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The Basement

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Didn't we already go to one? :\

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"Something's not right..."

"What do you mean?"

"I pressed for the floor above us, but it feels like we're going down."


"Are you sure you pressed the right button!?"

"YES! Look for yourself!"

The little number two was lit up, standing apart from all the other numbers like an angel in a night field. A broken angel. In a pitch black field rotted by hell.

gjnhjfdhns: Part EIGHTEEN: The Basement

By the time Mitchell's screaming had died down to a soft whimper, the elevator doors opened, revealing a pair of doors right in front of us. On either side was a hall that seemed to stretch on to infinity. Or maybe it didn't stretch at all. We couldn't tell, the light didn't reach far enough for us to see the end of either hall.

Behind us, the elevator closed and we could hear the whirring of it as it started to ascend.

Angel gasped. "Let's... Let's get back in the elevator!" She whispered, panicked.

"Why? What's the matter?"

She rose a hand and pointed at the sign above the doors in front of us. "/Morgue/."

I gasped. Where the dead nap.

Marina span around and frantically pushed the 'up' button. The elevator was still creaking upwards, you could hear those cables whine with the strain-

A loud but muted snap petrified us all, and the whooshing sound of something falling drowned our minds. It fell closer to us, so loud, and then it was gone as soon as it had come, the unbearable volume of the noise dying into a soft bang a few moments later.

The ground shook.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened- Snap went the cable. Bang went the crashed elevator.

We weren't going to leave this floor any time soon.

Wanting to go anywhere but the place filled with bodies, we split up and went down the hall, instructed to yell as loud as possible if we found any door or anything. We- Me, Angel, Ale- wheeled Mitchell along, walking unsteadily through the darkness. It was so dark, I couldn't see my own hands. The only thing helping me walk was feeling the other girls right beside me, and hearing the squeak of the gurney.

It was an eternity before we realized how long we had been aimlessly walking.

"Let's turn around, guys, this is going nowhere!" Ale sighed, and we turned around and

stepped in front of the morgue.

We were silent, gawking at the doors like it was some sort of walking headless guy.

"What the F-CK/." Marcello was gawking at it, too, as were the others. "One /fhugging step and we're back here!? We walked down that hall for HOURS!"

"We're being led again!" Angel cried, biting her nails.

"Oh, God friggin' /Christ/!" I sputtered, yanking on my braids in frustration. This was not right. This was not happening. No no no no NO! "I do NOT want to go in there!"

"Well then, stay here!" Kevin walked up to the doors, pushing the bar-knob-thingy and holding them open. Inside, it was pitch black. He stared pointedly at Marcello. "Ladies first."

"I'm not going in there, you go first!" He pushed Marina toward the doors.

"I'm not going in there, you go first!" She pushed Angel toward the doors.

"What the/ junk/! I'm not going in there, you go first!" She pushed me toward the doors.

"No way in hell am I going in there, you go first!" I looked back and forth from Ale to Kevin, not letting go of the gurney to push either one of them. There was silence, before Ale yelled a "Fine!" and walked in. Everyone crowded close to her, and they disappeared in the doors. I bit my lower lip, watching the darkness for any sign of life.

"Sooo... Conscious yet, Mee-shell?" I asked, looking down at him. I'm pretty sure he was just unconscious, and not dead. Aw, all that screaming and riding on a table musta tuckered him out.


Light filtered into the hallway.

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