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Chapter Five

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Sertis meets a girl named Valkyrie... who is also misplaced.

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Deathly Unlikely

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Harry Potter is Sertis N. Verto.

I do not own Harry Potter, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. And the 'Dark Harry' idea, whoever thought of it first, that idea also belongs to you! The only thing I do own is some weird names for potions/spells and my own created characters!

Chapter Five

Sertis had been forced to go up the moving steps towards the Gryffindor Common Room, where all the kids' eyes were wide with excitement and fascination at the things moving around them. But unlike the first years in the Common Room, Sertis's expression was well... expressionless at what the room had to present. After all, it was just a room. But it had much more warmer feel to the place that made Sertis uncomfortable all over. Even to him the feeling of warmth was a mystery. His master's castle had always been cold and hollow as the Dark Lord himself.

He pursued his lips in distaste at the colorfulness of the room. After being instructed to go up and sleep, his mind was on other things, and many of them was about the orders the Dark Lord had given him. But he slipped into his bed anyways, without having a glance at his 'luggage', which really consisted only of his clothes and items for school. He didn't have any personal items and it didn't matter to him. His Lord was all that mattered in his life. The Dark Lord was his master and it was his decision to order Sertis to do his errands. He had plegded his soul to the Dark Lord. And he shall be rewarded for all the things he had done.

He closed his eyes for just one second but that was all his mind needed. In an instant, he was asleep and dreaming of his lost childhood.


(If you are confused, it means Sertis saw the dream that was in Chapter Four. Have a look!)

Sertis woke up with a start as a drip of sweat covered all of his face. What was that dream all about? He licked his lips and he desperately breathed in an out for breath. His hair was also dripping with sweat along with himself and his clothes stuck to his skin, as if rain had fallen on him while he was asleep. He got up halfway and closed his eyes for a minute, breathing in and out.

It was ridiculous. The dream was outrageous. It was revolting/. His parents had /liked him. And cared for him. And-And-And... The Dark Lord had been the one who had rescued him from those disgusting parents he had. And he was thankful for that. If it hadn't been for his lord, he would never have seen another day as he saw it now. And yet... there was something strange about the dream. It was warm and hopeful, and sickeningly so, familiar and /wonderful/. It was as if he had another life that had once existed in him. He felt so confused and yet so enraged he wished that dream had never come to him. It was worse than being in this cheerful place and being selected as Gryffindor.

Sertis ruffled his untidy hair and got up. He was still dressed in his school robes, which now had an emblem of the lion on the, decorated with squiggles on them. Sertis only frowned deeply. It was still dark but already the sun was coming up. But he didn't mind. He was used to getting up this early in the morning. After all, he had some errands to do inside the school. Maybe he should go out and look around the halls for a bit, that way he can report something more other than that suprised look Dumbledore had when he saw him.

He got out of his bed and pushed the door to the Boy's Dormitory. Light immediately poured through the small gap that started to widen as Sertis pushed the door a bit more. He slipped through without making a sound and grinning to himself, Sertis stopped before opening the door leading outside to the corridors and stairs. It would be unwise to act unnatural. If he had to go out, he would do so. His master's words ringed through his mind and he bit his lip, thinking thoughtfully. After all, he didn't know the password to come back into the Common Room, and that would get him in trouble.

Sertis's face screwed up a bit at the thought of punishment. What would Dumbledore and the light-siders do when they find out he was a Death Eater? What if one of the kids suspected he was a criminal, a boy who worshipped every move the Dark Lord did? He didn't care if he was locked up anywhere and he wasn't afraid of the Cruciatus Curse either because the Dark Lord always ordered for it whenever he had failed or done something terribly wrong. But what he was afraid of most was to lose his reputation of being the youngest Death Eater. And if he failed this, the Dark Lord will not be happy at all. Along with this, the other Death Eaters will laugh at him and mock him for it. He wouldn't be able to stand it.

He withdrew his hand from the shiny, golden doorknob and glared at it. It was somewhat aggravating that he had to hide his identity... If he was free from here, he would probably killing every child in this dormitory and he would very much be enjoying it. He bit deeper into his lip that before long he tasted blood. Clenching his fists in frustration, he managed to bring himself to sit on one of the red and golden sofas near the hearth.

Sertis heard a creak and heard soft footsteps go down the stairs and saw a rather pretty looking girl with narrow eyes. She had chocolate dark hair that waved up till the shoulders and clear blue eyes that looked more gray than blue. The girl's eyes flicked towards Sertis and interest flashed in her eyes. But as soon as it came, it disappeared into the depths of her eyes. She had thin lips and Sertis had the impression she looked a bit like a womanly snake in the shape of a human. He also watched at her in fascination. The girl was about to sit on the sofa, but she didn't. She stood there staring at Sertis with her gray-blue eyes. Her perfectly oval shaped face moved and inch and then she took a step closer to Sertis.

"What are you doing here?" she asked sharply as her eyes shifted towards the burning hearth, which somehow managed to stay alive with scorched wood.

Sertis's lips twitched dangerously. How dare she address him in such a manner? But instead he shut his mouth and continued to stare angrily at the girl. The girl seemed to find it funny that Sertis didn't answer and she chuckled, a cold and rather cruel sounding chuckle. Sertis looked away, his untidy hair swishing with his movement.

"Do you at least have a name?"

Sertis growled loudly that sounded like a hungry aggravated cat waiting for the mouse hiding the the hole on the wall to leave so the cat could eat the mouse. The girl only raised her eyebrows and to Sertis's displeasure, he saw a sly looking smile creep up her lips.

"My name is Sybilla but you can call me Valkyrie."

Sertis grunted, careful not to say anything suspicious. This girl was beginning to annoy him very much. Maybe Lord Voldemort wouldn't mind if he killed one so he can make a rather superstitious rumor about another Prince of Death roaming around the school. Sertis sighed to himself, knowing the answer to his question. It would immediately jeopardize his master's plans and it will only earn himself another painful Cruciatus Curse as his punishment.

"Aren't you going to answer? Why are you here and what's your name?"

Sertis eyes burned with irritation as he hissed his name out. He saw the sly grin plastered on her face inch a bit wider.

"Well then, /Sertis/, I think we have something in common," Sybilla, or rather Valkyrie, said as her hair fell a bit near her eyes, forcing her to push it away from her face.

"And now what would that be?" Sertis said, his lips trembling now. He wanted nothing more to get out his wand and kill the little mudblood, or not, and blow her up to pieces so no one would ever find her in one place.

"That we alone have been misplaced. We are supposed to be in a Slytherin Common Room, not a-" Valkyrie stopped, and spat the next word rather disgustedly, "Gryffindor Common Room."

This certainly got Sertis's attention. His head looked up. He was interested to see that the Valkyrie was also wanting to become a Slytherin. But what made him wonder was how the girl managed to find out he should have been in a Slytherin house as well as her.

"Perhaps..." Sertis answered and saw a malicious glitter in Valkyrie's eyes shine through stronger then the clearness of her eyes.

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