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Chapter Four

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Sertis enters the lion's den.... And has a mysterious dream about his parents.

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Deathly Unlikely

I know, you can kill me now, all of you! I am so so sorry I didn't update! I am such an awful writer to have let you all wait for over months and months! So you can throw me just about anything! Anyways, thank you so much yet again for the WONDERFUL reviews! I loved them all:D And I feel really guilty now.. -groans- I'm sorry! So anyways, you'll see why I put Harry in Gryffindor as the story goes on! And Sertis isn't THAT evil, not like his master! But he is evil in a cruel way, and his extremely evil at the moment, lol. But he'll loosen up, unless you don't want him to:P Well now, I shouldn't be babbling away! Jump right into the story and tell me what you think! Thanks!

Harry Potter is Sertis N. Verto.

I do not own Harry Potter, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. And the 'Dark Harry' idea, whoever thought of it first, that idea also belongs to you! The only thing I do own is some weird names for potions/spells and my own created characters!

Chapter Four

"Welcome to Gryffindor!" shouted many of the students as Sertis flashed them the same fake smile. He looked around towards his back with a quick glance, a worried flicker of emotion crossing his heart. Then he quickly pushed it away, finding it a weakness. Was Sertis, the youngest Death Eater ever to be chosen, becoming vulnerable? His eyes flashed darkly but changed back to its fake look. He shook the thought about himself aside. He was the strongest, most powerful Death Eater the Dark Lord has in his service.

He stared at the grinning Gryffindors in utter disgust and sat on one of the seats, reminding himself he will get a good long shower after this. His eyes studied the Gryffindor students, both new and old. All looked so foolishly happy as they introduced themselves to him, though some flashed him distasteful looks. They would soon feel the Dark Lord's power... Sertis thought with a evil grin.

"What's your name?" asked a girl and she smiled warmly at Sertis, which made him feel sick to his stomach want to vomit all over her. He resisted, yet again, the urge to pull out his wand and shout one of the unforgivable spells and through clenched teeth, he said, "Sertis."

"Sertis! Cool name! My name's Jamie!" the girl shouted with a bright grin. She had yellow curly hair and bright blue eyes that made Sertis think of a doll. But dolls could soon be broken and torn. This thought gave comfort to Sertis. Then again, the day he would be able to kill the girl might not come. And this made him frown.

Sertis gave a nodd and hoped this very day would end quickly. Jamie's eyes seemed to sparkle as she looked up at Sertis. Sertis glared at the girl, Jamie, as she leaned closer to him. Sertis pursued his lips, unable to withstand from the torture.

"Yes?" Sertis said courteously. Jamie blinked and blushed. Blushed. Sertis immediately noticed the color on her cheeks turn red. Sertis kept his frown on. "Umm... Nothing," Jamie said and she quickly looked away, her face getting redder. He is so cute! Jamie thought with joy. If only he liked me as I like him now... Jamie thought, her face burning red and daydreamed about what would have happened if Sertis did like her.

Sertis gave out a sigh of relief and looked away from the burning girl, looking at the golden empty plate in front of him. He was rather hungry from his trip inside the Hogwarts Express, and the thought of getting a large feast made his hunger rise. He had never really eaten much except small pieces of stale bread and fruit and water.

Sertis gazed at the plate, wondering if it was alright to eat the food given by the light. He sneered to himself for thinking how hungry he was. It was definetely poisoned. Most probably some spell was on it to ward off any dark-siders. Biting his lips, he tried to take his thoughts off the food and to the task he had to do.

All he had to do was observe what the light-siders were doing. If he could get his hands on the information and pass it onto his master, his master will surely accept him as the grandest servant he ever had. This thought pleased Sertis but he was broken out of it when he heard a question being shouted towards him.

"Aren't you going to eat your food?"

Sertis looked towards the person-in-question and glowered at their direction. It was a boy about the same age as him, with red hair with a gangling body. His face was covered with freckles and his eyes were bright blue, and on top of this, he had large hands, which were currently grabbing a handful of chicken onto his golden plate. The red-headed boy bit into his chicken and then looked questionably at Sertis, who continued to glower at the boy.

"I'm not that hungry," Sertis answered and rolling his eyes at the direction, wished this was soon going to be over.


"He's getting big everyday, our strong little son!" the man said as he held the baby in his arms. The man stood outside of the house as the warm summer air encircled two.

The man had dark hair similar to his son, and a bit untidy at that, and hazel eyes that somehow matched with his appearance. The baby gave out a small huff and the man laughed, his round glasses falling a bit from his nose.

A chuckle was heard behind him as a woman walked towards her husband, setting a hand on the man's shoulder. The woman was a beautiful witch, early in her twenties. She had long auburn hair and green marvelous eyes that seemed to glow with radiance.

She gently reached for her baby and her husband let her as the woman's gentle hands brushed the baby into her grasp. The baby only gave out a delighted giggle.

"Yes, he truly is. I wonder what his going to look like..." the woman said as she playfully made funny noises at her son. The baby immediately gasped with a louder giggle then before.

The woman's husband walked up towards the woman and kissed her on the cheek. "Like us, Lilly. He's going to be the finest wizard we'll be seeing! And with those green eyes he has, he's going to make every girl swoon when they see him!"

The woman, Lilly snorted with laughter and said, "Wearing glasses like his father!"

The baby gave out a squeak of happiness from his small lips as his little fingers touched Lilly's.

A/N: I hope you liked it, cause it was hard for me. Somehow writing chapters that concern kids talking seem to jumble up my story and make it rather weird and awful. So I tried my bloody best (excuse me), lol. I also saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! That's somewhat why it reminded me to UPDATE THIS STORY!!! :P I am such a forgetful fish, I should be called 'Dori the fish'. Anyways, I know you're wondering why I put a weird flashback in the end of the story, and its, as you might well know, Sertis's baby memory. And the next chapter is going to follow with his thoughts and questions about it, ALONG with some serious classroom stuff, and introductions. Of course, there would be evil coming as well! :) mwahaha! Well I guess I will leave you to it to ponder on! Please review!
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