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Hoth, Light Sabers vs. Finger Bang

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The exploits of a player of the game Stars Wars Battlefront

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-Fury was ready for battle. He had spent about a half hour warming up by fighting weaker players to get him self in the zone. They were good for a laugh but provided no real challenge and he felt no sense of accomplishment from destroying them. Now it was time for the real fun to begin.
-He joined with his team, the Light Sabers, and waited for the rest to show up. In the mean time he ran around shooting the bots, they were nothing but cannon fodder to a real player but even cannon fodder has its uses.
-Soon the others joined; Explosive, True, Bearcat and the rest. Now the fun was over and it was time to get serious. True was the team captain and went over the strategies for the planed battles while the rest listened for their jobs. Fury was one of the best pilots in the entire game, there were few that could beat him in the air and he could handle a tank just as well.
-When there was no vehicle to be found Fury still managed to get a respectable kill score most of the time but unfortunately he wasn't as good at avoiding fire as he was at dishing it out. His weapons also had the nasty habit of jamming when he was trying to reload but despite these problems he was still a valued member of the team even if he was the newest recruit.
-He had joined the Light Sabers fallowing Explosive who was the captain of their former team, Dead Cell. The two of them made a pretty good team and, when apposed, could give each other a real work out. This time they would be working together against the Finger Bang team.
-True finished his briefing and they were ready, everyone knew their job and all that was left was to meet the enemy. True sent the invitations and the Finger Bang team soon joined. After a quick how do you do from both captains the match was ready to begin.
-For the first map the Light Sabers would be the good guys. The battle would take place on Hoth so they were the Rebels. This map could be over very quickly or be long and drawn out depending on who did what right away. Fury was happy though, this map had planes. He knew what to do; he spawned as a pilot and jumped into a snow speeder. Several other planes fallowed him out in formation towards the incoming enemy.
-There were two walkers and two chicken walkers. The walkers were very slow but had massive cannons to take out the shield generator, a command post for the Rebels that, if destroyed, would no longer be available. The chicken walkers were much weaker but much faster, for soldiers they were the bigger threat.
-The Walkers did have one weakness; they could be tied up by the snow speeders and destroyed. This however was not Fury's job. His job was antipersonnel; kill as many people as possible from the air. This was a job he was very good at.
-He saw the enemy troupes coming over the hill, lined them up and opened fire. The snow speeder had poor armor and weak blasters but Fury knew how to use it right. Three shot bursts would kill an enemy soldier but not drain the weapon completely.
-Fury would slow down his plane for a pass, kill one to three soldiers, boost away and make a tight turn to do it again. He did this over and over again providing much needed relief for his allies on the ground. His companions had already taken out both of the walkers and one of the chicken walkers. The remaining chicken walker was near a Rebel command post killing Fury's allies.
-Fury lined up the enemy unit in his crosshairs and saw it was almost dead. He decided to save his companions who were getting slaughtered by the giant machine. Fury slowed his speeder down and opened up fire. The chicken walker's life dropped to nothing and the vehicle burst into flames.
-Fury watched as his comrades swarmed over the snow covered terrain unimpeded and he went back to his task of clearing their way. He had over fifty kills now and the battle was half over. Every time a command post would start to flicker Fury would rush over and gun down anyone he saw near it. The Light Sabers were in the lead, but not by much.
-Both teams had started this battle with 200 units each. Now the Light Sabers had 12 and the Finger Bang team was down to three. Fury watched the counter flash to two and then one. There was only one enemy left but the Light Sabers had fallen to four. If that last player was lucky the Finger Bang team could still win.
-Fury checked his map and saw one red dot and it was out in the open! He quickly headed for the lone trouper and spotted him running across the hill trying to get into a bunker where Fury couldn't get him. Fury knew he must be fast and accurate; he slowed his speeder to steady his aim, lined up the last enemy soldier and opened up. Every shot was dead on and Fury cheered as he watched the soldier spinning in the air from the blasts. The enemy reinforcement counter dropped to zero and Fury was rewarded with the victory screen.
-"One match down, five more to go," Fury said to himself.
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