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Renvar citadel, Light Sabers vs. Finger Bang

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The exploits of a player of the game Stars Wars Battlefront

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-Now Fury wanted some payback. The next map was Renvar citadel and the Light Sabers were the CIS droids. Both sides started with only one command post at opposite corners of the map. Fury spawned as a super battle droid and made a run for the crypt. He already knew that two of his companions were headed for the terrace that connected with the crypt so all he was really expected to do was slow the enemy down.
-The rest of his team was making a run for the keep, the most important post on the map. The keep was dead center and connected to almost every other command post; from here a team could launch an attack in any direction. The only problem was that it was very hard to defend. There were four stairways leading into it and windows all around.
-Fury already knew that the enemy had an advantage, they could fly. The jet troopers of the clone army could fly over walls and enemy units to take a command post. Their EMP launchers, though not very accurate, were very powerful. The only chance the Light Sabers had was to overwhelm them early on and keep the pressure on.
-Fury took the short cut to the crypt, jumping over small walls and down stairs. He could see the entrance to the crypt and he could see on his map it wasn't flashing yet. That meant that there wasn't an enemy presence. Fury didn't know if they had simply passed the crypt to go to the terrace or if they hadn't shown up yet, either way it didn't change his job. He was almost there when the white base started flashing red, now they were there.
-Fury ducked in behind a pillar and waited to see if they would pass him by and head for the terrace or stay to take him out. He knew they couldn't take the base as long as he was nearby and getting himself killed in a fire fight wouldn't help his team at all. He dint have much choice though when a grenade landed at his feet.
-"shit!" Fury yelled as he jumped around the pillar and used it to shield him self from the blast. He was met by three enemy soldiers, one player and two bots. The player had priority and Fury fired his wrist rocket into the group.
-One of the bots flew into the wall and the other was knocked back but the player had jumped out of the way and was aiming a rocket launcher in Fury's direction. By now the Light Sabers had taken the terrace and were on their way down to the crypt. All Fury had to do was survive until they got there but that wouldn't be easy.
-The enemy fired a rocket at Fury but it missed. The two of them played cat and mouse around the pillars exchanging fire. Fury had to be careful to watch his step, a demolitionist could place mines on the floor or wall, one wrong step and Fury would be blown to bits.
-"need some help?" Explosive asked as he and True came down the stairs. Fury was happy to see them, he had avoided the brunt of several explosions but they were taking a toll on his health and he was out of wrist rockets. The only thing that had kept him in the fight was the long reload time for rocket launchers.
-His two companions headed toward him with weapons ready but the reunion was short lived. Fury watched as an EMP blast came at them and blew his friends to pieces. Fury turned just in time to see two jet troopers coming from the opposite direction before he shared his allies' fate.
-Fury looked at the map. The enemy had the keep, watch, ruins, observatory and now they had the crypt. All the Light Sabers had was the terrace and the courtyard. the Light Sabers had far more reinforcements which meant the Finger Bang team had paid for taking those posts. Fury took some team pride in that fact but he knew that that difference in reinforcements was about to take a big turn.
-Fury spawned as a demolitionist at the terrace and laid landmines all around. There was no point in putting them by the two staircases leading up to the post since the clone jet troopers could simply fly up and over them. when all the mines were down he looked down at the entrance to the crypt and saw clones pouring out of the doorway heading towards him.
-Fury pointed his rocket launcher at their center and fired. Enemy troops were sent flying in the explosion and Fury's kill score started going up rapidly. He managed to fire off two more rockets before he was blown apart by an unseen attacker.
-While he was spawning Fury saw his kill score go up again, some one had stepped on his land mines. It was probably the same jet trooper who had killed him a second earlier. Fury spawned again and saw a small remote droid in front of him.
-"...oh no," Fury said just before the orbital strike came down right on his head. he and his companions were blown into the air, their bodies flying around as if they weighed nothing. Several of them were thrown right off the mountain but Fury landed in the middle of the enemy troops and got to see just how many of them there were before he expired.
-Fury knew it was hopeless but he wasn't going down without a fight. he selected the demolitionist again and the terrace but before he spawned the enemy took the base. Fury now saw that the Finger Bang team had taken the courtyard as well. Fury had nowhere to spawn now. the terrace turned red and Fury watched the timer tick down to zero and was treated to the defeat screen yet again. The Light Sabers had lost three matches in a row now and moral was slipping.
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