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Ch. 6

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A race of beast men called the Brawl, fight against a pompous diminutive race called the Ramin

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-Tarock could already smell the juicy meat and it made his mouth water. One of the perks of being Beta was that he attended many of the ascension ceremonies. The only problem was that a full belly could make for a fat warrior and that was something no brawl could afford.
-Fortunately all his duties helped him burn off the meals. A fat leader is a weak leader and brawl didn't have much tolerance for weak leaders. It wasn't uncommon for an Alpha's second to kill him and take his place if he was being over indulgent. In fact many brawl advanced in rank by killing their direct superior but it was only allowed under certain circumstances to avoid chaos. Brawl lived by a strict code with very complex rules and unbreakable taboos.
-Of coarse Tarock had no intention of killing Keck, he may be old but he was anything but weak. Keck was far too well respected to be killed by any brawl. Tarock was content to wait until Keck stepped down or died from natural causes.
-The two of them walked through the doorway and were greeted by Gullna's family and friends. The beast was laid out on a circular table in the center of the room. The table was surrounded by stone blocks that the brawl used to seats but they were all standing and talking.
-Tarock and Keck approached the table and they saw Gullna telling his mate how he killed the beast with his bare hands. Tarock and Keck chuckled to each other; they both knew he had been lucky.
-Tarock and Keck carved up the beast, in a hunting party Keck would be eating first or, since it was Gullna's kill, Gullna would but this was a social event so there wasn't a pecking order. They all ate as equals and had a good time. This was Gullna's knight to shine so Tarock and Keck let him stand in the spot light.
-After awhile the brawl finally sat down and everyone took a turn talking about Gullna. Tarock learned how Gullna had ran away from a Dag when he was young and that he had once nursed a baby Rouq back to health after he found it hurt in the jungle.
-Gullna's entire life had been a story of embarrassing humility, thoughtful kindness and pure dumb luck. Finally it was Keck's turn to speak and he stood up to address everyone.
-"Friends," Keck said. "Gullna has proven himself to me to be loyal, resourceful and very brave. I have watched him grow over the years and become a fine warrior and it is for these reasons that I will be bringing him on a diplomatic mission to the city of Solem to negotiate with the Ramin."
-Everyone cheered and Gullna was pleasantly surprised. Tarock was surprised as well but he wasn't sure if it was a pleasant one or not. He liked Gullna but he was far too impulsive for dealing with the Ramin. They were an infuriating people that went out of their way to antagonize others and Tarock doubted that Gullna had enough self control to put up with them.
-Tarock was going to have his work cut out for him. Dealing with the Ramin and keeping Gullna from starting a war was going to be a full time job. He wasn't sure why Keck wanted Gullna on this mission but far be it for him to question the alphas orders.
-The party lasted well into the night and when it was over Tarock found his way home. He dropped down on the leather covered stone he sued for a bed and fell asleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and he would need to be rested. He only hoped that Gullna was up to the challenge.
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