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"Destiny In A Parking Lot"

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Gerards shift is finally ending when he hears a scuffle in a parking lot. Could this be destiny?

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Kroger Boy

The clock moved incredibly slowly and it drained my patience. Nobody was at my checkout lane and I was insanely bored. I hated working at the Kroger. It was in the trashiest part of one of the trashiest towns. Of course I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Lisa. Lisa single-hand idly ruined my life and has made every part of it a living hell. Except for one part-my son. Aiden. He was the best part of my life by far. He was the shining light at the end of the dark tunnel. If it wasn't for him I'd be dead by now. I just wish I had something to make my life happy more than just okay. Maybe someone. As if cued Lisa walked in. Her skin-tight skirt squeezed her thighs and a black tube top barely covered her torso. Old trashy fat mean stared at the show that had entered. A man with two bags of groceries swiftly moved pat her grabbing her butt, and she giggled. I felt absolutely revolted. Lisa walked toward me with Aiden, and he leapt into my arms.
"DADDY!" He yelled. I grabbed him and hugged him. Lisa followed slightly annoyed.
"I need you to take him." She said.
"Lisa, you see I'm working." I said.
She pouted. "Gerard, I need to go over to Ricky's house tonight and he hates kids." She told me.
"I get off at eight just bring him by then." I said. She sighed.
"I don't feel like watching the pest till then." She said.
"Lisa. It's unavoidable." I said. A customer approached and piled groceries on the conveyer belt. Lisa flaunted herself toward me.
"Please." She begged. I pushed her away.
"You're pathetic." I said.
"You're such a queer." She replied.
"Yeah, yeah." I replied. She smirked.
"Excuse me." Said the customer.
"Oh, sorry mamn." I said as I began to ring up the groceries. "Unavoidable." I said to Lisa. She growled and stormed off with Aiden as he waved 'Good Bye'.


There was a commotion outside as my shift ended. After it finally ended I gathered my things and headed outside. The stress and anxiety of the day made me crave a cigarette so I got one and lit it up. I took maybe three drags when I heard some screaming coming from around the corner. I ran to investigate. I found several boys standing in a circle kicking and punching a screaming boy.
"HEY, QUIT IT!" I screamed. Then suddenly I was bunched in the mouth and I hit the ground. I felt warm blood dribble from my nose. I soaked some up with my fingers and examined it.
"Fuckers." I mumbled.
I looked over at the boy who had gotten beat up. He had tussled black hair that was covered in dirt and blood. He turned to look at me revealing green eyes that intoxicated me. His entire mouth was bloody and there were various scratches on his face. He was missing a shoe and his sock was covered in blood. I got up and helped him up. He had on a black shirt and black pants that were covered in gravel. I realized that the boys were gone along with the son of a bitch who had hit me. The boy stood up his face so dirty from blood and dirt you could barely see it. He leaned against the wall and threw up.
"C'mon." I said leading him to a bench.
"Stay there," I said. "I'll be right back." I went into Kroger gathering a wet rag from the employee bathroom and buying a box of bandages. When I went outside I saw that he was now laying on the bench, I cleaned him up and bandaged his knew and elbows and various cuts on his arms and legs. I also gave him an ice pack for his head and knee.
"I can't seem to find your shoe." I said.
"Oh, that's okay; they threw it somewhere." He told me. I took off his sock and cleaned off the blood from a cut.
"Why did they do that to you?" I asked. He looked down at me.
"There the high-school ass-holes. Like they need a reason." He answered. I laughed slightly then my cell phone rang.
"Just a second, okay?" I asked. The boy nodded. My phone told me the displeasing news that it was Lisa.
"What do you want you're wasting my minutes." I answered.
"Hey Gerard, Um change of plans I am going to bring Aiden by tomorrow, okay?" She said.
"Did your plans change again?" I asked.
"Yes." She answered.
"Okay well just take good car of my son." I said. "Don't keep him up late don't expose him to horrible things, don't curse in front of him, don't dress him like trash, and don't have men over while he is there. And of course you know if you ever raise your voice at him you will regret it."
"Nag, nag, nag." She said. "Yeah I will see you tomorrow." She hung up and I felt like throwing up.
"Sorry about that." I said.
"It's okay." The boy replied.
"Okay um... why don't I drive you home." I said.
"No it's okay." He said.
"Please I insist." I rejected. He smiled and nodded.
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