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In the House and... Down the Basement?

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Scavengeing is always a good party activity.

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gjnhjfdhns: Part FIVE: In the House and... Down the Basement?

I bit my lip and started to step into the house, ignoring repeated pleas to think rationally. Peh. All rationality left when that- That thing started scratching at the door.

"D-don't go in!"

"It can't be safe!"

"Nobody's there..."

I turned, a bright smile painted on. "By the looks of it," I gestured to the area behind my house, which was so dark it was like it had never existed, "we're going to need some things to help us move. Food, a flashlight... Protection... And, besides," my smile faded, "it's still cold."

I turned and went inside without further objection, and visibly flinched at what I saw. The house was completely ravaged, and there were even maggots festering in some corners- Definately not a good sign. Cautiously, I edged toward the hallway and was about to turn the corner when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I jumped, then swore. "Goddamnit!"

"Relaaaax," Angel shrugged, "I'm just here to be a lookout for the others- You know, in case something eats you alive. That's why," she pushed me toward the hallway, "you go first, and I'll follow."

"Yea, that really relaxes me," I replied, rolling my eyes and walking down the hall.

We went into my sister's room first, after the kitchen was found empty and broken, finding it just as bloodied and torn apart as the rest of the house. Nothing in there, save for the steaming remnants of the computer, and the charred piles of whatever else my sister kept in her room. The closet door had disappeared, making the closet a gaping, ominous hole.

Next was my parents' room. It was damaged worse than my sister's, the closet doors all torn off and thrown at the window. The bed was all over the place; Pictures cracked and mirror shattered, it was all I could do to rummage around in the closets for sweaters or- or something useful.

Now we ventured into my room, only to find it... Gone. The walls were cracked or rubble, and the bed was sagging into a huge hole in the floor. We managed to get more sweaters and the like, and I tried the phone, only to hear... Nothing.

"Dial something."

"Okay, okay, letsee... My cousins, maybe?" Nothing. "Fine. Brian's house?" Creepy... Murmurs. Dear Lord. Someone was at Brian's house, someone or something, and, friiick, I don't think it was good. The murmurs were like those you'd hear in horror movies or scary games- Nooooot good, by any means. I all but slammed the phone into the receiver, before picking it up again and dialing my grandparents' place.

A ring!

... And then more.

And more.

And more.

I hung up. Maybe that meant that they were okay, but asleep or something. It was sure better than hearing those... Murmurs... in any case.

We left my room armed with a flashlight, a plastic baseball bat, and a chair leg that was lodged into the wall.

There was only one room left to explore, and that was the basement. Now, there's no way in hell that I'm going in there, but, then again, my family could be hiding there, so I just had to be sure. Bracing ourselves, Angel unlocked the door and I opened it to see...


Wide eyed, I looked down the hall, only to find that it was quickly losing colour- And the colour loss was spreading rapidly toward us.

"That can't be good..."

"Run for it!" Angel cried, trying to run but at the same time waiting for me.

I couldn't run now, no, I couldn't. I had to know if somewhere, down there, my parents and my sister were waiting. I had to know, I had to, I had to... I pointed the flashlight toward the darkness, but I might as well have yelled at it, because I could still see nothing. I stepped down onto the first, and only visible step. Okay, okay, next step-


What the-? /"Squish"/?! That... Meant...

Angel screamed. The hallway was now completely black and white and dimming, fast. Something, curvy, dark wisps of the blackness were stretching out onto the walls and coming toward us. Somehow, I knew that we had to get out of there.

So we ran.
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