was speaking of Dumbledore) lets his brats out for trips to Hogsmeade. There you will report back to one of my Death Eaters. His name is Morgus and he will be waiting in the Basilisk's Fang."

Sertis gave a nodd of understanding. The Dark Lord had not given him permission to speak and therefore he would have to nodd. Now he would have a chance to prove his master that he was the best of the Death Eaters. He will not let his master down.


Sertis opened his mouth. "My lord, I am honored to do anything you command."

"Yes.. yes. I shall tell you one thing, Verto. Act nice and don't let any of the other brats in the school become suspicious of you. I have plans. Do not disappoint me."

"Yes, master..."


Sertis looked rather distastefully at his school robes as he walked up the stairs towards a huge door. The stairs were lit by torches hanging on both sides of the door and it was spreading light and stretching shadows of the children. Sertis just glared at everything he saw.

Already he hated this place, this whole cheerfulness. Few who were called as Slytherins had talked to him but he only gave them a simple venemous glare that made them running away from him. Some he liked, including one called Draco Malfoy. Draco had introduced himself to Sertis while he was in the Hogwart's express train. Sertis knew the boy's father was a Death Eater. Draco might come of use to Sertis.

"Come along, First Years," spoke the old woman. She wore a long, black witch's hat and black robes with the emblem of Hogwarts on the front. Sertis studied the woman sharply. She was very old, yes, but not as old as the Headmaster. Sertis would have to learn her name and find out if she was in the light side. Then he would report to his Master and get all the glory for himself. The thought made Sertis smile wickedly.

The crowd of children pushed Sertis forward with a cheer and he forced his hands in his pockets, trying his best not to blast all of them. He felt like killing the children, drowing the ugly, happy voices with a good, loud scream. Sertis and the first year children followed the old witch as the huge door in front of them started to open slowly. More light showered towards the kids. The school was huge and Sertis could see there were other students sitting near the long tables.

Sertis could not help but be amazed. He had not seen such place in his life, with floating candles up above his head and the long and wide space of the hall. The only problem about the place was that it was filled with many light-praising idiots.

Quickly the first years were lined up in front of the small stage and in front of the teachers. Sertis could see the Headmaster sitting in the middle of the tables with a smile on his face. Sertis's eyes blazed with hatred. This was the old man his master feared, the one who always interfered with his plans. The children in front of Sertis started to talk loudly, pointing at a rather worn out looking black hat. Sertis watched it with dark curiousity as it started to sing a strange song.

After moments of welcoming speechs (Sertis rolled his eyes) and calling names, his name was yelled through the hall. Sertis looked up at the hat and sighed. He got up and started walking towards the stage. His eyes were studying the staff and he's eyes caught sight of one wizard. The wizard too was watching him with curiosity. Sertis quickly looked away and then at Dumbledore.

To Sertis's confusion, he saw shock and happiness fill in the old man's face at the sight of Sertis. He looked away sharply and sat on the stool with an uneasy feeling in his stomach. He felt the worn out hat go down on his head. Whatever the shock the old man had in seeing him, he did not like it /at all/. He would have to report this also to his master.

"Hmm... Interesting... and very difficult... Plenty of knowledge, I see... You also have power as well... but... you are lost..." the hat began but Sertis realized the hat must be searching his mind. He immediately blocked the hat from seeing any further about himself. He heard, to his satisfaction, a irritable groan come from the hat.

"Yes, fogged it is... I suppose you should go to... GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted and it was lifted from Sertis's head. Sertis gave out a choked out gasp. He was disgusted. No, he was horrified. Gryffindor? He was a dark servant of the Dark Lord's, he was not supposed to be chosen in the light's most precious mark! This is Outrageous! he thought, his lips turning into a frown.

Then he remembered his Master's wise words and fixed a rigid looking smile instead. He hoped that this smile didn't look fake. His master had commanded him to act nice. And he would do as his master said. He got up and walked towards the table, who cheered loudly. He guessed that was the table for the Gryffindor's. He walked to the table, still wearing the same rigid smile and a fake laugh as he entered the lion's den.

A/N: Actually.. it was rather hard writing this chapter, for some sort of odd reason. I think it turned out a bit badly but.. OH WELL! lol Anyways, please tell me what you think!
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