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Chapter Six

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How Sirius was accused of bewitching the Potters' car. Sertis and Valkyrie go to their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class to find a strange teacher waiting for them.

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Deathly Unlikely

Yay! I'm back! And I've written now another chapter, which I hope all my readers and reviewers would enjoy:) I suppose some people might have wondered what happened to Sirius in the story, and now it's going to be answered! OwO Anyways, I'd like to thank my reviewers! They were absolutely awesome, thank ya all! w And now, I suppose I should let you go reading on, lol So I will free you from my babblings! Please review:P

Harry Potter is Sertis N. Verto.

I do not own Harry Potter, it belongs to J.K.Rowling. And the 'Dark Harry' idea, whoever thought of it first, that idea also belongs to you! The only thing I do own is some weird names for potions/spells and my own created characters!

Chapter Six

11 years back...

"...Sirius Black, you were caught in the scene of the crime and accused for the bewitchment of Lilly and James Potter's car, which they had lost rode on before their deaths. Do you deny this?" the Judge spoke as he continued to stare at Sirius Black, who was trapped in a metallic chair with enchanted chains wrapped around his body. The atmosphere of the court became tense as the Judge finished speaking. His voice seemed to echo through the big court as all eyes went to Sirius.

Sirius Black looked up at the council with a grim frown and an angry expression on his face. Many would have thought Sirius Black was angry at himself or either at the council for catching him. But they were mistaken. He was more angry at the court for not investigating his case. He would never betray his friends! And yet they speak as if he had! Well, he somehow couldn't blame them. He had been caught in the scene of the crime, where he had finally cornered his once bestfriend, Wormtail, who was the real culprit. If only he could show the Ministry that Wormtail was the one who betrayed Lilly and James.

Sirius could only nodd in answer, with a choked answer that sounded like a 'yes'. He wasn't going to say yes and admit a crime he had not done. But if he did not say he was guilty... Sirius looked sadly up at the Ministry all staring sternly down at him. He was going to Azkaban, and it seemed from the look on the Judge's face, for good. He felt like crying. He would never be able to see Harry grow up, never see his friends, Remus and all the others he had known. All he would know will be the cold cell and the Dementors, who will torment him till his possible end.

The Judge grimaced as he saw Sirius, though weakly, struggled , but all in vain. The Judge looked up at his fellow members of the Ministry of Magic, and saw, both witch and wizard, nodd their head at the decision he was about to make. He opened his mouth, and somehow he felt sorry for Sirius, who looked up at him with so much sadness. But a decision was a decision. The Judge would not be able to make a false one over one simple man's eyes. It certainly could not be trusted, even if the Judge felt sorry for Sirius.

"Sirius Black, you are now hereby a Prisoner of Azkaban, and will be punished for your deed; 11 years in Azkaban. That will be all, take him away!"


Sertis certainly did not seem to fit in Gryffindor, nor Hogwarts for that matter. The only person he could throughly talk to was with Valkyrie, who listened, with her own sense of slyness, intently to his conversations. Eventually over the weeks, people started to stop making conversation with Sertis, which was totally fine with him, because he had come to grow quite fond of his conversations with Valkyrie.

Now all the students, especially the Gryffindor, started to call the two the 'Dark Slithers' because they were so much similar to Slytherin rather than with Gryffindor. Many wondered why the Sorting Hat had not put the two to Slytherin, where many students thought they belonged in, which was exactly what Sertis and Valkyrie wished for. And yet here they were, living in a Gryffindor Common Room, called upon as Gryffindors. It throughly disgusted Sertis and Valkyrie.

The Dark Slithers were especially hated by Ron Weasley and his 'girlfriend', Hermione Granger. But, of course, so did Sertis and Valkyrie. But Sertis hid his secret away from Valkyrie, and avoided enough rash actions that would have made anyone suspicious of him. And that was until he had come upon that peculiar class about the Unforgiveables.


(Since Voldemort is alive and he doesn't need Professor Quirrel, I'm going to make up a teacher!:P)

"Sertis, we seem to have company..." Valkyrie slurred teasingly as she poked his shoulder and pointed to their approaching classmates. It was Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, and they were crossing into the classroom where the Defence Against the Dark Arts was beginning. Sertis, with a mocking grin, started to follow the two, Valkyrie following suit.

Hermione and Ron looked back at them with glares. Sertis mouthed the words, 'Ugly Mudblood', seeing the glare come from Hermione and Hermione only glared harder, though her lips were quivering, signaling she was near to crying. Valkyrie smiled with a toothy grin, and nodded as the door of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom opened.

"Come on, let's go in before one of the no good dirty rotten teachers sue us by taking points off of us," Sertis hissed towards Valkyrie and she nodded, following Sertis into the classroom. The classroom was glittering with dangerous looking objects, and there was a skeleton of some unknown creature floating in midair up above the students' heads.

