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The Fuck Saw Round the world

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O.o bad at summaries! BUT Gerard And Frankie!!

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After having Frankie cum in his mouth gerard stood and pushed frankies face in into the wall(gently mind you) and proceeded to enter him.
"Ah! Ack! that hurts!" Frank yelled. gerard shh'd him and began slowly thrusting in and out until he found his own rythm. He placed his hand on the back of Frankie's neck as he started to move faster.
"mmmmmAH! AH! AH!" frank yelled. Gerard's eyes began to twitch as he started to breath heavily "Heh...Heh...OH SWEET FUCK! OH SWEET FUCK,FRANK IM ABOUT TO CUM" Gerard yelled his grip on fankie's neck tightened.
Gerard lost his rythmic pattern and started to thrust hard and fast into franks ass "OH SHIT! DEAR GOD!" Fank yell reaching his climax once again. Gerad took a little longer. "AH! AH!" Gerard yelled as he flowed freely into Frank. Frank (after Gerard pulled out of him) turned to kiss Gerard as he thought
so what if I am gay...
just out side they heard a roar of screaming fans and they saw a camera phone suddenly pulled from the bus bathroom window.
Both of thelooked at each other, Eyes wide with horror. "oh, SHIT Gerard that'a going to be on Youtube in a matter of seconds!"
The End! hope you Enjoyed!
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