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Be afraid.

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Be very afraid...

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"Heads up, Bren, here comes your favourite person," Spencer slapped Brendon's arm, as he saw Kennedy and Audrey making a beeline for them.

"Aw, man. Audrey needs to find herself some better playmates," he groaned, surveying the approaching duo. "Would you check out that rack though? She is SO not wearing a bra," he nodded appreciatively, nudging Ryan to take a look.

"You could do worse than get on her good side. Kennedy is such an easy lay," Spencer leaned conspiratorially closer to Ryan. "Dumb as fuck, though. But hey, you take what you can get." He laughed and shrugged.

Brendon watched Ryan turn lazily in Kennedy's direction, surveying her with what looked like disinterest.

"Not really my type," Ryan turned back, dismissing Spencer's suggestions.

"Hey, I'm not suggesting you marry her, man," Spencer laughed lightly "just, think about it. That is one hot chick, as long as you aren't into conversation."

Both he and Brendon burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Audrey demanded as she reached them and threw herself onto the grass beside Brendon.

"Nothing, babe. Just guy talk," Brendon brushed it off with a wave of his hand.

"Who's your friend, Brendon?" Kennedy leaned forward to sit down directly in front of Ryan giving the full frontal view right down her shirt.

Ryan felt his cheeks flush. A triumphant smile flashed across Kennedy's lips. He averted his eyes quickly, catching Brendon give him a quizzical look.

"That's Ryan. He's new," Brendon muttered by way of explanation.

"You got a girlfriend, Ryan?" Kennedy asked, surveying him closely from head to toe. Well, more like head to crotch.

"Uh, um. No," Ryan stuttered out.

"Aw, are you shy?" Kennedy tilted her head and gave him a look that he recognised well. It was the "aw you're so cute" look. The only ones girls ever gave him. The light flush which had coloured his cheeks turned an all out scarlet.

"I like shy guys. I have ways of bringing them out of her shell," she raised her eyebrows suggestively at him.

Ryan felt his jaw drop open and a stunned cough escape his lips. He had never met anyone so forward in his life.

He had also never been so relieved to hear the bell indicating his escape.

"Wait up, Ryan," Brendon called out as Ryan moved quickly towards the door after last period. He hurried to catch him up. "We're headed to Spencer's Grandmothers to jam for a while. You wanna come?"

Brendon watched him carefully as he furrowed his brow, considering the offer.

"I don't have my guitar," he looked a little disappointed and Brendon took that as a good sign.

"We could swing by and get it on the way," he suggested. "Spencer could take my car and I'll ride with you, show you where it is."

A small smile played over Ryan's lips. He nodded his agreement. "Cool," was all he said.

Brendon chuckled slightly. He was a hard kid to work out.

Brendon hastily threw Spencer his keys, explaining what was happening.

"Ok, let's go," Brendon threw Ryan a grin and the two fell into step beside each other.

"Wow, you wrote that? Seriously?" Brendon looked at Ryan open-mouthed.

Ryan placed his hand over the strings of his guitar, stilling it into silence, and gave Brendon a slight nod. He had never before in his life played anything he had written to anyone. Ever. And yet here he was, eight hours after meeting this guy, opening himself up to humiliation.

"Ryan, that was..." Brendon trailed off, still staring at him.

"It was what?" Ryan thought "bad, terrible, embarrassing?" He waited anxiously for Brendon to finish his sentence.

"Brilliant," he finally concluded.

A rush of relief flooded through him. He liked it. Brendon liked his song.

"Wait," a voice inside his head nagged at him "why do you care so much what Brendon thinks?"

"You need to play that for Spencer," Brendon looked pleadingly at him. "We could really be on to something here."

Ryan started to protest but was cut off.

"Play what for Spencer?" Spencer came walking down the basement stairs, carrying three sodas and a plate of sandwiches.

"Spence, man. Ryan writes. Good stuff. You gotta hear it," Brendon gushed excitedly.

Ryan's mind was racing. He had wanted Brendon to hear it. He wasn't sure if he was ready for two people in one day.

"Bullshit," that damn voice again "you're trying to impress the cute guy." Ryan tried to shake off the thoughts. Sure, he could appreciate a pretty face. That didn't mean anything. "That doesn't mean anything," he told himself more emphatically.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by Brendon and Spencer's eager faces waiting for him to start playing again. Boy, there was no way out of this. He sighed and started to play.

"Woo woo," applause and shouts reigned down on them from above as the last note died away.

All three turned their heads sharply to see Audrey, Kennedy and Carrie loitering on the basement steps. Brendon winced apologetically at Ryan and mouthed "sorry".

Ryan looked affronted, but shrugged his shoulders at Brendon.

"That was super," Kennedy yelled bouncing down the last few steps. "And super hot," she added with a pointed look in Ryan's direction. "Uh, who's that by?"

Brendon stifled a laugh. "It was by Ryan," he replied.

"Yeah, duh," Kennedy threw back at him. "I meant who wrote it."

Brendon rolled his eyes and threw up his hands in an "I give up" gesture.

"He means, Ryan wrote it," Spencer answered in a tone which suggested he was speaking to a five-year-old.

Realisation dawned on Kennedy's face and her eyes settled on Ryan.

Brendon again had to stifle a laugh. Ryan may as well give up now, Kennedy was going to have him. Brendon recognised that look. It was the look she had given Spencer before she had had her way with him. He locked eyes with Spencer and a knowing look passed between them. He had seen it to.

Ryan felt that he might die of embarrassment. These were his thoughts, his feelings. And he had just unknowingly played them to a crowd of five people.

And now Kennedy was looking at him in a way that almost placed fear into him. He knew he was toast.

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