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Kamino, Light Sabers vs. Finger Bang

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The exploits of a player of the game Stars Wars Battlefront

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-This was it, a tie breaker. The two team captains talked it over and decided that the Light Sabers would stay bad for the last map. Unfortunately the last battle would take place on Kamino so they were the CIS. Fury hated this level; it consisted of one large building called the cloning facility that the Clone soldiers started with.
-Outside there were six platforms, three at each end of the map. The CIS started at one of them near the center. The platforms were all connected to each other and to the cloning facility by narrow bridges. The basic strategy was to get all the platforms and move into the cloning facility. The problem was that the enemy had jet packs and the droids had to use the bridges which left them vulnerable to ambush.
-Fury knew what to do; right away he spawned as a droideka and rolled to the far command post. It was the highest platform on the map and the high ground was a vital spot, it was also the furthest from both teams. Once there he put up his shield and looked in the direction he knew the jet troopers would be coming from.
-Sure enough Fury spotted two enemies flying over to him. The EMP launchers would make short work of his shield but if they were in the air they couldn't dodge so Fury let loose with a stream of blaster fire. One of the jet troopers fell from the sky but not before getting a shot off. The blast took Fury's shield down to half and there was still another enemy to deal with.
-Droidekas were very slow but their blasters and shields were supposed to make up for it, unfortunately the jet troupers were the Clone counter measure. The enemy fired off two more shots and took Fury out just before he had taken the base. With no back up the base was quickly taken by the enemy.
-Fury checked the map; his people had all three northern platforms while the enemy had two of the southern including the high ground. The last base between the two forces was still being fought over and that was where he would go. He spawned as a super battle droid and made his way to the action.
-Fury was still a full platform away but he could already see the explosions raining down on his comrades. Unfortunately the platforms were the perfect place to use remote droids to bring down orbital strikes. His people were being decimated while their attackers remained safe. It was a cowardly tactic, but it worked.
-Fury ordered the bots to stay back while he took up position and fired off his tri shots and wrist rockets at the incoming enemy troops. His kill score started to go up quickly. He could hold them off from a distance and take out any remote droids that tried to get too close.
-While Fury kept the enemy at bay Bearcat sent over some remote droids of her own. True and Explosive had pushed their way into the cloning center and had taken it over but at a heavy price. The Light Sabers' reinforcement count was down by nearly thirty. Hopefully that would change now that they had control of the cloning center and had the enemy surrounded.
-The battle continued and the reinforcements of both teams plummeted from the intense firefighting. Soon the Light Sabers had only one point left but the enemy had three. Fury knew that at least two enemy troops were up on the platform shooting down at him but he didn't have any back up.
-"Aw screw it!" Fury said as he rushed for the inclining bridge. He would rather go out fighting then wait around for an ally to get shot. He rushed up the ramp but as he did he saw a remote droid. "Oh crap!"
-Fury ran as fast as he could. The orbital strike came down and shook the ground under his feet. He was blinded by explosions but somehow he had survived. He reached the platform and met the two enemy players at the top. The orbital strike had been a blessing in disguise. The soldiers must have thought that he was killed in the blast because they were completely unprepared for his attack.
-Fury had no rockets, half health and little ammo but he let loose with what he had. One of the players had trapped him self between a health and ammo droid, Fury took him down quickly. The other one was now firing back; Fury used the health droid as cover and, after a brief exchange, killed him as well.
-Fury was in trouble. He had only a sliver of health left and the health droid he had used as cover had been destroyed in the fight. He was at an enemy command post and he knew that those soldiers would be spawning here soon. When they did he wouldn't stand a chance. Fury circled around wildly hoping that he would be lucky enough to have the enemy spawn in front him with their back to him but he never got to find out.
-The score went form one to one, to one to zero. Doc, the Light Saber sniper, had taken out the last enemy soldier. Apparently he had taken him out while the enemy was on his way to attack Fury. The Light Sabers had won the match and were now the champions. They all cheered and laughed with each other talking about their individual battles.
-Fury let out a long sigh of relief, it had been a long day and he had earned his pay for the week. At the stat screen he was surprised to see he had gotten the most kills a second time. The two teams congratulated each other for a good match and then Fury said good bye to his friends, and turned the power off.
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