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The Darehat.

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It's the hat of dares!

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWO: The Darehat. HatofDares.

"HO-KAY!" I bellowed, getting everyone's attention- Or, at least, trying to. Most of them were crowded around the DDRness, and the ones that weren't were lost in their own conversations. Jumping up and struggling for a bit, I managed to grab the string for the light switch and pulled it. Immediately, there was silence, save for the "BOO"s of the TV. I turned it back on, grinning maliciously. "Time for our first game, dudes and 'ettes: We're playing /Dare from a Hat/!"

Blank looks surrounded me. Someone turned off the TV.

I frowned. "Oh-kaaaaay. This is how it goes: Someone- The /dare-er/- will choose someone to dare- The /dare-ee/- And then pick a dare from the hat. The things in the hat have dares and alternatives. But the ultimate consequence is giving the dare-er ten dollahs."

"What the hell, I don't have ten bucks!" protested Andrew.

"Yea, I'm not giving any money!" Mitchell called out, frowning.

"Yea, I'm poor, what the f**k?"

"Ah, shaddup, Brian," I rolled my eyes. Poor as Bill Gates' bastard child. "Then you'd better do the dare, guys. I mean, what's better- Ten bucks or a winky little dare?"

With a flourish, I revealed the hat from its hiding place, and dug my hand in. "Okaaay... I will dare... YOU!" I pointed at Carlo with my foot, seeing as both of my hands were occupied. "And your dare isss..."

"The dare-ee must contact the dare-er's parents and
confess the dare-ee's undying love for their hild."

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Carlo groaned. "Not again! Can't we do something else?"

Alternative: The dare-ee must confess their undying love to whomever
on speaker phone, regardless of answering machines or time of day/night."

By then, most people were roaring with laughter. Knowing my parents, this dare could totally humiliate me, but it was fun to laugh at Carlo and, hey, they were my parents. I'd be able to explain afterwards.

We ushered Carlo up the stairs, and all of us crowded around the closed door to better hear the conversation. As he said those magic words, I snickered uncontrollably, along with the rest of the Ladybugs. And then I heard my mom's reply:

"Oh, I remember!"

Along with more... Phrases... About commenting on Carlo being a player. I staggered down the stairs, hysterical with laughter, almost dreading the time I'd have to tell my parents it was a joke- Carlo was so easy to put into akward moments.

He came back down, scowling, and slammed his hand into the hat. "I dare Candace."

The slip of paper came up and unfolded.

"The dare-ee must tickle a person of the dare-er's choice.
Alternative: The dare-ee must tickle the last dare-er."

He groaned, muttering something about 'getting the worst dares', and told Candace to tickle Mitchell. She did, and soon he was trying to bite her, and she was screaming and hiding behind anything (or anyone) she could.

Mitchell's bites /hurt/.

Next was Candace's turn, and she made Anthony crush- Er, hug Angel for one looong minute. Now Angel had the paper, and we all know, Angel was sure to twist the dare into something... Worse. Even if it seemed impossible, none of us knew what went on in that sick, twisted- Well, she had one crazy imagination. Marina was her victim.

"The dare-ee must take a doll, put it on a stool and stand
with their back to it in the dark for one full minute,
while everyone else (witnesses) stay in the wall behind the doll,
with their own flashlight.
Alternative: The dare-ee must hold hands with someone
of the dare-er's choice, but the standing period will only be
thirty seconds.
Extra: The flashlight must be kept pointed at the wall at all times.

"Marina... You hold hands wiiiith... "

We all waited for the name that we knew she woul-


- What the hell?

... I told you she was twisted.

Brian swore, Marina slapped her forehead, I laughed, Chloe blinked, Candace gaped, Andrew sighed (relief? We shall not know), Mitchell insulted, Anthony snickered, Jared giggled, Jerome was short, Carlo was slightly taller, and Alejandra grinned.

I brought the doll- With some hesitation- From the other side of the basement and put it on a stool underneath the lightbulb. We made sure Marina and Brian were firmly holding hands- Tied them together with someone's scarf for good measure- And made them stand in front of the doll, facing away. Everyone gathered by the opposite wall, huddled around a flashlight, and I stood at the top of the stairs, my hand hovering over the light switch.

And then everything went dark.

For Brian and Marina, that is.

Moments of silence passed; I held my little Hello Kitty clock in one hand, glancing at it every so often, though it was hella difficult to read it. Guess I'd have to... Estimate.

More moments passed, nothing but the breathing of the living beings in the basement penetrating the silence, and then we heard-

"Your hand feels gross."

I could've face-faulted, but this wasn't an anime.

"Shut up, Brian, your hand is sweaty."

"Well, your hand is warty, n00b."

"Your hand is..."

"Sticky!" Mitchell yelled. Everyone laughed.

They went on for the rest of the minute, and then I flicked on the lights, creeped out by the doll still on the stool. God, that thing scared me. I was glad to put it away.

Now Marina took a dare slip, and then-

"Okay, next game!"

Everyone gawked at me. I laughed, nervously. "Well... You see... All those dares were flukes. The rest of the papers are blank."

I swear, if looks could kill...
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