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Insanity, this is all INSANE!

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Because it is! I want to go home, already!

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gjnhjfdhns: Part NINE: Insanity, this is all INSANE! (No duh.)

"Briiiiiian....! Hellooooo?"

I shouldn't have left alone. I shouldn't have left alone. Ale and them looked like they were about to come. I should have waited for them to come. I shouldn't have left alone, no, no, no, why why why did I leave alone!? STUPID Hazel. STUPID STUPID STUPI-


I froze, wide eyed, wielding the chair leg with both hands. I was going from the gym to the library, just past the office. Surprisingly- And luckily- the rooms down the kindergarden hall were void of anything remotely dangerous. In fact, the most nerve-wracking thing was being able to see out the window- Looking at all those horrific shadow creatures soundlessly screaming their whatevers out.

And now...


I stood stock-still, watching the corner with fearful eyes, my knuckles growing white with the intensity of my grip on the chair leg. The footsteps became louder, louder... Coming closer with each passing, intense, emotion-crammed second, and then-

"Brian!" I could've hugged him for not being some horrible creature, but I settled for jumping up and down and cheering with relief. "You're alive! ALIVE! And not a monster! And- What... Happened?"

He was a mess. His clothes were torn and he had scratches all over, like he'd been in some sort of struggle. His eyes looked tired, so tired... More so than everyone else's did.

Instead of answering, he kept walking- wait, limping?- forward, beckoning to the chair leg. I held it out to him, and he closed his hand around it-


My focus snapped to the corner behind Brian, where I found an extremely battered Mitchell, who was now swearing and yelling something to me- "Duck?"

Wide-eyed, I looked back at Brian- Who now had control of the chair leg- and dove for the ground just as he swung it. I screamed, covering my head with my arms and scrambling to get away. He turned and swung again, I could feel my unbraided hair blow to one side with the momentum of his swing.

"What're you-!"
Mitchell ruthlessly tackled him down from the back, sending them both into wall behind me. I screamed again- C'mon, wouldn't you?- and jumped up, trying desprately to figure out some line of action. I couldn't just whack Brian, he was my best friend, but on the other hand, Mitchell did need help and Brian had just tried to KILL ME...

I whipped open the office door and dragged a chair out to where Mitchell was trying to fend off Brian's swings.

"Hey! HERE!"

He shoved Brian back and took the chair from me, using to to keep Brian at arm's (chair's?) length.

"Keep the door open! Get in!"

I ran into the office and he backed into it, before finally throwing the chair at Brian and then slamming the door shut. I shoved as many chairs as I could underneath the doorknob and in front of the door, on the verge of tears.

"Wh-What just happened, Mitchell? And where'd you go?!" I cried, fisting my hair with pent up frustration. "What's going on!?"

"What the f--k!?" The others piled out of the teacher's lounge.

"/Yea/! What the faaaaack!?" I cried again, pulling my braids.

"You think I know?" Mitchell scowled. "All I remember is fighting my ass out of this dark thing, and then seeing Brian get bitten before he ATTACKED ME. The bastard."

I whimpered, looking at the door, where we could all see the chairs thump as the chair leg Brian had hit the door. "Oh noes... Oh noes oh noes oh noes...! Are you okay?"

He was quiet for a moment, looking at his bruised arms, before flatly replying, "I'm f--king hungry."

I had to laugh.

Marina tossed him a bag of chips, Dylan gave him a can of Sprite, and Andrew offered some Doritos.

"He attacked you?" Andrew repeated. "How'd he own you so bad?"

"He went f--kin' homicidal on me, man," Mitchell glared at me, "and then Hazel had to go and give him a f--king CHAIR leg."

Andrew stared at me, expression scandalized. "MY chair leg!"

"Shut up," I frowned, "he's my /best friend/! Looking all effed up! Asking me for the chair leg when I was looking for him to help him! What would you have done, hit him with it?"


"Ass." I crossed my arms and plopped myself into one of the bumping chairs, trying not to think about what was making them jolt so abruptly. Just beyond that poor, poor wooden door was my best friend, bitten (apparently) by some thing and going murderer on us.

I wondered how sturdy that chair leg was versus the door.

"What're we doing? We should get out of here!" Mitchell spat, looking incredulously at the lot of us.

Angel filled him in. "We can't. Out of here is filled with those shadow thingies, and from what I saw out that window-" she pointed to the teacher's lounge- "there're just more and more coming this way. But they stop at about arm's length from the school..."

Looking like they're in horrible agony...

"Is that what's going on?" Tyler asked, looking horrified. "We were just hiding here after parent teacher to see how long we could camp out, and then the power went out and Carl finished off our food supply."

"I did /not/!"

"Yes, you did!" Dylan scowled.

"... Oh yea."

"And then," Tyler continued, "we heard something explode in the library and thought there was an earthquake, but when the rumbling stopped, there was nothing there. Just... That /darkness/."
"Hey, guys, look out!" Angel yelled, suddenly pointing behind me and back away.
I turned to find crazy!Brian preparing to throw the chair outside at the glass window of the office, and screamed with the others, diving forward as it flew toward the glass.


We all ran for our lives, dashing down the small hall toward the PA's room, screaming again once we all heard another crack.

"HEY! STOP!" Mitchell hollered as Dylan and Andrew were about to fly out the door. "The library's there, stupids!"

"Well, where're we gonna go!?" Andrew groaned, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

"Hide somewhere until we can go out the front doors!"

"We can't go outside!"

"Well, hide anyway!"



I shoved myself into the washroom, followed by Marina, Angel, Ale, Mitchell, and Andrew. Us being so crowded in there pushed the door shut, and thank God I heard the click of a lock.

I just hoped the others were going to be alright.

We heard the muffled shatters of glass, and Ale clapped her hand over Marina's mouth to stifle her scream. Brave, brave Mitchell had his ear pressed against the door, trying to hear what was going on.

"Footsteps," he whispered. "He's coming closer... Slow bastard..."

The silence was defeaning.

"... He's here..."

I stopped breathing.
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