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Tatooine, Light Sabers vs Finger Bang

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The exploits of a player of the game Stars Wars Battlefront

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-Fury wasn't too worried; his team couldn't win every match. The next map would be Tatooine Dune Sea. There were two planes for each side. The Empire had Tie fighters and the Rebels had X-wings. The Empire also had three walkers and the Rebels had three tanks. Rebel tanks could beat a walker one on one but on this maps the tanks didn't need to worry about each other. This map was all about air superiority, whoever ruled the skies could simply gun down enemy tanks from above.
-The Light Sabers would be the Rebels for this map which meant Fury would be flying the X-wing. That suited him fine; X-wings were superior to Tie fighters in almost every way. They had better armor, four blasters and torpedoes. Not to mention the fact that they were harder to hit.
-Fury picked the command post near the planes and was handed a ten second countdown. That was bad; the first part of this level was a race to get in a plane and in the air. Whoever could shoot down the enemy planes first made damn sure the enemy didn't get in the air again.
-After a long ten seconds Fury spawned in and ran for the nearest ship. Fury could already see the X-wing being shot from the sky and it blew up before he even got near it. The blast knocked him to the ground and by the time he stood up the other plane had been destroyed as well. If only it hadn't taken him so damn long to spawn the situation would have been different but what was done was done.
-Ok plan B, in this situation the only way to have a chance was to ignore all vehicles and take as many command posts as possible on foot. The enemy couldn't take a command post while in a vehicle and they weren't dumb enough to get out of their planes. Fury knew that trying to get into a plane would be hopeless now so he spawned in as a soldier and made a run for the nearest enemy command post.
-Blaster fire erupted all around Fury and his comrades were slaughtered by the two planes doing firing runs on the command post. His health was knocked down to half by the time he found cover from the onslaught. The Tusken raiders were a mutual enemy to both sides on this map as well as the large Snarlac pit that grabbed up anyone with its tentacles and dragged them to their deaths. The command post Fury was heading for was near both of these obstacles.
-Fury got near the command post and started to take it but before it had gone white two Tusken raiders spawned in front of him and opened fire. Despite having no armor and crude weapons raiders were very hard to kill. Fury managed to take out one of them before he was shot dead. He tried to spawn at the homestead but the Tusken raiders had already taken it.
-The raiders now had three posts, the Empire and the Rebels both had only one. The only way for the Light Sabers to win this would be to take their only command post. If either side gained the others sides command posts they would win and the Tusken raider posts didn't count. Fury spawned as a soldier to try and run the field but came face to face with a chicken walker that quickly dispatched him.
-Now the enemy had brought all their chicken walkers over to the only command post Fury could spawn at and they were making short work of his team. Every time Fury tried to join in and fight he was killed the moment he spawned. It wasn't long before the Rebel counter reached zero. The Light Sabers had lost the second match.
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