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Renvar, Light Sabers vs. Finger Bang

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The exploits of a player of the game Stars Wars Battlefront

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-The Light Sabers had won the first match but not by much and they had had the advantage. The next map was Renvar harbor, another snow covered battlefield. There were no planes here but there were two tanks for each side and the Empire also got a walker. This time the Light Sabers were the bad guys so the walker was theirs.
-The strategy for this map was a little different than Hoth. The two tanks would provide an escort for the walker right into enemy territory to protect it from the enemy tanks. If left unchecked they could take down the walker before it could do its job. The only problem was that the imperial tanks were no match for the Rebel tanks one on one.
-Their best bet was to try and keep the enemy in front of the walker so it could use those powerful guns to give them an edge. Meanwhile ground forces would attack through the ice caves and maybe steal an enemy tank if they were lucky. Walkers acted as mobile command posts so they wanted to get it right in the middle of enemy territory for a staging area to take other command posts.
-Fury and the other tank took their positions out in front of the walker and the three of them made their slow advance. Soon the buildings of the harbor came into sight and all three vehicles opened fire on anything that moved. Not long after that the enemy tanks showed up, they had been firing down into the ice caves to keep Fury's companions at bay but now they had other concerns.
-Fury and the other tank opened fire on them, Fury knew that the Rebels could outmaneuver him so the best strategy was to ram right into them and open up with everything he had before they could move away. The walker got off a lucky shot on the other tank while Fury was dueling the one in front of him. It was hard to see through all the fire and smoke from the explosions but Fury could see the enemy life bar dropping rapidly. One more missile shot and the enemy tank blew apart.
-Fury quickly turned his attention to the other tank but before he could help his ally finished it off on his own. Now they had a distinct advantage but they had to move fast if they wanted to keep it. The Rebel tanks would soon re-spawn and the whole thing would start again.
-Fury moved up a snow bank near an enemy command post, the idea was for him to camp there and kill anything that spawned until his companions could take it. He had done it before but when he was coming back down he saw little round disks on the ground, land mines! Fury tried to avoid them but gravity was pulling his tank down the steep hill. He tried to shoot them but the angle was wrong. There was nothing he could do as his tank was pulled right into the mines. His tank shook violently as the mines went off and his tank was blown to pieces, Fury was killed.
-Fury cursed him self for falling into such an obvious trap, he should have known better. He re-spawned at the staging area and waited for another tank to spawn, he couldn't risk letting the enemy get it and bots were too stupid to use it properly.
-As he waited Fury checked the map to watch the battle and didn't like what he saw. The other tank had also been destroyed and his team had lost the ice caves. Any minute now the enemy would take it and soon they would come pouring out of the opening to his left.
-Then Fury saw the walker go down and he knew what that meant, the Rebels had gotten their tanks back. Now it was a race against time. If the Rebel tanks got to him before his tank could re-spawn they would kill him and steal the imperial tanks and then the Light Sabers would have a real problem.
-Fury waited impatiently, he saw the two Rebel tanks on the horizon heading right for him! They were still to far away to get an accurate shot but if they fired blind they could get lucky and hit him. Before they began firing a tank appeared right next to him.
-Fury jumped in the tank just as the first shots hit, the enemy had seen him and tried to stop him getting in but they were too late. Fury parked his tank in front of the repair droid to keep his health up and opened fire. He didn't have a gunner to fire the beam weapon but both enemy tanks did. Fury's tank shook from the massive bombardment of the two Rebels and his life bar started to drop. Even the efforts of the repair droid couldn't offset the damage they were doing to him.
-Fury saw the other imperial tank spawn and he knew what the enemy would do. Sure enough one of the gunners jumped out and made a run for the empty vehicle but Fury wasn't about to let that happen. He turned his attention on the running soldier and opened fire but his tank was still being shaken by the enemy bombardment. His aim was off and the Rebel got into the tank, now it was three against one.
-Fury didn't stand a chance, his tank was being shot from three sides and soon he was blown apart once again. Fury informed his team mates of the situation at the staging area and they ordered him to try and hold it. If they lost that command post the walker would no longer spawn. Fury spawned as a demolitionist this time. He doubted that he could destroy the tanks but maybe he could get lucky.
-Fury spawned but he hadn't gotten two steps when he was sent flying by a direct hit from a nearby tank. Fury tried to spawn again, he could see the command post flashing as the enemy tried to take it. The spawn counter ticked down to one but instead of spawning Fury was shown the map again, he was too late, and the enemy had taken the staging area.
-The only command post the Light Sabers had left was the light house. It was very hard for tanks to get up there and it was the high ground but it was easy to keep soldiers pined up there. Fury spawned as a demolitionist again. He laid land mines at all the stairs leading up to the command post but the Rebels were tossing grenades and mortars at them.
-The Light Sabers fought valiantly but they didn't have a chance. Their reinforcement counter dropped like a stone and soon it hit zero. The Finger Bang team had beaten them. The score was now one to one. Two down four to go.
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