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Ch. 7

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A race of beast men called the Brawl, fight against a pompous diminutive race called the Ramin

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-The next morning Tarock met with Keck and Gullna as they headed for the gates of Crag. Gullna seemed excited to be given such an honor but he knew enough to keep quiet. The three of them made their way to the base of the mountain and stood before the enormous gates.
-The gate was always open except for times of war or natural disaster. They were made of solid iron and it took a large number of gears and pulleys with over a dozen Brawl to close them. Like all Brawl architecture the gates were covered with images of Brawl heroes fighting off hoarders of monstrous beasts. It depicted the founders of Crag driving out the dangerous creatures that had once lived within its tunnels and caves.
-Another Brawl was waiting there for them leaning against a bolder with his arms crossed. He had dark red fur and his hair was shorter than Tarock's. Instead of being wrapped around his waist his tail swung lazily in the air. Such a display meant he was either very confident of his abilities or he was a fool.
-He looked at the three approaching him and gave a sly smile that Tarock returned. Keck also seemed pleased to see the newcomer and Gullna was speechless.
-"Well Vartock, I take it you wish to accompany us to Solem?" Keck asked. Vartock shrugged.
-"Some one has to keep an eye on you old man," Vartock said. He pushed away from the rock and walked over to them. Gullna had never heard anyone call Keck an old man before, but then again he had never been in the presents of Vartock either.
-Vartock was a Brawl legend, literally. He was given the title of legend when he killed three full grown Numreks with his bare hands. He was well known for his eagerness to find a challenge and loved danger. The only reason he wasn't Keck's second instead of Tarock was that he disliked the thought of leadership.
-Keck chuckled, Vartock's bluntness was refreshing. He disliked everyone tiptoeing around him all the time and it was nice to be around some one who wasn't intimidated by him for a change. There was nothing that Vartock was intimidated by or afraid of.
-"This is Gullna," Keck said indicating the younger companion. "He will be coming with us to deal with the Ramin." Vartock nodded at Gullna and looked back to Keck.
-"Well we should get going then," Vartock said. The four of them went through the gates and left their home behind. It would take them about two days to reach the Ramin city of Solem. They would have to go through some dangerous territory but it would prove no problem for four Brawl warriors.
-They moved at a slow run all day without stopping to eat or rest. They could have kept running well into the night but there were too many predators that liked to hunt in the dark. Brawl had excellent night vision but they knew that the food they carried with them would attract unwanted attention.
-The group made camp under a large tree and they ate their dried meat. It was tough and chewy but the Brawl loved it and it was treated so it wouldn't spoil. Vartock climbed onto an overhanging branch to take first watch. The other three sat back to back, their eyes glowing in the light of the twin moons overhead. Their ears detected every twig that snapped or call that was bellowed by the creatures of the night.
-Brawl didn't like using campfires like most other races; their fur had a nasty habit of catching on fire. Besides they could see just fine without it and they didn't need to cook their meat. There were not many animals that considered Brawl as food but they were out there and there was no reason to give bandits a beacon. Vartock would keep an eye out while the others slept, if he got tired he could wake one of the others to take his place but Keck and Tarock both knew that he wouldn't.
-Vartock sat perched in the tree and hadn't moved for hours as his sharp eyes scanned the surrounding area back and forth. On a night like this he could hardly even tell it was dark out, it was just less bright than during the day. He could see every blade of grass flowing in the wind. He caught the occasional glimpse of beasts running in and out of hiding but nothing dangerous.
-The Vartock heard something that got his attention. There was something very large behind him moving towards his companions slowly. Vartock moved into a better position to see whatever it was. Slowly a huge form came into view, a full-grown Numrek.
-Its head was twice the size of Vartock's body and it could have easily swallow a Brawl whole. Its tongue flicked in and out of its mouth as it tracked its intended prey. Vartock wasn't sure if the others had noticed it yet or not, the beast was moving silently through the tall grass. The noise Vartock had heard was probably a smaller animal getting out of its way.
-The large beast was definitely headed for Vartock's companions and that meant it had to be killed. He slowly pulled out his back knife and got into position over the beast. It was difficult to see the lethal spot in the dark but Vartock was well practiced at killing Numreks.
-He waited until the beast stopped swaying its head from side to side and then he dropped out of the tree. Vartock drove the blade into the Numrek's brainstem between the armored scales that protected its neck. The blade penetrated the beast's skin and severed its spinal cord. The creature fell dead before it could echo a cry of pain and Vartock hopped off of its corpse.
-Vartock withdrew his blade and wiped off the blood before sheathing it. He couldn't help but feel slightly guilty, Brawl considered it disrespectful to kill an animal and not eat it. Vartock took solace in the fact that it wouldn't go to waste; the beasts of the jungle would devour every last bite.
-He returned to his perch in the tree and remained there for the remainder of the night. No other threat presented itself and if the others had awoken do to the intruder they made no indication of it. Before dawn broke the first scavengers had begun to feed on the corpse.
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