Sertis and Valkyrie both looked at the classroom with fascination. It was also mistified with a strange, harsh smell that lingered in the air. Books were shelved on bookcases as Sertis and Valkyrie walked up to one of the empty chairs and seated themselves. They exchanged looks that seemed to glitter with malice as their eyes shot back to the teacher.

The teacher, who was waiting patiently for her students to come through, finally got up as the last of the Gryffindors entered. The Professor was a woman, and she wore a normal yet rather old, Witches' robe. She had glistening blue eyes, that looked like an ocean was roaring in her eyes. She smiled down at the Gryffindors as her straight long blonde hair fell. The woman flexed her fingers for a moment and put her finger on her lips thoughtfully.

All the students looked up eagerly at the teacher, though some of them looked at her with an uneasiness. Sertis, for one, wore a bit dull expression. Whatever he was going to learn in this class, he had already learned with the Dark Lord. But his head snapped back at Valkyrie, and at her eager look, and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"Attention class!" the woman suddenly shouted thunderously and all the Gryffindors jumped, though not including Sertis, who looked calmly at the teacher. As if the woman had noticed Sertis's reaction, she looked straight at Sertis's direction, eyes blazing with her roaring ocean like eyes, straight blonde hair flying. Sertis felt a bit bewildered at those deep eyes as the woman walked up to Sertis with a deep frown on her face.

Every one was silent as they continued to stare at the teacher. Valkyrie stared at the teacher as well, but she glimpsed at Sertis, who continued to beam at the woman, his hair rising like a cat. The woman stood in front of Sertis's desk and just continued to watch Sertis fixedly at Sertis's every movement.

Nervousness swept as he felt sweat on his face without even noticing it. What was it that made the woman look so threatening? Sertis couldn't figure it out. But the air was tense now as the woman continued to observe Sertis. Than she opened her mouth and suddenly flicked away from Sertis, bringing out her wand. She pointed the wand over their heads and all of the Gryffindors looked up with it.

The woman whispered a word and white whispy vapors exploded out of her wand, floating up into the air, forming a name. Slowly it took shape and before long, it spelled, 'Professor Alina Averill'.

The woman, after finishing the small spell that said her name, flicker her wand straight at Sertis's forehead. Sertis was fast though, and it was from both experience as he also pulled his wand in habit. Both teacher and student stared at each other and all the other Gryffindors stared in excitement.

Valkyrie, though, was looking at her friend with something that looked like hidden concern. Finally, the woman withdrew her wand and put it back in her wand holder. But her roaring eyes continued to look at Sertis as he also put away his wand. Many of the kids gave out a sigh or a curse for not seeing more of the excitement.

"Boy, you seem to have experience with the Dark Arts. Tell me, what is the three curses that make the Unforgivable Curses?" the woman, Professor Averill, hissed and erased the name on top of their heads with a swift blow of her air. It disappeared into thin air.

Sertis gave out a sigh of silent relief. The woman was testing him. If she had gone one more step into threatening him, he would have acted out of place. Sertis regained his calmness again and smiled with that same snake like smile. But tongue traced his lips. The teacher of the Defence Against the Dark Arts was one tough bitch.

"Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperius."

Professor Averill, who had looked away a second away from his face, snapped her head back again at him and with gritted teeth, hissed like a snake. "Miss."

"Miss," Sertis added and glared this time.

Satisfied, the woman nodded and for the first time, the class saw a smile cross her face. Then she took out a jar from her pocket. It contained a blue beautiful butterfly, flapping in the jar. Professor Averill released it and it took flight. But she quickly took out her wand and shouted the Imperius curse. The butterfly immediately stopped flying freely and all the students gasped both in horror and fascination at the same time.

"Pity..." the woman whispered and she hissed a question again, this time to Granger, Sertis noticed.

"...It will be a one way ticket to Azkaban... miss."

The Professor nodded, her eyes concentrating on the butterfly. "Correct! Now, class, what do you think I am doing with this butterfly?"

The butterfly meanwhile was flapping desperately in the air, trying to get control of its wings again. The Professor's eyes narrowed and the butterfly stopped flapping now and was falling to the ground. It dropped on Neville Longbottom's desk and he looked at it sadly.

"Anyone, hmm?" Professor Averill shouted loudly and this time Valkyrie's hand shot up.

"Yes? What's the spell?" the woman demanded as Valkyrie's hold over her hand also seemed to falter. "It's the Imperius Curse."

"Correct again. 10 points to Gryffindor. Now what shall I force it to do, hmm? Let's see..."

Professor Averill put her lips on her face again and then with a sudden swift motion of her hand, her wand pointed towards the window and the butterfly, as if pulled by a string, followed the movement of her wand.

