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Bespin, Light Sabers vs. Finger Bang

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The exploits of a player of the game Stars Wars Battlefront

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-Now the Light Sabers were getting desperate. The next map was Bespin cloud city. The Light Sabers were the CIS against the Clone troupers. Fury knew that most of this fight would be done in the hallway that connected two command posts directly across from each other. The hallway and the rear flank. The CIS had the rear flank and the enemy had the hallway. His job was merely to hold them off while his teammates flanked the enemy. The hall was straight but lined with indents that made for excellent cover.
-"Ok guys we have to win this one or its over," True said over the headset. Fury spawned in as a super battle droid and headed down the hallway. He opened fire with his tri shot since it had unlimited ammo and he was firing blind.
-Soon the target reticule turned red, there were enemies heading down the hallway toward him. Shortly after that Fury was dodging incoming fire. He fired his wrist rockets toward the enemy center and his kill score started going up. Fury moved down the hall until he found an indent about halfway down. This was where he would make his stand. He didn't want to push into the enemy command post, that wasn't his job; all he had to do was make sure they didn't get to the command post behind him.
-He would expose himself only for a moment to fire wrist rockets and tri shots into the oncoming enemy formation. He didn't bother watching to see if the shots hit their mark or not before finding cover again. He was devastating the enemy ranks and they couldn't get a shot off on him.
-Soon Fury was joined by several bots that gave him health and ammo when they were killed. Back at the base Bearcat was laying down sniper fire all the way down the hall to keep the pressure off of Fury. The Light Sabers had a substantial lead and the Finger Bang team was getting slaughtered in the hallway.
-The other command posts on the Bespin level circled around the map. The primary target for the Light Sabers was the rear entrance; it was on the ground level and acted as a back door to the enemy base in the hallway. The courtyard was already under Light Saber control but the Finger Bang team had the carbon freezing chamber. The chamber was a death trap since there were only three ways out and all three were easily blocked with mines and sniper fire. All the Light Sabers had to do was take the rear entrance and then move in on the hallway from both sides. After that the Finger Bang team would be trapped.
-Fury watched as the entrance way flashed and went white, then green. His teammates had done their job just as he had done his. Now that the hallway post would be fighting on two fronts it would take some of the pressure off of him. Now was the perfect time to strike.
-Fury left his cover and ran down the hall firing his rapid fire blasters. He took out three bots and one player and then he was in the post. He put his back to a wall and waited for more enemies to spawn. When they did he dispatched them quickly. Soon after that some bot allies that had fallowed him arrived and the base was theirs.
-Fury cleaned up the remaining enemy forces and headed for the cryo freezing chamber to help with containment. When he got there he saw bots rushing down the hallways and his teammates mining the exits. Fury commanded a few bots to fallow him and he headed down to finish off the enemy.
-The enemies were tossing grenades down the hallways, desperately trying to hold off the advancing forces. Fury told his bots to hold position and the rest of his teammates did the same. Now that the Light Sabers had the most command posts the enemy reinforcement count would go down automatically until it reach I critical number. All the Light Sabers had to do was wait a little while and keep them down there.
-Soon the difference in their reinforcements made it safe for a suicide run. The CIS had more than twice the count of the Clone army. Fury rushed down, guns blazing, right into the freezing chamber and took out four enemies before a lucky headshot took him down. He tried to spawn at the rear entrance since it was right next to a freezing chamber exit but the enemy count hit zero before he spawned. The Light Sabers needed a win and they got one, now there hope was restored.
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