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It begins!

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So starts the party of the summer!

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Ah, the first guest.

Ding-dong - ding-dong.


I let out a short growl of aggravation as I turned off the tap, hastily drying my hands on my way to the door. I opened it to find a grinning Marina and Ale. Marina wore jeans and a baby pink sweater, her dark hair done in her signature ponytail; Ale wore black pants with red cuffs and her school sweater, her hair as per usual. Though it was summer, and the party I was throwing was for the end of it, sweater season had already began. Even I wore a sweater- A nice blue one I had borrowed from my sister, on top of black courdoroy's, my green "apple" shirt, and these really nifty socks, so soft that I had dubbed them "God Socks". With happy laughter we hugged, having not seen each other for a good, long month.

"Hi, guys. You remember where downstairs is, right? Just have fun and stuff, DDR's all set up..."

I went back to finishing up the dishes as the two joyfully began to play, and I could hear shouts of frustration and laughing taunts from the basement. I chuckled. they hadn't changed over the summer, kickass.

As soon as I went back to my lovely dishes, the doorbell rang again, the incessant drone making me grit my teeth- Sure, it meant more people had arrived, but Goddamn it, I was never going to get these dishes done!


"Yes/, mom!" I yelled, yanking the door open with suds-y hands to find a grinning Angel, eagerly showing off her luxurious hair, clad in blue jeans and her beloved wolf shirt. I was about to hug her, too, but then I remembered the soapy hands thing and the dishes. Arrgh. I should just stop having parties now, just because of the inexorbitant amount of dishes involved- And we had /stacks of paper plates and cups!

After hearing Angel join the others in laughing at futile attempts to dance, I scrubbed more vigorously at the plates; As soon as these were done, I would be free- FREEEEEEEEEEE-


"Son of a BUH-EE WORD!" I cried, throwing up my hands in exasperation and sending soap all over the kitchen. My mom gave me a warning "Hey...!" from her room, before saying "GETTHEDOOR" again. And I wonder how I've never lost my voice before.

I opened the door to find Brian and his ever-so-reliable DDR mat. Flicking suds in his face I told him the routine, and then hearing even more laughter from the basement, I accidentally scratched the plate I was washing. Yes, scratched, as in: /WITH MY NAILS/. Oh LORD. Talk about adding insult to injury- Or injury to insult, however you wanted to look at it.

Oh well, it was the last plate, and just as I dried my hands to explode down the stairs, the doorbell rang.


"I KNOW, mum!" I opened the door to find Andrew, Anthony, and Mitchell. They all shuffled them inside and I practically pushed them down the stairs in my haste to finally join the party- I mean, come on/, I finished the dishes! That was all I /needed to do!

Unfortunately, the doorbell rang. Many times. Yelling "IGOTIT" before mom could say anything more, I opened the door and greeted a cheery Candace.

After shoving her down the stairs, the doorbell rang, and I was forced to repeat my rendition around three more times.

Was there some sort of God against me?

Now all the guests- Marina, Ale, Angel, Brian, Andrew, Mitchell, Anthony, Candace, Carlo, Jerome, Jared, and Chloe- had arrived, and the party could start.
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