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The Morgue

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I have no IDEA what a hospital contains.

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gjnhjfdhns: Part NINETEEN: The Morgue

I walked in, pulling Mitchell along, immediately noticing one thing- The room was a comfortable temperature.

It was about half the size of the cafeteria, well-lit, and the walls and floor were gray with dust. There was no rotting smell, but there were tables like the one Mitchell was on lined up throughout the whole room, like desks in a classroom. The far wall was hidden by shelves upon shelves, going up to- wait, the shelves went up past the ceiling!

Each table was covered by a white sheet, and- here's the kicker- you could see the outline of a body lying underneath. I was also pretty sure the shelves stored even more dead people.

"Holy f-ck..." Marcello stared wide-eyed at the room. Suddenly, he span around and dove past me for the door.

It wouldn't open.

"Awwww, f-ck!" Marina slapped a hand to her forehead. "Sh-t!"

"We're STUCK in this effed up room!" Angel cried, lightly hitting her head against the wall.

"I want to go /home/!" Ale yelled. She barely had time to finish that sentence before she yawned. The rest of us were silent, watching, and then the rest of us started yawning as well, as if Ale's yawn had triggered in our minds the feeling of weariness.

By some sort of well-timed irony, Mitchell sat up.

"Where the f-ck are we?" He groaned, rubbing his eye.

"We're stuck in a room filled with dead bodies!" I cheered, grinning like crazy. If I didn't feel so cynical, maybe I wouldn't haved gotten those weird looks.

"What?" Wide-eyed, he got off the gurney and surveyed the room. "Ho-sh-t, we are!" He blinked for a few minutes, mumbling something I couldn't hear.

"What was that?"

"Your mom."

I rolled my eyes.

"Now what?" Ale sighed, resignedly. "We're tired and stuck in this creepy old place!"

"Then sleep." Mitchell shrugged.


"Are you insane!?"

"What the junk! What if the dead bodies come to life and decide to kill us while we're sleeping!?"

"I'll stay up and keep watch, I just had a... Nap." He fiddled with a piece of lint on his sweater.

"Yea, I'll keep watch with him," Kevin volunteered.

A little too eagerly, I noticed. "Me too." Feeling a need to explain myself, I continued on. "If you're tired, than you won't be in top condition, and you'll probably slow everyone down."

"What about you?"

"I... I'm nocturnal," I grinned, "or have super-not-sleep-needing powers. Take your pick."

"Where're we gonna sleep, then?" Marcello frowned at us, his hands on his hips. "With a dead guy? Ooo, sexy!" He rolled his eyes, giggling at his funny.


"You've got to be kidding!" Marina huffed, waving her arms about. "You can't expect us to share a blanket and a bed with some... Some corpse! That's just...!"

While she was talking, her arm caught one of the blankets covering a gurney, and it slid to the floor.

"Oh my /God/."

There was nothing there.
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