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The Jaws of Unknown Life

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gjnhjfdhns: Part SIX: The Jaws of Unknown Life

Screaming our heads off, we bolted to the hole where the door had once been, and proceeded to trip over eachother in our haste to leave. Brian stole the flashlight from my flailing hand and pointed it around.

"What happened?" Ale asked.

We both leapt up and pointed behind us, eyes wide, and yelled at the same time- "RUN!"

That was pretty much enough incentive to ditch. So, with Andrew wielding the chair leg, me latched onto the baseball bat, and Marina and Angel stuck with the clothes, we all ran for our lives, bursting through the gate and up Margate, toward the school.

Finally, we reached the school's baseball field and slumped onto a bench, panting heavily, looking back toward my house with fear. It seemed all of my street was in black-and-white, and slowly darkening.

"I don't think we can check your house, Marina," I said, "or anyone else's."


"That's not fair!"

"I want to go home!"

"LOOK." I frowned, gesutring around us. "To get to anyone's house, we'd either have to move back or move," I waved toward the houses across the street with one hand, and to the track with the other, "sideways/, and the more time we spend running /sideways is just more time for that- That- That whatever it is to get closer!"

"We can out run it!"


"I want to go home!"

"It's not exactly snail-like, you know," I huffed, crossing my arms.

"But, then... Where are we going to go?" Ale asked, looking worried and staring at where my house had once been. "It doesn't look like there are people around..."

"I'm scared," Angel whimpered, clinging fiercefully to Marina's arm. Marina had a look on her face that suggested that she understood how we felt about her clinging, but she said nothing.

"Me, too."

"I want to go home!"

"I'm..." Andrew looked mildly bewildered. "... /Cold/."

Now, it was sweater season already, right? But we were all wearing our sweaters, and slightly out of breath from our life-or-death run. So being cold would mean that we were sitting there for longer than we had thought, or...

"LOOK!" Alejandra pointed to the street, where multiple, shadow-figures stood, all (seemingly) facing us, visible only by their rejection of the flashlight's light. Then, slowly, they started toward us, walking at a normal pace.

"GAH!" I stepped back, bumping into the bench, gripping the bat like it was a lifesaver. They were coming closer, almost touching the fence; Angel stepped backward as well, tripping over the bench, and sending Marina and Ale crashing with her. Andrew jumped at their unified screams and crashed into Brian, sending the flashlight the the ground.


It was a few seconds until they did, seconds in which Marina, Ale, and Angel had scrambled up and stepped backward. The shone the light toward the shadow-things, and then I heard my screams mingled with everyone else's (well, you know, except for Brian, he just swore): The shadows were a step away from us- How'd they get around the fence so quickly? Did they go through it!?- and then, suddenly, they opened what seemed to be their mouths, revealing a bloody, misshapen mouth with fang-like, rotting sets of teeth, all glistening with crimson liquid.

"OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD!" I yelled, wide eyed, stepping back, only to trip over the bench. I could hear whatever it was advancing, the splash! of liquid hitting the yellowing grass, and her footsteps of the others go this way and that.

But I couldn't see a thing.

I felt something stand in front of me, getting closer, closer, and, screaming so loud my mom would've cried with happiness, I swung as though I was hitting a home run, and connected with a satisfying thunk! A snarl, an inhuman roar, and then the light was my way, and I could see that my hit and made its mouth even more lopsided.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

With as much strength I could muster, I grand slammed away at whatever it was, trying to get up at the same time. And then, with another swing, I heard a tearing sound and opened my eyes to see that I had batted its head right off.

"Oh... Ohhh.... Oh my God..." I backed away, staring in disbelief at the headless corpse in front of me, watching as it lurched forward and hit the ground. "I... Killed... I... I..."


I span around to find Andrew thwacking a good number of shadow things that had appeared out of nowhere, but also saw a ring of more coming our way- From all directions.

"Guys! Into the school!"

We all bolted, the light trained on the school doors, running much faster than the calm walk of the shadow creatures.

The door was locked.

"God damn it!" I cried, whacking the door with the bat, doing nothing. Andrew grunted and ran at the door, slamming the chair leg at it.



"It's no goo-"


The glass cracked! It cracked! There was a chance!
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