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Chapter 5

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"What?" The man began walking in small circles, taking slow steps and motioning animatedly with his hands.
"I shouldn't be here, I confess, but I've chosen to help you. So you need to make it worth my time."
"What are you talking about?" the patient asked with wonderment in his voice.
"Maybe we should talk somewhere else." He snapped his fingers once, and the scene around them melted and morphed into the classroom. The patient tried to ignore the fresh blood spattering the walls.
"Ah, much better. Now, before I give you my proposal, perhaps I should ask you a few questions. Do you remember what really happened?" The mysterious man was now clothed in a black uniform with horizontal white stripes on the arms. A small cross adorned his left arm. He moved closer to the boy lying on the floor, looking between him and the patient. The latter of which gulped nervously.
"You did not chase after the one who saved you. You came back here and made a promise." The patient nodded slowly.
"I went back inside. I tried to save him...but-"
"But you could not. It is not your fault; he was doomed from the beginning. But what you did for him was more important than only saving his life. You saved his soul."
"That doesn't make any sense." The man laughed.
"You do not understand. Go on, take his hand. You can relive your true memory, and perhaps you will make the right decision." He motioned toward the dead boy lying on the floor, gun in hand. The patient knelt by him and tentatively touched his now-cold left hand. His eyes flew open.
"It's you," he said breathlessly. He forced a smile. "I knew you'd come back." Tears came to the patient's eyes as he nodded and smiled.
"Can...can you something?" he asked, voice quickly growing raspy. "For-
Forgive me. I'm sorry about this."
"Don't worry. It's okay. I forgive you." His friend managed a faint smile before closing his eyes completely. The patient's eyes began to fill with tears. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder and abruptly turned around. The man was standing there behind him.
"Do you see now? He was able to die in peace." He glanced around warily, as if hoping no one else would show up. "I could keep this quiet from our leader, though it would cost me. But what can I say? My opinions of you are slightly more positive than his. Your main worry should be that his opinion is the only one that matters."
"That is quite enough," said a new voice. Another black-clad man appeared behind the first. He had chalk-white skin and coal black hair that matched his uniform perfectly. The patient noticed the gold four-leafed medal hanging from his coat. It was him. The leader's brother.
"You've said too much, my friend. It is time for you to go." The first man shook his head.
"I cannot. He ended up making the right decision, and unless I am sorely mistaken, that is the sole purpose of this."
"You have interfered too much and affected the outcome. The fact remains."
"You abuse your power," the first man said with a glare. The other one glared back.
"And you do not?" he questioned. The first man let out a low growl. "You do not have a choice in the matter. Now leave before I am forced to call him." The first man glanced back at the patient with a look of sympathy in his dark eyes before disappearing into black smoke. The pale-faced man glanced at the patient with disdain in his eyes, cleverly masking the emotion on his face.
"I am sorry you had to hear that. However, it was my turn to take over. He will thank me later." The patient was still shocked. More than anything, he wanted to get out of the memory as soon as possible. It was becoming more painful for him by the second.
"You wish to leave?" He nodded, and the man snapped his fingers. The room disappeared, being replaced with a field of gray. He heard rain falling as if it was all around him, but he could not see or feel it. It was like an illusion.
"We must continue on," the man said simply. "I warn you now: It will not be pleasant." The patient shook his head.
"It couldn't be much worse than that."
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