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No kidding.

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gjnhjfdhns: Part SEVENTEEN: Nightmare

"HOLY /SH-T/!" He screamed, flinging the thing as far away as humanly possible. "Oh my God oh my God /ohmyGOD/!"

We all shrieked and jumped away from the table. The chicken finger wasn't the only thing changed. A thick, rubescent liquid was spilling out of Kevin's Coke can; my fries turned into clumps of hair and bits of flesh; Marina's cappuccino started gushing a yellow-ish pus; plates began to hold bits of flesh and bone and body parts so mutilated they could hardly be classified as anything human. The serving plates on the buffet table were now overflowing with blood, and larger body parts swam in the red liquid like bones in broth. Mitchell's burger patty was now a tongue with bites missing, the dripping cheese now a torrent of blood.

I covered my mouth with my hands, eyes wide with horrified shock. I started back away, slowly, catiously, as if afraid of startling some life into the things that had replaced our meals.

This isn't happening... This isn't... I didn't just eat...!

"Oh God." I span around and made my way to the door, but it was for naught- I tried the handle, it didn't move. Didn't even jiggle. "No," I whispered, "no no /nooo/..."

A male scream made me turn around, and I saw Mitchell on his knees, clutching his head in pure agony. He was hunched over, eyes squeezed shut, crying out in a scream that could only convey pain. He was hurting, and it was bad/. All /we-just-ate-dead-body-parts thoughts aside, my friend was not feeling well.

Of course, that was an understatement. Mitchell didn't just scream like crazy over little things. And I didn't see him as someone who would look like he was in so much pain over seeing things this gross. I know that he was the one who'd taken bites out of the tongue-burger, but that'd make him puke, it wouldn't make him cry out in pain, right?

"What's wrong!?" I yelled over to him. "Mitchell, what's wrong!?"

Yea. Stupid question. I know. Shut up.

He bowed his head, still screaming, sinking closer and closer to the floor. This didn't look good- I'd seen something like this in a horror movie before and God help me if I was going to risk a replay. I didn't know what was happening to him, but we had to get out of this room. He was screaming and screaming, and the food around us- no morphed into body parts- became infested with maggots, out of nowhere.


Ale was kicking at it when everyone quieted enough to look at her. "It's STUCK! Help me open it!"

Kevin, Marcello, and Marina ran over and hurled themselves at the door, beating it, kicking it, humping it, anything they could come up with to force it open.

Mitchell didn't stop screaming- if anything, he was getting louder. The walls started bleeding; from the ceiling to the floor, trails of thick, ruby red blood flowed down the walls, slowly, like wax dripping along a tall candle.

Angel came hurtling toward the door with a gurney that had once held the food. It surprised me that she had the courage to knock off those plates of dead stuff to use the table-on-wheels; I knew how freaked out blood made her.

Drastic times call for drastic measures?

The others dove out of the way as she slammed the cart into the door. Once, again, three times- /BANG!/- The door swung open.

"C'mon, Mitchell!" I urged, trying to pull him up by the arm. "Let's get out of here!"

He continued to scream, his forehead now touching the tiles. I jumped in surprise; where his head met the linoleum spurted a web of a dark, sickly-looking liquid, radiating from him like cracks along the ground. I bit my lip before running toward the door.

Yanking the gurney toward Mitchell, I yelled for someone to help me put him on it. Surprisingly, Marcello was the one who came.

"Take the feet, I'll take the head. On three, okay? One- two- /three/!"

We lifted him onto the metal table and pushed him out of the cafeteria. The blood on the walls trailed along behind us, almost following us.

We ran faster.

It wasn't long before we caught up to the others, who had Kevin in the lead. Mitchell's screams echoed around us as we ran through various halls, making it sound like there were others in the hospital, all screaming in an insane agony, but we never dared to stop running.

We sped down the hall as though the hounds of hell were at our heels, running past door after door after door after ding! after-

We skidded to a halt and turned to look back.

An elevator.

We were frozen, all staring at the elevator like it was some sort of gaping hole thingy. Then Kevin started toward it and the rest of us followed.

As we stood, facing the open doors from the inside, I began to grow worried. I knew what kind of gaping hole I had thought about when I first saw the elevator-

It was a mouth. The doors were jaws closing, trapping us inside, and the descent of the little room was us being swallowed into the unexplored darkness that was a horrible monster's stomach.
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