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Meetings and Loss

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Man, this is such a sh'tty chapter title..

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gjnhjfdhns: Part EIGHT: Meetings and Loss

After my little episode, we made our way toward the office, passing a pitch-black library and treading over broken glass as we went.

"Are you sure it's safe in here?" Marina asked, biting her lip.

I replied honestly: "No."

"Are we going to die?" Was Ale's question.


Angel: "Why are we going to the office?"

"..." We all stopped and looked at Brian.

He rolled his eyes and kept walking. "The /phone/, assholes."
"There's a phone in those resource rooms, ass/hole/," Andrew frowned.

"Shut up."

We kept walking and, long story short, the phone didn't work. Surprise, surprise. We sat, dejected, tired, and on edge in the office, idly flicking papers here and there, before deciding to raid the teacher's lounge.

The light on the vending machine was like a beacon straight from heaven, illuminating the wonderful junks we were going to live on. Why it was lit while nothing else was, I don't know. We walked closer, and found out the answer to that- It wasn't lit. Someone- /Something!?/- was shining light on it.


Out of the corner came bursting out a Carl, a Tyler and a Dylan.

"What the f--k?! DIAN!" Andrew gleefully tackle-hugged them all, a little more enthusiastically than usual. Hell, I would've hugged the life out of them, too, if they weren't, like, the /guys/. Maybe a few more hours of lonely and horrifying wandering would've elicited a hug, but we'd never know.

Hunger washed over me, and I was suddenly impatient with the little reunion. I handed the bat to Marina, took the chair leg from Andrew, and braced myself.


I smacked the vending machine right in its glass-y middle, once, twice, three times... Shattering the clear barrier that prevented us from sweet, sweet sustenance. The room was silent again, save for my laboured breaths and the light, almost melodious tinkling of glass falling on glass- And then-


The guys jumped at the machine, thankfully mindful of the broken glass, and grabbed whatever they could. Soon us girls joined in, and we congregated at random tables, settling in with our free junk food. The vending machine was left forlorn in its corner, broken and almost empty.

I tore open a bag of chips and was about to snarf 'em when Angel piped up with a "Where's Brian?"

Again, silence, as everyone looked around the dark room.

"He's probably wanking," Andrew scoffed through a mouthful of chips.

I rolled my eyes. Standing from my seat, I started to walk out of the teacher's lounge to look for the missing dude, but stopped at the doorway.

"Any... Anyone wanna come with me?" I turned and gripped the chair leg harder. "Pleeeease?" After getting no takers, I sighed and crossed my arms. "You can bring your food, you know."

"But I'm /tired/!" Angel griped.

"And /cramped/!" Dylan squeaked.

"And /lazy/!" Carl declared.

"And horrible friends!" I frowned. "What if he's been caught by one of those-those things? He doesn't have a weapon of any sort!"

"You go!"

I hesitated. Go alone? Like I'd be any help. All that vending machine smashing was aided by desperation, and so was that head-coming-off thing; I'd freeze in fear if I came face to face with my best friend being devoured by some shadow! And what if there was more than one?

But what about Brian? There could be more than one now, and I did have a sturdy wooden beating stick.

"Okay. I understand. Stay here, then, everyone."

Before anyone else could say anything, I walked out the door.
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