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Bad Start

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Avails Looms, a dangerous woman whose done all loads of criminal acts, lands herself in Vaseria. She quickly finds out Vampires & Werewolves did exist. She's now thrown into a battle even she didn'...

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Saving the Valerious Line

A/N: Hey, new story! Sorry, sorry I know, I have more fanfics to do and I need to write more chapters for those! But I had this idea for ages and I couldn't help it! It's, yet again, an AU and I know some people might say, 'not again!' but I hope they enjoy the fic anyway! There's a bit of bad language, because of how the character is so sorry about that. Anyway, have a read and please review!

Disclaimer: I don't own Van Helsing! No, really, this time I'm not kidding!

Prologue - A Bad Start

"Looms, if you don't get me that money till Midnight, you are going to be dead by tomorrow!"

The ferocious man in front of the tall slender woman let go of the woman's shoulder in a rough manner and stalked off with his two other dangerous companions. The man's companion pushed her for the last time before trailing off with his boss.

"Hah! As if I would pay a damn dime, Ruth," the woman hissed under her breath and winced at the damages the three men left behind. They had punched her, gut her in the stomach and kicked the crap out of her like a useless doll.
Avails spat blood on the cement ground and wiped it off the back of her hand.

Avails Looms, the prettiest woman in the Manhattan streets was the fiercest hell of a woman. She wasn't to be tempered usually and many feared her because of what she was and what she had done in the past. She had sold drugs with other people like her, had been a bit of a prostitute in her early teens, did some illegal trading and she had a horrible police record.
She was put in jail plenty of times but was let go after a few years. She was sentenced for all the doings above but never in her life time had she actually killed anyone.

"I'm going to be kicking the crap out of you next time," she snarled and painfully got to her feet. She had a few deep cuts and bruises on her stomach and face but she knew she'll live. She always did.


"What is it with this fucking apartment?" Avails growled loudly as the people living near her scurried away in fear of her. Avails stumbled towards the door of her room and roughly grabbed for her keys, jabbing the right key into the keyhole. She turned it a few times and it clicked open, revealing a disgusting dumpster of trash, magazines and dangerous weapons. She went in and slammed the door shut, throwing the keys onto the nearby table before collapsing onto the trash that littered the floor.
After a few minutes, there was a phone call. Dave? Avails thought and rolled her eyes. Probably not her ex-boyfriend. She stood up slowly and grabbed the phone. "Whose this?" she growled into the phone.

"Looms. I have somethin' for your pretty ass. It's a new tech I got and it'll probably be a blast in the black market. Ya know where to find me," spoke a deep voice and the line was cut abruptly.

"Like I care!" Avails mumbled angrily under her breath. Then she cursed under her breath and grabbed for her gun and strapped it on her belt. Why do I even need to go see that wretched asshole? she thought. But she went out of her home anyways, slowly (and painfully) going down the stairs. She didn't even bother to lock the door.


"Ahh Looms, ya came. What happened to ya? Ya look like someone beat the shit outta ya!"
"It's none of your business, you piece of bullshit. What have you got me?" Avails snarled with a sharp glare and the man before her grinned.

"Well, it's an ultimate killing machine. One of my few contacts stole it from the Government. Some sort of time machine or somethin'," the man said as he uncovered the huge thing in front of him. The black clothe over the thing slipped off the thing as it revealed some sort of machine below it.

"What the hell is this?" Avails growled as her eyes widened.

The machine looked like an object that looked more alien than human. There were straight curves on the front, sharp little spikes coming out of it everywhere and there were a series of strange markings on the machine.

"Actually, the Government made it from crashed alien parts, ya know, the UFO parts."

"It'd certainly be a blast in the black market," Avails replied. Her hands reached out towards it, longing to touch an unnatural item.

"Wait! Ya shouldn't touch it, it may be harmful!" the man spoke.

"I can take care o' my self, bud," Avails said as her hands touched the cool metal of the machine. Suddenly her hands felt hot as the machine started shaking.

"What the fuck!" Avails roared in confusion as she tried to pry her hand off the machine. It wouldn't budge.

"Look what you've done!"

Avails gave out a frightened scream, something she hadn't done for years as a huge burst of light flared right at her face. Her vision blurred for a second but it snapped right back. The light enveloped her body as she felt searing hot stabs like lava crawling around her. Then the light suddenly disappeared. She gave out a shriek as she fell on her butt.

"Oww.. My bloody ass!" Avails shouted angrily at the sky and realized she was holding the machine in her hands anymore. The ground was wet beneath her as she got to her feet. She looked around at the old-fashioned little houses around her and snarled, "Oh great. Where the FUCK am I? Alien Street?"

A/N: Ok, hope you enjoyed it! (sorry, short chapter!) I'll update soon! Review or no chapters! (rawr!) Cya!
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