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Stealing glances

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There's just something about Ryan. Brendon can't quite put his finger on it.....

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Brendon walked into first period English class and smiled inwardly to himself. The seat he had occupied last year lay empty and awaiting him. To the left sat Joe and Pete, still engrossed in conversation. It always amused him that without being told to do so everyone took the same seats. Every class, every semester, creatures of habit formed immediately. The second bell rang, and he obeyed it by slipping into the chair and smiling at the same drawings etched onto the desk in front of him. He eyed the empty desk directly to his right curiously. It eluded him who was missing. Kids came and went so frequently and he couldn't recall ever turning to his right and having a conversation with the former occupant.

Ms Brennan entered the room, immediately hushing them. The books were out and it was down to business within minutes. Summer was officially over.

Ryan took a deep breath, checked the room number and pushed open the door.

"Uh, can I help you?" the blonde haired woman questioned him with a soft smile.

"Um, yes. I'm new," he offered as if it was the only explanation necessary.

"Class, we have a new student. His name is.." she paused waiting for him to answer.

"Uh, Ry, uh, Ryan Ross," he stumbled out, drawing titters of laughter from the other kids.

"Well, Ryan Ross, take a seat just there by Mr Urie. And welcome to Springfield High," she answered.

He looked up cautiously. "And Mr Urie would be?" he wondered.

His eyes surveyed the room and fell on the only empty desk. His eyes flicked to the desk beside. Brown-eyed boy surveyed him closely, an amused look on his face. Ryan hurried towards it, sliding into the chair and felt his face flush as brown eyes followed him.

Ryan kept his eyes trained straight ahead, trying to listen to what the teacher said. When he was sure brown-eyed boy wasn't looking, he stole a glance at him from the corner of his eye. Pretty standard. Black jeans, sneakers, t-shirt. It was almost like a uniform in this school. But what he did notice was the lack of labels. No Armani for this kid, just like Ryan. And by the looks of things, that singled them both out.

Brendon stole a glance to the side, when he was sure the new guy wasn't looking. There was something different about him. Sure, there was the make-up he clearly wore. And there were the old beat-up boots, that looked like they wouldn't last another winter. But there was more than that. Something in the way he lounged in the seat, something in the way he had held himself as he walked. He hadn't dropped his eyes and hung his head the way new kids usually did, praying for the ground to just swallow them up. And the clothes he wore weren't so different from what every other kid wore, but there was something in the way they were put together, in the little artistic flare to the scarf he wore and the way his hair hung in his face that kind of intrigued him. Maybe this would be the year he did turn to the right and start a conversation. Maybe.

He shook himself from his thoughts and turned his attentions back to William Shakespeare.

The new kid turned up in most of Brendon's classes that day. He noticed him in Math and Chemistry. In biology, he couldn't remember because Audrey and that damn outfit of hers had distracted him ninety percent of the time. He knew she was doing it on purpose. She kept crossing and uncrossing those legs of hers, and he watched every tiny movement as the material rode further and further up her thighs. He finally peeled his eyes away when he felt a stirring in his crotch and knew that if he didn't compose himself he would soon be dealing with a full-on trouser tent situation. And when the class is discussing plant reproduction, that just looks downright weird.

"Think about something else," he repeated over and over in his head, trying to concentrate on the snap dragons the teacher was wielding.

He was glad to escape to a free period, and immediately headed outside with Spencer. They lounged on the grass at the back of the building, sharing an illicit cigarette. A shadow falling over his face distracted him and he looked up to find the new kid hovering just above him.

"Can I bum a light?" he asked, a cigarette dangling from his bottom lip.

"Sure," Brendon replied, proffering his lighter. "Ryan, right?" he questioned.

Ryan nodded his head in reply, taking a deep draw on the cigarette and sighing contentedly as the nicotine coursed into his system.

"Brendon," Brendon pointed at his chest "and Spencer," Spencer waved a hand in greeting.

"Hey," Ryan nodded to Spencer in an awkward greeting.

"So, what brings you to fun ol' Springfield?" Brendon asked idly, indicating for Ryan to sit.

Ryan shrugged, crouching down on the grass. "Parents. We move around a lot."

"Right. Been here long?" Spencer enquired with a knowing nod.

"Couple weeks. Bit of a shit-hole, man," Ryan screwed up his face "What do you guys DO around here?"

Brendon smirked. This guy was pretty straight to the point.

"Not much to do," he admitted with a sigh. "Do you do sport?"

Ryan glanced down at his own skinny frame and couldn't help a sarcastic laugh escaping him.

"Do I look like a quarter back?" he cocked an amused eyebrow at Brendon.

Brendon grinned and snorted a little "Nah, point taken," he laughed lightly.

"Soccer is a big thing here. Our buddy Pete is captain of the team. My girlfriend plays for the girls team," Brendon explained.

"I don't even understand that game let alone play it," Ryan muttered. But at least he knew there was a girlfriend. The chick who was flashing the goods in Biology, he would bet.

Brendon nodded in agreement. "I hear that."

"Any good local bands?" Ryan enquired, stubbing his cigarette out in the grass.

Brendon sat to attention. "Sure. You play?"

"Yeah. What I live for. Guitar, mainly." Ryan nodded, his eyes lighting up at the mere mention.

"Hey, me too. Spence plays drums. We play together for fun most days, most evenings, most weekends," Brendon joked. "We play other people's stuff, but you're welcome to come jam with us."

The offer was casual, but Ryan could see the excitement in Brendon's face as he talked. Clearly the thought of new blood at their sessions was enough to make him offer a social situation to a complete stranger.

"That would be cool," Ryan nodded, trying his hardest to keep it casual. Inside, excitement bubbled at the thought of playing with other people instead of strumming his guitar alone in his bedroom.

And much as he tried not to, he couldn't help stealing glances at Brendon. He was quite unbelievably beautiful. Ryan could appreciate a pretty face, whether it was male or female. Best of both worlds, he had often thought to himself. And Brendon was definitely the best of one of them

"There they are," Audrey pulled Kennedy's arm and started towards Brendon and Spencer.

"Who's that with them?" Kennedy scrunched up her eyes, squinting into the sun to get a closer look at the boy sitting talking with them.

"Uh, new kid I think," Audrey said off-handedly.

"Is he wearing make-up?" Kennedy mused, almost to herself. "He is beautiful. Kinda girly looking but jeez, he's hot."

"Kennedy, you are obsessed. What about the guy from the beach?" Audrey laughed.

"Well, he's all the way over in Texas. And little old me is here," she batted her eyelashes mockingly at Audrey.

"And more importantly?" She added, stopping Audrey in her tracks "I am horny as hell."

Audrey couldn't contain her laughter as Kennedy undid another button and jiggled her breasts into a more obvious position.

"How do I look? Slutty enough?" she struck a pose.

"Definitely," Audrey raised an eyebrow.

"Good. Let's go."

"Poor boy isn't going to know what hit him," Audrey thought as she hurried to catch her up.
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