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Fight or Flight

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The age old question.

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TEN: Fight or Flight

It seemed I wasn't the only one who froze. Mitchell didn't say anything else, bent on intently listening to the outside world.

"... He's moving on..."

I waited a few more seconds before letting out a sigh of relief. If he had opened the door, I'm fairly sure we all could've taken him down, but... He had been able to break through the office's windows, throwing a metal chair after going a round with Mitchell. What if he had been bestowed some crazy superhuman strength? What if he was moving back to charge at the door and kill us all?

A muffled scream was heard from the other side, and I think I jumped a foot into the air. "Wha-!?"

We could hear someone hit the wall, and more yells and a scuffle. Mitchell opened the door and burst out, tailed by Andrew. After a moment's hesitation, we followed.

We ran straight into the teacher's lounge to find Tyler, with a bloody nose, duking it out with a perfectly-okay looking Brian. Dylan was sprawled in one corner, his hands covering his face as he rocked slightly from side to side. Carl lay limp, part of a broken table covering the upper half of his body.

"Oh my /God/..."

Mitchell and Andrew rushed at Brian, tackling him down while at the same time shoving Tyler out of the way.

"What happened!?"

"We- We tried to take him on altogether," Tyler gasped, running over to Dylan and kneeling by him. "Dylan, Dylan! Are you okay? /Dylan/!"

Dylan lifted his hands, revealing a swollen eye, and few cuts across his cheeks. "F--k..."


I looked to see Ale and Angel helping Carl up, having pushed the table pieces aside. Carl looked like Dylan, if not worse.

"Everyone! Get the hell out of here!" Mitchell roared, socking Brian in the face as Andrew attempted to hold Brian down. "Hurry up!"

I bit both my thumbnails, watching the fight with increasing despair. This was not good, not good at all, they were pummeling him, but.. He wasn't going down, and it seemed that each wound was fading away...

That couldn't be Brian..

"Let's go!" I shouted, blinking rapidly. Tyler helped Carl limp out, and Marina and Ale were aiding in Dylan's escape. Angel started to pull me along, and with a final look at the duo of guys kicking the snot out of my best friend, we fled.
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