"Perhaps have a walk outside?" she slurred as her eyes pointed out the drizzling rain outside. The butterfly was slapping its wings at the window, trying to free its way, away from the window. But then Professor Averill stopped and pointed the wand away from the butterfly. It drifted off, flying around the top of the students heads, almost frantically, desperate to escape.

"Give me another Unforgiveable! Seamus Finnegan!" Professor Averill thundered and pointed her wand straight at Seamus now. Sertis sniggered as he heard a soft and quick whimper escape Seamus's lips.

"Y-Yes?" Seamus stuttered and Professor Averill looked at him solemnly or what looked more like a uninterested look. "The curse, Mr.Finnegan!"

"Oh uhh the... Cruciatus Curse-" Seamus said but was cut off quickly by the womans swift stroke of her wand. Seamus was silenced in awe as he saw the butterfly that had once been freed caught under her spell again. The woman looked back at Seamus. "And what, Mr. Finnegan, does the Cruciatus Curse do to the victim?"

"Uhhh-" Seamus started to fumble with his Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook "-it says it inflicts severe pain on the victim. But the caster must have the genuine desire to cause pain on the victim in order for the spell to work..."

"And I suppose you are very smart, looking through a book and copying what the book is saying, hmm, Mr. Finnegan? 5 points from Gryffindor!" Professor Averill countered and the Gryffindors grumbled.

"Now...Crucio!" Proffessor Averill shouted at the frozen butterfly and the butterfly, though without a sound, fell to the ground, this time landing on some other student's desk. Sertis turned to look at Valkyrie and saw to his suprise a pained expression on Valkyrie's face. Whatever Valkyrie was thinking, though was swept away from her face quickly. Sertis shrugged and then looked at his enemies. Hermione Granger also wore an expression that made Sertis smile.

"Please... Professor. Stop!" Hermione finally shouted, tears nearing in her eyes at the poor butterfly. Why did it suffer? It shouldn't be in here. It should be outside, hiding away from the rain and unharmed, unless nature took its toil on it. The butterfly didnt deserve to be given such pain!

To the classes' shock, the woman stopped as swiftly as she cast the spell and gently picked up the butterfly in her hand. Whispers murmured around the room but it was immediately silenced by a roared "SILENCE!" from the Professor.

"A-Are you meaning to kill it, P-Professor?" It was Hermione's turn to stutter.

"Now, Ms. Granger, death is something no one deserves, not even a awful wizard, who you all know very well; You-Know-Who. But we must not fear the name, for it will only strength it. That was what Albus, or Headmaster Dumbledore, always says. But I hear you are a smart witch yourself, and you would have probably figured this out, now, have you, Ms. Granger?" Professor Averill said as she put away the wand back to her holster.

Her other hand held the exhausted, poor butterfly on top of her palm. Her eyes had softened somewhat as she stroked the butterfly. She whispered soothing words to the butterfly and slowly the butterfly seemed to be strengthed by it. Everyone looked awed by this as they continued to stare.

Hermione bit her lip as she saw the Professor take out a small coat by floating it towards the butterfly. When the butterfly flew up to it, it suddenly disappeared.

"It's a Portkey!" someone shouted in suprise as Professor Averill set the comb inside the desk without touching it. Hermione gave out a sigh of relief. She thought, at one point, that the Professor was going to kill the butterfly. She was relieved she hadn't.

"Why? You-Know-Who deserves death, Professor!" shouted a voice and heads turned to Neville Longbottom, who fiddled nervously with his fingers. Professor Averill's head snapped in his direction but it was not in any way frightening. Instead she wore a softened look.

"Yes he might have. But he is still human."

Sertis couldn't help but snort, but he muffled it with a fake cough. Of course his Lord deserved no death. But Voldemort was no human. He is complete, a Dark Lord ready to rule the wizarding power. Any who shall cross his path will die, including all the light-praising idiots that will soon perish quickly under his rule.

"That's stupid, Professor. If he was human, why would he go killing wizards and witches? Even muggles, who are quite harmless!" retorted someone in the class and this time all heads snapped back to face his or her's voice. It was Laurence Fitch, the First Year that came late in coming to school for family reasons.

"Well that is you're belief, Ms. Fitch. It may not be true. But there is some truth in your words. You-Know-Who has become a monster in his own mind, feeling no pain for killing innocents."

"Sure..." Laurence said sarcastically, though quietly as Professor Averill at last called upon the end of class.

A/N: Rather familiar, that scene, don't you think? If you have seen the movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, you would have seen that scene with Mad Eye Moody, or the hidden Barty Crouch Junior, lol :P But anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter...!Please review:) If you'd like to help me out with some of the story, please either email me or review:P I... well... somehow desperately need it, lol.
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