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Kashyyyk, Light Sabers vs. Finger Bang

by Togot 1 review

The exploits of a player of the game Stars Wars Battlefront

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-Now Fury's adrenaline was really pumping. If the Light Sabers won this match there would be a tie breaker. The next map was Kashyyyk harbor and the Light Sabers were the Rebels. This level could turn into a real pain in the ass. Each side started with three bases apposing each other. The Rebels had two tree house like pier bases that spanned over the two docks with elevated platforms and city hall, a large hut at the back of the map.
-The empire had the two docks that stretched out into the water and the island across the water. The Empire also started with three chicken walkers and the Rebels had wookie allies. The last remaining base was the landing in the center of the map on the beach and that one started out neutral.
-The main strategy for the Rebels was to take down the three walkers and jump down to take the docks while one of their team made a run for the back island. Once there he would wait until a chicken walker spawned and try to steal it.
-The enemy would try to get the chicken walkers up to the two repair droids and sit there and blast away at the enemy while the dark troupers use their jet troupers to get up to the piers. After that they would move to the town hall and annihilate whatever was left of the Rebels
-Fury knew his job, he spawned as a demolitionist at the pier and ran down to the repair droid near him and blew it up. After that he went out along the elevated platforms to an ammo droid. After he mined the area he targeted the lead chicken walker, waited until he was locked on and fired away.
-Fury could see True doing the same from the other pier. The lead chicken walker fell quickly under their combined firepower. True ordered Explosive to move on the island and Fury and True continued to fire on the remaining enemy vehicles.
-Shortly after taking down the second chicken walker Fury saw a dark trouper jet up right next to him. Fury immediately switched to his pistol and started firing at the enemy. The two danced around each other trying to get in a kill but what his opponent didn't realize was that Fury wasn't really aiming for him. Instead he was trying to get his enemy to go where he wanted. If the dark trouper tried to go too much one way or the other Fury fired in that direction until eventually, BOOM!
-Fury had managed to get his opponent to walk right onto one of the mines that he had laid down earlier. Fury smiled and turned back in time to see True deliver the killing blow to the last remaining chicken walker. Phase one was done, time for phase two.
-Fury took a brief moment to heal and get supplies before he ordered some bots to fallow him. He fired a missile down to the dock below him and blew up the two bots that were guarding the base before jumping down. The fall took off a third of his health but he had been expecting that. He quickly laid down a land mine in the spot he knew the enemy would spawn and backed up to a safe spot while he started to take the command post.
-The two bots he had told to fallow him dropped down and waited. When some enemies spawned the land mine went off. Fury was far enough away to not be affected but the bots went flying through the air. They weren't damaged but Fury couldn't help but find it funny, even though he now had no back up.
-Luckily Fury didn't need them, the base soon turned white, then green, and it was theirs. He was about to go across the water to the other dock but he could see on his map that True had it under control. Fury checked the reinforcement count and was surprised, and relieved to see that the enemy was down to twenty and the Rebels still had over a hundred.
-Unfortunately Explosive had been unsuccessful in hijacking a chicken walker. All three vehicles were on the island surrounding the repair droid. Fury knew what that meant. The Finger Bang team was doing a last stand. They would keep the chicken walkers next to the repair droid and kill anything that came near their base.
-Fury and the others mopped up what was left of the enemy bots and then told their own to stay put. They all got into position with their rocket launchers and began whittling away at the chicken walkers. They had faced this situation before and knew what to expect. They would destroy the repair droid to make one of the Finger Bang team get out of the safety of his vehicle to repair it and when he did a sniper would take him out.
-Togot fired rockets like there was no tomorrow, until a stray shot took him out. He spawned as a sniper and sent out a remote droid right into the midst of the mechanical giants. He held down the orbital strike button and right before it came down he saw two of the enemy troupes get out of their vehicles.
-The droid was destroyed by the ensuing explosions and Fury wasn't sure if he had killed them or not. He watched as the enemy reinforcement count hit zero and a message telling everyone that he had killed the remaining enemies popped up on the bottom of the screen. The Light Sabers cheered as they were rewarded with another victory screen. The game was tied and the next match would settle this once and for all.
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